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  1. Sure, I'll doublecheck it
  2. If it's doable, I have no idea how. Dark status spells are penalized on purpose either by AoE or duration because you're getting a better selection.
  3. Neither, unfortunately, you can choose the target for added effects on skills so they can affect the user if you targeted something else and vice versa, but not for weapon hits. Permanent status effects on items aren't a thing in general. Yeah, it would be cool if I could make them real powerful with some kind of nasty drawback, if that's what you were going for.
  4. Dunno about a guaranteed curse, that's just 15% life they can't heal back and there's no point in reapplying, might lack the oomph and stop is kinda common. Maybe guaranteed RT delay or percentage of target HP, those effects are nifty because I can set them to different values, a dagger might cause 10% damage and a 2h hammer 20%. Then again, those are common too, maybe I should just revert it to double hit now that I can set their stats to whatever I want and do something else with Crissaegrim. That chariot killing will have to wait until I understand the code better, if anyone here knows mips he can go ahead and give it a shot.
  5. Now that I think of it, you have. Never mind, I wasn't terribly fond if instakill anyway because of chariot, we'll think of something else.
  6. Well that's fun, we'll see what can be done about it.
  7. Ah, crap, forgot to test that. All classmarks (except golem and dragon) can be either bought or crafted in the mod.
  8. Don't mind the weapon descriptions, still haven't done them yet and they aren't important anyway. I'll probably revisit the power and level requirements of endgame weapons for next patch, they mostly follow the vanilla order but it should probably be the difficulty of obtaining them. I tested the code again on another save and it adds only cursed weapons. Saw you asked about the reason to use Kuiper Belt over Grand Cross, the former also resets RT countdown so it's more powerful if your target is about to act.
  9. Right, missed that, thanks. Can't drop them while you still have the old ones. Just use the code I sent you, you've earned them fair and square. It can't work on SNES/PSX because they're essentially different games, they rebuilt it from the ground up for PSP. There's already a mod for SNES, though it's in Japanese, I think. No idea how except somehow giving player control over guests. Just lobbing an evacuate item on him didn't work?
  10. Well, applying a ppf from a moddb version wouldn't work because it has no ppf files inside. Get your vanilla iso, drag those two v0.88a bin files inside and save it, just follow the instructions from moddb readme.
  11. Use the moddb version, ppf patches here aren't updated.
  12. It would be faster if I wasn't asleep when you reported it, the thing is kinda gamebreaking so it should be fixed asap. It wasn't anything spectacular, just a few numbers pasted where they shouldn't be.
  13. There is, draconic Sacrifice spell and paladin's Sublime Sacrifice, which you don't have at that point, if this works out I'll probably change those to something else. Their dialogue most likely doesn't trigger anything because you can technically complete the battle without reviving them, it's a loss I'd be willing to accept. I've fixed the thrown stone bug so you can pick it up on moddb for the time being, can't do the iso patches right now.
  14. In vanilla it was 33 on every stat + tarot, in 0.87 it was 28 which put his total slightly below other uniques, 30 looks fine. I'll have to check those ranged counters, no idea what's causing it, thanks for the report. I can't fiddle with the item order easily, unfortunately, it pretty much means transplanting it to another spot in the table and that has problems of its own. Equip change skill doesn't seem like a possibility. I'll update the changelog later, sure
  15. Have you tried the moddb version or these patches? Better use that one, they can't host the moddb version here and these are fiddly.
  16. Yup, also a lot of his functionality is tied to undead so you probably wouldn't want him if there aren't any in your team and his damage with a crossbow is subpar. Probably already mentioned this back on gamefaqs, but I'm trying to give the classes what they need to function or stand out, a 2H crossbow would be counterproductive on a beast tamer because his pets are out there on the front lines so I made him tanky enough to survive there instead and gave him decent sidearm options to farm TP if needed. Necro was overlapping with lich and heretic too much and the mod doesn't have this type of character so I'm trying if this would click. The general idea is median necromancer with crossbows, several damage spells and good debuffs, I didn't like the class as it was and if this doesn't work out we can always try something else. That reminds me, maybe I should try turning banish into a corpse explosion move.
  17. It's as simple as turning on 'enable cheats' in ppsspp's system options, starting the game, pasting the code into the cheat text file and turning it on.
  18. They aren't quite as tanky as spellblades, though. Version 0.88 is up for grabs too, have fun. I can make you a code for new cursed weapons so you don't have to run the palace again, Coffee.
  19. That's one of those examples of crappy mechanics I was talking about, both int and mnd contribute to debuff accuracy and only avd helps you avoid it, mnd and res have nothing to do with it. As a result it's kinda tricky to balance it, I can't give all units high avd and if terror knights or familiars are to hit anything with their spells I need to use a high accuracy formula that causes real casters to do a guaranteed status on most targets, which is ok if I want them to compete with damage spells. And I do because the best status in the game is still 'dead' and damage casters are pretty strong.
