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  1. Feedback and Suggestions

    The version 0.93 is up on moddb, there are some problems with the version I'm uploading here so it will most likely be up tomorrow.
  2. Feedback and Suggestions

    Actually, yes, it was supposed to be this evening so that's quite a nose you got carrying that monocle, sir.
  3. Feedback and Suggestions

    Flying beasts have enough advantages as is, and they're a bit anatomically inadequate to toss rocks. There's something I have planned for familiars, their current setup is just for compatibility. I think it's a good thing, it gives tanks a selling point in endgame when strong damage dealers start edging out.
  4. Feedback and Suggestions

    The goddess sword originally comes from a book, it was then implemented in Path of Exile (which the author generously supported) as a trio of swords but the idea later had to be scrapped after the game got restructured and it's currently two swords and an offshoot, it's mentioned in the readme. It was a good idea originally and I'm keeping it in as a homage of sorts, they're also fairly close to specs in function, for instance the first sword is heavy but costs no RT to swing, which is mentioned in the book, the second one has no physical damage component and pretty much disables casting and the final form is a hybrid weapon with a unique ability similar to its original effect. The names look fine in item list and when you equip them so it isn't much of a problem. The point of something+board casters is you want to use a shield to be more durable, not to have whatever a 1h handed weapon offers, I can't have it compete in raw power with the 2h option in any way. More books would be nice but the item table is currently topped out, can't fit a toothpick in there and there aren't nearly enough books to cover the progression and also endgame options. Coats and mails are strong defensively and can make you really resistant to an element with a focused setup but they could use something, got that one noted in longterm list but don't have anything good currently. Two reasons, fusils don't really need it, and they're also a 'tech' weapon so they intentionally have nothing unnatural going on, as the Balboede are mentioned to be uncomfortable with magic.
  5. Feedback and Suggestions

    Yeah, it's using the 1h atk calculation by mistake, I've fixed it in my current version.
  6. Feedback and Suggestions

    Yeah, each is technically a separate effect, but the parameters can vary to an extent, for instance doublehit and additional percentage hit are the same effect with different parameters. It was intentional, the change was made while meditate was something you spammed every turn to make it less tiresome.
  7. Feedback and Suggestions

    Ah, right, that was never intended to be a weapon effect so it has nowhere to pull the damage amount from to use in the description. It would probably be safe to replace that tooltip with something like 'Additional hit', 'MP damage' and such, though.
  8. Feedback and Suggestions

    Which process description bug? The thing with changing sprites is I then have to hunt down every cutscene where that sprite appears and change it too, done it once and I'm probably not doing it again in a hurry. The game is sometimes strangely constructed, as if they tried to make things hard on themselves intentionally. I left the names with empty spaces like that intentionally for the time being, as long as I'm still changing things I might change it again and forget to set the length back, empty spaces are much preferable to things getting cut off, I'll go through it once I'm done and fix everything. Sorry, I don't have anything now that would make much sense or notes as such, there's something on page 19 that Sparafucile was working on that might be useful.
  9. Feedback and Suggestions

    Sadly, I don't think it will be possible anytime soon, I know next to nothing about campaign structure.
  10. Feedback and Suggestions

