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    Final Fantasy VI is simply put my favorite game, but even when I have that esteem from this game, I recognize the game is broken. It gives you a ton of absurdly powerful tools which can make the game incredibly easy. I always wanted to know how this game would be with a proper rebalancing and then I saw this mod and I have to say it has even overcome the expectatives I had from it and I definitely enjoy the result. Calling it a rebalancing it's not making it justice. The new esper system adds a ton of strategy layers in the game, making each character versatile, giving them a good amount of tools, but keeping each of their roles diferenciated enough to make them unique. Balancing character versatility, role specialization and balance is something pretty complicated to make, but BTB and Synchysi have made an impressive work there. Of course, this depth would not be nothing without proper enemies and again, they have made a great work with them: even random enemies can suppose a threat if you attack them mindlessly, status effect are actually useful and each tool each playable character have can be put to an use. Bosses are challenging and requires certain level of strategy to be beaten without too much troubles, and that's certainly a great point this mod has. I have some complains with their personality choices from a couple of characters and language in Brave New World version, and there are some references here and there I feel them quite invasive, but honestly that doesn't matter too much because the main experience this mod offers -the difficult rebalancing and the strategy layers each character has- is definitely excellent. I would suggest anyone to play this mod if you want to see how much the original gameplay formula can be improved to create a way more engaging experience.
  1. Celes Chere: Dog Of The Empire

    Celes is versatile, so I decided to make a jack-of-all-trades build taking advantage of her physical and magical damage output, and using also ??? for WoR, and it has showed pretty great results 3 Rahum / 3 Shiva / 7 Siren / 7 Phantom I'll just need to change Celes' equipment for the require needs of the battle. Life Bell, ??? and gear helps to improve Stamina makes of Celes a great enemy cleaner, it helps against boss battles with multiple targets such as Hidon, Wrexsoul or the Three Dream Stooges for example. Changing the gear with things like Force Armor, Magic Cube/Crystal Orb and similars makes of Celes a good mage. Genji Armor and more physical oriented gear makes Celes great against bosses with no weakness she can exploit at all. I give her the Illumina, because the bonus and power improves a lot her versatility. As for the 5 EL you can get... Uhh I guess you can use Alexander, Seraph or Crusader, or swap some of the levels of Siren/Phantom to Seraph/Alexander to improve her tankiness in early-game. Sadly I got this build via respecing, so I can't say at all how to focus Celes in WoB, but I'd say to focus in Siren / Shiva leveling
  2. There were a couple of weird glitches sadly I wasn't able to get a video or screenshot 1) Atma Weapon used Gravity Bomb, but the attack was named as Discord 2) In the battle against Tentacles, one of them tried to use Discard with no-one grabbed, then it used Meteor and then the remnant tentacles used two attacks this turn... I had to use Seraph to avoid this glitch I'm guessing this has been reported before, but just to keep it in mind for 1.9 version
  3. Mog: Mascot With Attitude, Kupo

    I'm now in WoR Maranda to recruit Cyan, so I want to talk about my experience with Mog in WoB, to be more specific, in Floating Continent I used a 5 Maduin / 5 Shoat Build with Element rods / Gold Shield / Magus Hat / Gold Armor and Stat Stick/Amulet as accesories, and it made a great work there. During the approaching to Floating Continent Mog made a good work dealing with random encounters using Water Rondo. Against Ultros it sticked with Thunder Rod procs dealing a good amount of damage. Against IAF I returned again to use Water Rondo, dealing a great amount of damage to this boss. The Floating Continent was a bit hard but Mog helped against enemies not called Gargoyle (too much magic bulk to be useful) and Behemoth (water resist) with Water Rondo, otherwise, I used Wind Song when I really needed healing. Against Atma is where Mog shined the most. Black Belt / Amulet protected me against the most dangerous things Atma offered, and Ice 2 procs made around 3700-4000 of damage, sometimes even being able to deal twice more damage due to Black Belt counters. It was surprinsingly consistent despite the randomness Ice 2 procs give. In previous version I tried X-Magic Mog against Magimaster and heck, it was really useful, making around 16000-20000 of damage when it was weak to Earth, Poison and Wind. I'll try it again in this version to see the results (This is why I like Esper resetting so much) Mog can be a bit random, but it is certainly useful