  20. It's kinda hard to get a tanky caster outside of special classes, that's a niche of sorts and spellblade fills it good enough currently. I don't really think he can do it better without stepping on the toes of straight classes, which is something I'd like to avoid. We could say that spellblade's real problem is that his role is far from the meta, but I still think that role should be there. About ranked skills, I'm trying to balance them with mid-rank in mind, if you went through the trouble to farm it fully I say you earned your OP skill, enjoy. Probably mentioned this before, but I don't think this game can ever become truly well balanced, the mechanics are complex (read: crappy) and there's a lot of factors in play. What I'm trying to do here is remove the worst of it at least while keeping as much of the fun stuff in as I can.
  21. Dunno, I was getting awfully good mileage from my berserker but there's a new skill coming up in next patch to replace risk management, it should be an improvement. The game is indeed built on specializing but that doesn't mean generalists can't work, warlock, ninja and rogue are a good example of strong generalists. I made all beast tamer's skills scale range by rank for next patch, that should help a bit but it's ok if he has to stay close to his pets, I wouldn't let some of them out of my sight for long. If I get a good idea for some spellblade skill I'll do it but won't touch their stats anymore, they're already very close to specialists. On the subject of defense, I can't make terror knights or dragoons quite as tanky as knights or hoplites, they dish out more damage and have other advantages. Avoidance chars are generally weaker to spells than tanks so it's a good thing if they're stronger vs attacks. I'm planning to make dragon magic more readily available, lesser buffs will probably be available in Deneb's shop and picking up everything else will likely be possible by one PotD playthrough. The general idea is that some dragon spells are more or less known and the good ones, aka 'secrets of dragon magic' are hidden away.
  22. Not in a way you think, on hit weapon effects are different from skill effects, you can have only one and your control over it is limited. A skill lets you fully define a primary effect and two additional ones, so a triple hitting ability just has three hits which can use different damage formulas and elements. However, a skill can't be a normal attack because there's no animation that works with every damage type and there's no skill damage formula that does normal attack damage, that's why sidearm finishers feel a bit wonky, they use the animation that looks the least awful out of them all and some thrown weapons are fairly different, like javelin and bola. Yeah, I think it's zombie Vyce, if I find out how to trigger the recruit dialogue anything can be hired but that won't happen soon. There are only real weapons in the table, the cutscene probably uses real rimfire or just plays the animation blank, there was probably no need to create dummy weapons because the game doesn't seem to use separate weapon entities. I mentioned guns and warlocks as a joke, they give off that Indy vibe of a badass archeologist so I gave them whips but they're 2handed so you wouldn't be able to use a gun and a whip anyway to play the full role, I could give them guns no problem.
  23. Ah, right, there are most certainly no emblems, can't see them trying that too, they already tried a bunch of crap that didn't work. I was mostly avoiding giving debuff spells to gear because a straight fighter would have very low chance to do anything, there are a few on gear with MND bonus, like daggers or instruments. There's Dominate on Skull Mask, that one also infllicts stop. There are no Vyces that we didn't see, there's the recruitable Vyce, law NPC, chaos NPC and the dead one. Well, the whole thing works like this, there a big table with all spells, active skills, special skills, finishers and item effects, you can give an item anything from there but it will be exactly the way it is, you can't modify it on the fly. As a sidenote, I remembered you were wondering about float buff, the whole point of that is it gives you +1 jump, a gremlin rogue has 4 jump in the mod.
  24. If it's possible I'll do it, sure, Steal is severely underused in the game. There's only one Denam in the racial template table, that's because he never appears as an npc. As a point of reference, there are 4 Vyces. The game doesn't use the targeting type that hits everything, I'll see if tampering with the parameters of the type that hits all enemies can give us that effect. But I probably won't create any new effects just for items, I don't have much room left in ability table so I'd like to save it for new skills or spells. Which ice hold move and emblem system?
  25. Yeah, Zephyros was an oversight, fixed it. I'll replace the spells on high end weapons with something else rather than buff the use count, I've started changing them a while ago. For instance, Caliburn has 2 uses of Boon which is a small nod to FFT Excalibur, Oracion grants INT bonus instead of AGI and has one use of Requiem that does spell damage so it's a good weapon for hybrids. It's usually some kind of attack skill except for caster weapons which still have spells and it will be limited to gear that is harder to get so you have more incentive to go through the trouble. No idea where set bonuses are, it's done differently than other stats. We'll see once I find the drop and steal table and start working on it, a lot of things is likely to change.