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  1. It's a 7zip archive (better compression than zip or rar), I'm not using mac but there seems to be a free Unarchiver app you can use to extract it. The one on moddb uses a different patching method, it's a recommended option because it's more compatible and easier to update later. The method here exists because ngplus can't directly host modified game files.
  2. Tactics Ogre: One Vision

    Version 0.92f


    TO: LUCT is no doubt one of the classics of turn based tactical games, it can boast complex storyline with a memorable cast of characters and multiple endings, as well as a deep combat system with a vast arsenal of equipment, items and spells. Its PSP port can also serve as an example of how such things should be done, with the game getting not only a much needed facelift but also a thorough redesign of most combat elements. Sadly, the game isn’t without faults, as some of the new features make it extremely prone to exploits which an experienced player can use to fully remove any challenge from the game. The main goal of this mod is to render such exploits more difficult, bringing weapons, classes and skills closer to the level they should perform at, as well as to each other. Its secondary goal is to provide tweaks to immersion, visuals and some of the more cumbersome game systems like crafting and endless skill farming. This is still a work in progress so all feedback is welcome. For installation instructions and more info check the included Readme file. Major features: Weapon, armor and consumable item rework. Equipment is more likely to do what you expect of it, 2H weapons will do a lot of damage and a tank in heavy armor will be hard to kill. Additional items, spells and skills, as well as changes to the existing ones with a focus on improving the more unappealing choices. Skills that grant stat bonuses, like Strengthen or Spellcraft, as well as static choices like Switfoot or Spell Ward were removed and compensated with higher stat differences between classes than in vanilla game. A full Finishing move rebalance. Most ways of gaining permanent stats were removed to reduce power creep in late game and increase options during early game. The power of special characters was reduced across the board, they're about on par with each other now and not overwhelmingly stronger than generics. Generic characters have more diverse templates that split into fighter, rogue, mage and generalist archetypes, their stats can differ a lot depending on which one you hire. Significantly increased the levelling speed of slow skills, like Steal or Parry. Most classes were tweaked, with emphasis on nerfing the strong ones and buffing the weak, many gained new tricks. Monsters don't scale natural armor as high as before. With the changes to skills, their new role is high HP bullet sponges that take a lot of damage and use the TP gained to spam special moves. Many items are easier to acquire, reducing the endgame tedium. Visual changes to some items, special characters, skills and spells. Streamlined crafting. Consolidated changelist available in feedback thread.
  3. If you tried the mod and have something to share about your experience, be it small nitpicks, ideas, random thoughts, ramblings, musings or, why not, praise, you can do so here. In case you want an extended discussion regarding some specific aspect of the game or mod you can open a new thread instead. These are some of the more obvious known issues, some are low priority and some are either extremely tedious or tricky to fix. Missing character sprite in the opening scenes of Donnalto's or Rudlum's battles. Funny item, skill or spell sorting in some categories (spells can be manually sorted for use so this is a low priority one). Disabled skills in enemy skill lists which should be replaced with something more useful. Identical descriptions on some lategame weapons. Consolidated changelist up to version 0.92a can be found here, along with an up-to-date class sheet detailing the skills and abilities of all classes in the mod. On the same address you can also find a damage calculator table explaining some of the mechanical nuances is available in the same location, it is made for vanilla game but all of the formulas are still the same, consult the manual sheet for more info.
  4. Was it the only buff on the character? It's dex for all ranged weapons, I'd note it on sidearms category description if it was str for thrown.
  5. Good to hear you like it. More demihumans might not be a bad idea, but I'd have to think of some way to edit warren report first.
  6. It's a fairly common question, the two things to look out for is Lanselot having golden armor at the start of the game and the other is being able to buy 1h/2h katana in shops, that means two main files patched correctly.
  7. It's probably a better choice to use the patching method from moddb, you can use it on any iso version and it's perfectly fine to update an already patched one. With the patch I'm uploading here you need to keep a vanilla backup in proper size.
