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  1. Hello NGPlus community, I am happy to say I have finally finished working on my Hardtype for Shadow Hearts: Covenant. This one is called "Godslayer". It took me over a year to polish and now I'd like to share it with all of you. I have modified all of the enemies' Strength, Magic and Agility values. In addition you will receive more Experience, Cash and Soul from normal encounters. You are required to be at proper levels in order to survive the bosses. You are required to complete sidequests and be at lvl99 in order to beat the final boss. It's also good to mention now you will require 1 million cash in order to buy the Asmodeus Crest from the drunk in Petrograd. So you should leave that for when you can return to Europe later in the game. You also need to be at proper levels in order to get the high Fusion monsters. The first 3 you can beat at the end of Idar Flamme but the later ones you can beat only when you have reached certain points in the game. I hope you will enjoy this mod. This mod is for the NTSC version of the game. I'm not sure if it works in PAL version (probably not). Use PPF-O-Matic to patch your original disc images with the zip's PPF files. Also make sure to make backups of the original images. Here's the download link for the mod: http://www.mediafire.com/file/87efruu9nv3dsws/shc_ntsc_godslayer_v3.0.7z _______________________________________________________________________________ Here are the previous versions if you wanna try them out but I don't recommend since the updated one is better. http://www.mediafire.com/file/b5pydcf299wxydi/shc_ntsc_godslayer_2.55.7z http://www.mediafire.com/file/a114iy67r7fc7ea/shc_ntsc_godslayer_2.5.7z http://www.mediafire.com/file/3zikj6pu0b2pp8h/shc_ntsc_godslayer_2.1.7z http://www.mediafire.com/file/166nky22t170yrh/shc_ntsc_godslayer_2.0.7z https://www.mediafire.com/file/3rok98jrzuxwasl/SHC_NTSC_GODSLAYER_v1.0.7z
  2. Hey no probs! I hope you are having fun playing my mod.
  3. Hello NGPlus community. This may come as a surprise but I've been changing things a bit in this mod and have come up with version 3.0. When I first released this mod I thought I had polished things enough when that actually wasn't the case. I have matured as a modder and look things a bit more realistically instead of just buffing the hell out of the enemies. The changes I made with v3.0 in a nutshell: - Normal enemies deal less damage (no more crazy one shotting). That still doesn't mean I made them too weak. They still do damage they just don't do THAT much. In addition to that most bosses have increased HP values (this includes the wolf bout enemies). I also decreased experience, cash and soul gained in Paris subway dungeon. Also Neo Astaroth has a bit better agility, and the first 2 bosses are a bit slower but hit harder. Little changes here and there. I hope I didn't ruin anyone's fun with this mod with the previous versions. If you still have an itch for this game give my updated mod a try!
  4. I guess I had gotten a bit absorved in the whole joke-after-joke thing that's going on that I kept finding Johnny and the summoner lady irritatingly different. I agree that they could've taken different angle. What's interesting is SHC was supposed to be dark just like the first Shadow Hearts game but players complained that SH1 was too scary so they toned it down. Also, Yuri was supposed to be the villain. Lol. That FFX challenge was "no agility, magic def or def upgrades. I also didn't use Rikku's mixing or overdrive at all. Rikku is still important character since she is much faster than the rest. I'm still convinced that the challenge can be beaten even without Rikku's op mixing. People that say DDS1 is easy are probably those that play Atlus games all the time. DDS1 is a bit easier than DDS2. DDS2 has 3 of those "badass" bosses in the story that are tougher than the rest and the enemies are maybe a little more punishing. I thought ME1 had a better overall atmosphere which made me like it more. Then again it's been a while since I played those games.
  5. I think I still applied accuracy. But I'm pretty sure I made a strict rule of not applying any agility. It's been a while. Still I couldn't beat the final boss of FFX with those rules. But then again it's been a while. I'm pretty sure he is beatable if used everything 100% correctly. I wish I had applied agility when I was at the final boss' front door haha. The First Strike mod on weapons is a total must. I remember I couldn't survive in the omega dungeon though so everything probably can't be beaten in that challenge. The 2 DDS games are really good too. Try beating those without using the combination abilities. DDS1 won't be "that easy smt spin-off" anymore. Actually I think ME1 is better game than ME2. ME2 is still great though. I guess the whole "full-humor cutscenes" in SH3 really turn me off the most hahaha. It's so cringy. I remember having the same issue when I used to like the game. I still think Mao and Frank are great characters though. I got huge problem with Johnny.