    Thanks for the feedback, it's especially interesting to hear from fellow tinkerers. Sprites are indeed somewhat of an issue, as I've seen enough players asking for another version with default sprites for donnalto or rudlum, most commonly, and very few have problems with minor changes to deneb (red shoes on a witch are pretty iconic after all), voltare, lanselot, warren, gildas or vyce. Not that easy to solve, though, as enough people also like new sara or donnalto so I'd have to maintain two versions of the mod, and that's a bit too bothersome to do before final release. Maybe there's a middle ground somewhere as I've seen barely any requests to revert the named generics to change their sprites with class again, so it's just a matter of getting the right fixed sprite for the character. Donnalto - probably the most controversial one, some love it and some hate it, can also break immersion by reusing an endgame portrait. could be reverted to his default, a bit of a problem with it is it isn't too different from a regular cleric, you just get a bag of different color with palette swap as it's mostly black Felicia - the cleric sprite is fine, but also has a portrait issue like donnalto, she could use a normal cleric portrait Sara - some like this combo a lot, as the blademaiden sprite looks a bit like orson from knight of lodis. She could be locked to female rogue instead as arycelle has the dibs on archer sprite, I could have her recruited as an early rogue too Folcurt - saw some complaints that he looks a bit on the big side but the sprite and color scheme is also spot on for his portrait so his new look is fairly easy to get used to Dievold - terror knight sprite barely changes, this is pretty much the only one you can spot easily Oelias - her clothes don't match the portrait as well with this palette but hair does, it's the opposite for default so this is a lose-lose situation, best solved by editing the clothes on her portrait when it becomes possible as her hair is supposedly kissed by fire and brings good luck, the night is dark and full of terrors Rudlum - heard it often enough to revert it, some like to have a playable templar but the warlock sprite looks pretty good Ehlrig - the sprite is ok for a pirate captain but he has the same portrait issue as donnalto and felicia, could be changed to a normal beastmaster portrait Chamos - some wanted an all-black ninja, his portrait would end up on ehlrig so that could be a good option
  11. Feedback and Suggestions

    Yeah, you can see quite a few races in classes they can't normally use, it will be that way until I fix it in battle data and it's a ton of work so I changed class availability early to get some feedback before the long haul.
  12. Feedback and Suggestions

    No, each of those three classes is available to two races, lizards and skeletons get hoplite, lizards and orcs get jugger, lamia and orcs get matriarch/patriarch, humanoids have 6 classes total and other creatures, like ghosts or gremlins get 4. Lizards don't have good caster stats so their access to magic is poor, with dragoon being the only class that can kinda use it, orcs are roughly on par with humans in magic and are much better suited for a beefy caster. There will be some changes in next minor patch that should (eventually) untangle the mess with familiar class.
  13. Feedback and Suggestions

    Not mine. When you recruit a unit you don't get all skills and spells it has, no idea why but I assume it's because skills are extremely grindy in vanilla and high level spells are hard to get, they likely didn't want to trivialize getting them and demean your efforts up to that point. Anyway, it's something I can't change yet. You can buy those spells at deneb's or potd shops after you kill the last boss, I'll probably make them available earlier though, probably during chapter 4 when you get access to damasc gear.
  14. Feedback and Suggestions

    It would be nice to have for sure but I'm mostly done with renaming stuff so it wouldn't be really necessary at this point, especially if it's tricky to make one and use it. Dunno if it's an issue, but would the editor be able to preserve backwards compatibility? Where I had to change the length of names it was done in a way that would allow you to still use the mod on original hardware if anyone wants to for any reason. For any future projects cracking it would probably be a must, it was extremely annoying to be restricted by it.
  15. Feedback and Suggestions

    I could, but my notes are too messy to make much sense of, can't see myself trying to tackle tidying them up before 1.0 release. I'm no programmer so making an editing tool would be too much and the battle data is a bit hopeless too, as there's no pattern to it.
  16. Feedback and Suggestions

    It isn't possible, there's no more room left in spell index table, this is as many as we can have.
  17. Feedback and Suggestions

    The requirements for most endgame weapons are already lower and no items requires level above 40, in general the first endgame crafting books (like The Blade) will cover levels 24-27 (those can also drop from enemies), enchiridions go from 28-30 or 32 and unique gear covers the range from there to 40. The unique gear scaling is also standardized so the best weapon in class is always a set percentage stronger than its damasc equivalent and it isn't a huge increase, you will probably want unique weapons for their added effects more than raw power. Character recruitment and adding new cutscenes is a lot harder than what I've been doing so far, I'd like to if possible but can't promise anything. There are some things planned for monster units which will make this irrelevant, added damage to undead wouldn't be possible anyway with the way things are currently set up. That's something unique classes do, and more of them can transfer skills from other classes now, for instance Ranger can use booby trap and KC can use fearful impact. There has been talk about that one and considering you can bring 12 units into battle I feel it isn't as important to set each one up to cover multiple roles, like in FFT, instead you bring a diverse team and sharing too many abilities would make generic classes less distinct. Tamuz, Chamos and Phaesta can just be evacuated, which is even better. Units that have a dialogue trigger (Cressida or Oelias), however, have to be resurrected using the crafted evac stone so they can say their lines before leaving, bear in mind that stone will remove the unit that used it from the battlefield as it renders it unfit for battle. Same as vanilla, special units are better stat-wise and some have access to advanced classes, however, they're more uniformly better so Phaesta will be roughly equivalent to Sara (actually slightly better to account for Sara maybe picking up some stat cards along the way), and fully unique units like Cistina or Ozma will also be roughly equal but better than Sara, the RT difference is still there but is much more modest and also more uniform. So, a team of special characters will be stronger, but not enough to outclass a team of well picked generics.
  18. Feedback and Suggestions

