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  1. That's literally the point of Squall's character arc, dude. That's like complaining about Cloud just trying to copy Zack - no shit, that's the point.
  2. We had a bit of a permanent snowman problem in the Labyrinth of Ice Walls. Duran got Snowmanned by something, Frost Dragon I think, and we killed the rest of the enemies on the screen with him basically acting as a barrier between Hawk and Carlie and the other enemies. He did not de-snowman. We went into the next room, with a Grell Mage. He did not de-snowman. We tried Puipui Grass, Tinkle Rain, Stardust Herb (at this point, why not), and even a Magical Rope. The snowman didn't clear until we got on Flammie. We're running the Normal difficulty patch and no optional patches other than that.
  3. Mark me down as another fan of the mod. I've been doing a weekly stream with a friend (I'm Light Hawk, he's Light Duran, Dark Carlie's our third) on Normal difficulty. I feel like the default is a little bit absurd, but that's what the other patches are for, so thanks for those. I never actually finished the original (and my stream partner never played it), but so far no boss has wiped us more than once. Jewel Eater wiped us, which we fixed by getting a few levels (we were behind the curve anyway) and swapping to MDef gear, and Bill & Ben killed us, which... we haven't gotten past yet because it was time to end the stream. Genova and Tzenker were pretty close fights, but we got through on our first attempt. I think our most likely issues throughout the playthrough are going to come down to being underlevelled and not having enough items, and that's just because we tend to get impatient. I normally dislike equipment juggling in a game, but so far I'm generally pretty pleased with its use here - the only issue I have is dealing with the Storage system, and that's just SD3's clunkiness, no fault of the mod.