  6. Glad you enjoyed it. I don't like using Mind's Eye or Oils myself so the later half bosses can be taken down maybe a bit too fast. I totally neglected some elements in the game, mainly the HP of the bosses could be adjusted better. Then again I don't think I'll be editing this mod any further. For someone like me it's pretty much perfect. I love the first 2 Mass Effect games btw. The first one is a bit hard to be beaten on harder modes but the 2nd is pretty good while playing with the highest difficulty. As for the 3rd Shadow Hearts game, it's a hard case for me. I don't like it much anymore. I beat it several times before but I just can't get into it anymore. The whole America setting turns me off. And I think the developers of these JRPGs implemented the games so they could be beaten without using lots of elements in the game. Like FFX feels good when only applying HP, Str and Mag upgrades (it's still a bit easy that way). A big hat raise to Atlus though. Their games are pretty much perfect when either using worst armors or certain armor up to certain point. 99% of JPRGs are dumbed down and can be revived with hard mods. Shin Megami Tensei 3 and Persona 3 on hard modes are legitimate challenges though if you ask me.
  7. Thanks, I appreciate it. The Man Festival is totally optional since it will only give boost to Joachim that he doesn't even need. Once you beat Orobas you should have all the crests in the game unless you have missed some from previous dungeons. In order to get Solomon crest you will need to have every single crest collected and placed in the solomon board thing and of course beat Solomon. The Solomon crest is not required either tbh but you WILL need Dark Seraphim. I don't remember if you need all crests in order to obtain it. I hope not
  8. Hey. After watching your vid I did some gameplay on the 2nd part of Neam Ruins and unfortunately I gotta say the enemies are just right. You are expected to have your party about 90 levelled when exploring the 2nd part of the ruins. When Kurando is lvl90 he will get first turn over the little guys and he can use his light element to take out multiple of them before they get a turn. You have been able to get by lower levelled cause of the seals. You might be able to take on the final boss less than 99 levelled if you play it right. Then again it wouldnt hurt to be maxed out. The dog shrine enemies are just as fast as the ones in neam ruins underground so it doesn't really make a difference much. However the final dungeon enemies are faster than the rest so they should be able to always get a turn first unless the seals somehow made you super fast (i doubt it). You are free to put the playthrough on youtube of course. Lots of the bosses were altered after you passed them but it'll still make a good show regardless :DDD
  9. Don't feel that way. You may want to switch back to technical ring at least at the final boss cause it's really hard. Then again the seals may help a bit, not sure. I'm just glad you have played the mod that far :DDD
  10. Nevermind. I really don't know if I wanna optimize this mod for technical ring since it will kinda destroy the experience when playing with normal ring. Sorry to those who prefer the technical ring.
  11. Hey. I've been watching how you just plow through the bosses. I never thought the technical ring would be so op. I had this mod totally balanced towards the normal ring but it seems the bosses require way more hp for those who choose to play the game with technical ring. I found the multipliers i like and I'm gonna up the hp of almost all of the bosses in the game. I'm sorry if the low hp of the bosses ruined the experience a bit. Update is coming for those who haven't walked over the bosses yet :DDDDD
  12. I agree the Bright Banish spell is really inferior to the others regardless of doing more damage to single enemy. The right order for the dungeons is: Tiffauge's Castle -> Dollhouse -> Black Forest -> Neam Ruins Underground. The Dog Shrine is pretty much ok to do at any point after Dollhouse.
  13. No prob. I think Bright Banish does more damage than the other lvl3 magics when hit a single enemy but its weakness is that it becomes weaker once it hits multiple opponents. You will be needing Coral Pendant on the final boss since it has significantly more health and you pretty much will want to be using the Key items.
  14. Lol the final boss is gonna be really hard but not impossible. You are not required to have any seals on anyone. As long as you have Dark Seraphim and are 99lvl you can survive any situation the boss throws you in as long as you do the right thing and hit perfects. Hitting perfects is less important when you're "in the clear". Making million save states is not a sin, it's merely a way to save yourself from too high frustration. I see you're having trouble with the 2nd Garan fight. You may be too low level or u may want to switch dark dress gepetto in. When you have lots of dark elements in the fight he uses Bright Banish instead of more deadly magic. But when you have him cast Bright Banish you will need to keep Stand on, otherwise your guys will go crazy.
  15. Hey it's fine I'm glad to be of help. I made a mini-update on this mod. This could be the final update, who knows. I upped the final boss' agility and I'm now happy with it. I also increased the exp, cash and soul rewards for the Koshoki enemies at the Nihonbashi park. I don't see anything else that should be patched but I'll do so if I encounter something that I want to change in the future.