    It isn't a bug if that's what you're thinking, I've stopped updating those stat tables because it kept changing too much to keep track of. Gryphon gains 3,8 agi per level and dragon gets 3,6, the least agile is baldur golem with just 2 agi per level, however, golems gain more dex than dragons or gryphons (it's the opposable thumbs thing again) to help with their artillery role and that also contributes to accuracy. When you tally it up, baldur golem gains 3,8 accuracy per level, a dragon gains 4,4 and a gryphon is at 4,8. Clay golem is even a bit more accurate than dragon at 4,5 per level.
  19. Feedback and Suggestions

    Depends which golem, some are stronger, some are tougher and some are more accurate and, well... dodgy, as much as a lump of clay or iron can be dodgy. But, even in the worst case it's nothing that a cast of acrobatics or ballistics won't solve, and your premier golemist, warlock, doesn't have access to those by coincidence and similar effects aren't exactly rare even if you don't have one. Anyway, won't tamper with them further for the time being, there's something I'd like to try when I lay down the groundwork and if it works it would mean that something will happen to certain monster classes and I'd have to revise their stats all over again.
  20. Feedback and Suggestions

    I'm afraid it is a 'no', you'd have to make room in character data to save experience and even restructure the save file so it records that instead of class exp.
  21. Feedback and Suggestions

    Thanks, their stats show properly so I wasn't too concerned with it, but fixing descriptions is no trouble at all.
  22. Feedback and Suggestions

    There weren't really any, you're pretty much looking at all the modding effort that went into the game recently. My notes are too messy to be useful, unfortunately, I'll try tidying them up when all is done.
  23. Feedback and Suggestions

    The game doesn't really give them anything, the way it works is this: - The battle has a list of units with fixed racial templates, class, loyalty and alignment. There are battles where all units from the list are assigned, some where you always get several and the rest are picked randomly from the rest of the list and some battles where all are random. For example, those castle fights with reinforcements start with a very long list, some are fixed, some are randomly picked from the starter list and when the game has to spawn another unit it picks one from the reinforcement list. - When they spawn the game assigns them a name from a list and a small amount of stat points at random on top of those their racial template comes with. Also, it checks their skills and assigns them gear according to their autoequip setting (same as your autoequip options on party screen) with some randomness, it won't always go for the best option if it can use multiple weapon skills. So, what's random there is which units spawn but they're preset. The default lizardman template is 32str and 30dex, the warrior template has 36/30 and the rogue template is 32/34. so the best outcome for you is finding a battle where a dex lizarman spawns and run it a few times until he rolls 3-4 extra points in dex, but if the battle doesn't have that template on the list it will never happen. And ignore which weapons they have equipped, it doesn't matter. When I get to adjusting battle data I'll also tweak which templates are on the list so you at least aren't getting warriors with a mage template. Some have requested to be able to recruit humanoids like lizards or fairies in certain towns and I'll do that if possible, you will be able to get the desired template easier that way and give them custom names.
  24. Feedback and Suggestions

    It would be best to make a CWC code, that way it will still work when I update. There's quite a few addresses to change and they're all over the place so it might take a while, I'll see what can be done.
  25. Feedback and Suggestions

    It's fairly easy to do with a multiwrite CWC code that disables the skill for use by any class, I'll make one when I got time and send you a PM. If death timers can be removed, I wouldn't know how to do it.