  16. Hey, I updated the mod, be sure to get the newest version asap (v2.5)! I made some very good changes to many of the bosses, added more intelligence to them since they seemed to lack that and put some of the bosses agility down a bit. I'm glad you are having fun btw. I've been watching your playthrough. You're a great guy and I wouldn't want you to get fucked the way you need to start the game over. Make more saves so you can continue from them if the game locks you to endless game over. The game is really good but the designers thought the game was so easy it wouldn't hurt if you had to fight a boss unprepared. Make sure you create save on the battleship just in case you are not high enough level for Tsukiyomi. Basically you should be if you had evenly leveled party but if you need to change party for Tsukiyomi and some of them are way lower level he might fuck you over big time. I give you my best to your efforts with the mod.
  17. I hope you like the mod so far. Personally I'm not happy with some of the bosses and I'm planning to release a new update at some point. Like I wasn't happy with the early bosses having too many turns. I'm really unprofessional with this. Here I was thinking I was finished with the mod until I see someone else play it and I see all the mishaps. Oh well. I'm really greatful for you playing it though. I'll make the final boss extra hard for you :DDD
  18. Lol. In Russia the game beats you :DDD. Actually you can beat this mod without applying any seals so you're not fucked or anything. And yeah that Night Queen boss can be a bit of a step up since from that moment on you are expected to use the Arc buffs.
  19. Yep you did well on Godhand. Joachim's weakness is that he can change to bat uncontrollably and that he has the lowest intelligence (funny). Karin is good all around but lacks the edge in everything. She's simply the middle road. I have barely ever used Lucia's Oils but I'm sure they will help you out in at least some points. From now on you will need to keep casting Yuri's earth fusion's Stand ability to nullify the sp damage from enemy attacks. This is more important early on and in bosses where they can hit you multiple times. The Terada boss fight in Japan's first dungeon can be a nightmare if you don't keep Stand on at all times (you will probably require few Pure Extracts here). You will not be needing Spikes in any wolf bout fights but you can if you think you can use it to your advantage. You will be required to use at least Arc Gale buff in the upcoming boss fights. Otherwise the bosses simply leave you behind. Also you should reserve enough Soul so you can level your upcoming lvl3 fusions to at least lvl5 (I think they learn the important Arc abilities at lvl5). And your lvl3 Fusion's level will be the same as your lvl2 one so you will not lose any Soul by powering your lvl2 fusions before acquiring the lvl3 one.
  20. Hey no probs! My final party was Yuri Karin Blanca and Joachim but I'm sure it can be done with multiple combinations. I used Joachim since he has 999 HP on default on lvl99. And i just updated the mod so I recommend you d/l it right away. I made changes to later bosses and tweaked Andre and Janus. Also Godhand does a bit lower damage. But not that much it would make it an easy encounter.
  21. I'm glad it's become better. Yep Blanca is pretty much the late game beast with Yuri. St. Marguerite can be a bit tough and you might need to get some extra levels before the boss. As for Blanca's section you might need to be sneaky and avoid the fights. If you do everything right there will only be 1 random fight (when you search one of the rooms for key, can't find it and a guard comes in). But that is manageable fight since there is only 1 enemy to fight. Now that you are getting closer to going to Petrograd I would like to give you a small summary of important stuff. I would not like you to fuck things up just cause you didn't know. Believe or not there are some cheap save points coming up where you can't reach shops and you are forced to do a boss battle. The first one is in the glass palace, second one in the battleship when you change continents and 3rd one (the cheapest) when there is a save point on the foreigner's graveyard with no escape from the boss. There might be more, so I highly recommend starting using several saves as you go. 2nd, if you only can use some of those pedometer steps to get Pure Extracts. There are some bosses coming up that may take your characters' sp to to high negative that you can't cure with a single Pure Root. This can happen for the first time in Terada boss in the battleship Mikasa if Yuri doesn't have Stand on some character and he/she is hit with Rapid Fire (30 consequent hits = -30 sp). If you have plenty of steps before leaving for Russia it wouldn't hurt getting some Mana Extracts in the mix as well. The Extracts are just a precaution since you can't leave Japan right away when you get there. Clear all possible wolf bouts before fighting Night Queen. Do this before the game locks you in Russia just before the boss. If you did everything right you should get the 'Comeback' ability after beating the zombie dog in the gallery of the dead. There are some missable ones, one that is often missed is in Domremy after talking with one of the villagers. This becomes available at some point before going to the gallery of the dead (i'm sorry I can't remember when). The other one is the alien dog in Petrograd (which only shows up if you have passed enough bouts). As for Yuri's high fusion fights, you are able to have 3 Soul Drops before changing continents. It's important to get them all. The fusion monsters now vary in strength and some can't be beaten very early. When you reach the shop in Idar Flamme and are able to buy Root items (be sure to get 99 of them since this is the only place where you can get them before leaving Europe) you are set for taking on Earth, Light and Dark high fusions. You can only beat those 3 for the time being. 4th one will be Water fusion, 5th Fire and the last one Wind can be beaten before the Queen's Garden (later in the game). Filling the solomon key pages is a big help in getting new abilities to the crests so if there are some pages that aren't missing any crests I recommend placing them. And last but not least you will need to have 'Spikes' equipped for everyone starting from Petrograd. Otherwise even the normal enemies will maul you harder than you can ever imagine Uhh, what else? I really hope I didn't forget to mention anything too important. Nope, I think that's about it. I will keep testing the later bosses and updating the mod as I see fit.
  22. Nope this mod does nothing to the mechanics of the game. And thanks, I hope you will like the changes. You are not completely off base with Cornelia's dresses since the first 4 dresses to get are earth, light, fire and water. I also recommend doing the wolf bouts since they give blanca very useful abilities. "Aurora" is no longer op ability with this mod, it becomes your best friend later on.
  23. Hey, Thank you very much for constructive criticism. I guess we can all learn from eachother. This is the first time someone has criticised this mod and it is much appreciated. Before I address the rest I would like to give you hints how to make the game easier for yourself based on what I saw in your stream videos. You didn't buy the best defence accessories, which in itself is pretty much a must otherwise you will get one-shotted randomly. Also elements are crucial factors. If you have a character with fire element and he/she is hit with water enemy he takes more damage than normal. You might want to have a team of earth element when fighting Lenny since he is earth element. All of your party members should have crest magic that can hit multiple enemies so you can thin out enemies faster. The Paris underground tunnel is hard I admit. It is recommended that your party is level 5 when fighting Arachne, the boss before entering Paris. When you are lvl5 the underground tunnel isn't that hard as long as you heal your party to full health before entering battles. When watching your video I noticed you didn't heal your party members to completely full health (it takes 2 cure spells instead of 1). It is imperative that you do since even 1 hp matters in low levels. You are right, Ekimmu has the highest agility in that dungeon and hits hardest, especially characters with water element. It would've helped if you had earth dress for gepetto as your first dress choice since the Rat enemy is earth element and there is no wind element to counter earth dress. But this is something you couldn't have known. I had to learn the game almost completely again as I went on with the modding. However the Ekimmu enemy is equal with Yuri on lvl8, which also is the lowest level to take the boss. Also you will not get 1-shot on lvl8 as long as you have the best defense accessory equipped and Cornelia doesn't have that damned fire dress on :DDD Lenny is pretty much equal to the Rhonda Mine's boss in strength. You can survive Lenny by having Sorm as Yuri's fusion, have Joachim on your party (since he is earth element) and have earth dress on Gepetto (yes i'm sorry you couldn't have known). When you have those 3 the boss becomes more than manageable at lvl14. I admit having bosses with 5 turns in row is stupid. I guess I just wanted to make the bosses hard no matter what. I am working on a new version of the mod to address this. I made the wine cellar enemies hand a bit more exp, cash & soul so grinding wouldn't become as dull (there are some other dungeons where I have done the same). Also I just noticed the 'Barghest' enemy in Rhonda mines has a bit too low agility (21 instead of 23), I will be fixing that too in my update of this mod. I am terribly sorry to all of you for having to go through the early bosses. I make these mods so they would be challenging yes, but also to be enjoyable. I worked on this mod for a year so I thought it would be complete but as it is I will be looking into it more. Thank you SirShaggy for understanding :DDD and merry christmas to you too. -zedorfed66
  24. SirShaggy and the rest of you guys who have been giving this mod a go: I'm terribly sorry about the first half bosses having million turns. I apologize to all of you for the frustration. I'll be working on the version of the mod where the bosses have fewer turns but I can give no deadline to anything. I got lots of stuff going on in my life so only time will tell when I'll be finished with the new version. But I will be making it at some point. -zedorfed66
  25. Thank you very much SirShaggy for giving my mod a shot. I hope you have fun time with it. The bosses can get tough later on and if you need any help let me know. Also if you have any criticism or anything else regarding it I would like to hear too. Edit: Also I'm a bit worried that nothing happened when you applied the patch the first time. Did you happen to patch using the patch for wrong disc first? Even if the patcher says everything went well it might've patched the wrong disc's data into disc 1. This might change how the game behaves. If this is what happened I recommend deleting the isos you patched and repatching the original iso images of the game again, just in case. This doesn't mean you have to start over the game. You can continue from your last save point with no changes.