  8. Overall, we have a class with enough skills and item/spell access for three separate classes and it's easy enough to see which should go to fairies, which to gremlins and which ones to punkins. Since it isn't one class that can do everything anymore they will be able to get a bit more specialized and stronger at what they do, haven't outlined it fully yet but the faerie class would be light aligned with some ranged weapon options, gremlin would be a dark melee and pumpkin a neutral heavy melee.
  9. Right, sorry, that part is somewhat offset by weight, if you make your clerics tanky so they aren't attacked much they will get slower. Getting greedy and going for enemy clerics can expose your ranged units and/or flankers or disrupt the frontline, they don't go down too easily either.
  10. Right, I haven't been working on familiar much because the class should eventually get split into three, one for each race that has access to it, but that requires some major shifts from other classes I can't do before I have all battle data or we might end up seeing some real weird shit. So, it has the basic functionality but hasn't exactly been finetuned, currently it's a supporter with piddly stats which is mitigated by access to a ton of special skills and being a fairly attractive target gives it the TP to use them, we'll see what it ends up like. Most skills like pumpkin strike or vartan's windshot are affected by your attack damage, with a few exceptions like angel knight's Requiem which deals spell damage, so using a high ATK weapon will help but raising your weapon skill won't help a general skill (applies only to finishers, including finisher-like skills that necromancer and fuslier get). Yeah, you really need a lot of mnd to raise the heal amount so it's better to just go for speed or durability. Myself, I like to take to the quote that a medic can never allow himself to be taken out because who will heal the injured then.
  11. It's a minor patch, so in a few days or something.
  12. Everything you can remove with Intimidate is a readied skill. Other effects can also remove Evade or Intercession, the way I think they did it is designating some effects as magical, so healing or buff spells will remove intercession, and everything else counts as physical so items will remove evade. There will be some indirect changes to TK in 92c, minor debuffs will get more accurate in general, which will benefit him, and some skills you typically spam every turn with heavy units will cost less RT (like aegis, clones or fearful impact) so they will indirectly get a bit faster. Their magic is there just so they have something to do in the situations where they can't reach the enemy, their RT cost is low so you aren't slowing yourself down much even if you took a shot with low odds, you aren't supposed to use it over their melee attacks in general case scenario. On the other hand, status magic on real mages has to be accurate because it competes with the option of just going for straight damage.
  13. There would be a way to let him create a clone and blow it up in the same round, but that would make him a bit too good, TK doesn't have the raw damage output of some lighter classes but he outdamages a fair few and is fairly tanky. His main shtick is probably being a counterpart to his holier cousin, the knight removes statuses and he causes them, knight blocks movement and he clears a path, knight equips himself defensively and he's offensive. That's less of a role than a running theme bit it gives him enough identity and I'm not hearing he's underpowered often, I'd really need more feedback like that before I do something drastic to him. The dragon slayer sword is dreadfully heavy and also costs a ton of RT to use, I'd be very surprised if he could keep up with a ninja with that equipped. The thing about buccaneer is just one readied skill (ones that give you a star above) overwriting another, that's normal, you can have only one active.
  14. Mass applying fear and busting up shadow clones, mostly, his spells aren't too powerful but drain life and tp can be very useful. He also has a guaranteed hit skill so you get a 100% stun with maces and you can use those heavy sidegrade 2h swords with accuracy penalty.
  15. The consolidated changelog in first post got updated to the latest version.
  16. So far the recipe locations haven't changed, I'll be sure to note it if they do but it will most likely just be changed to a guaranteed drop. Haven't found a good reason to relocate them so far but maybe I'll switch them around so you get enchiridions in the temples and the palace but get the other recipes in phorampa and graveyard, as those dungeons are shorter and available earlier so it makes sense to find lower level recipes, not higher. Good to hear you're enjoying it so far, if you got any comments, requests or suggestions feel free to post them here.
  17. The main problem with scaling set too low are the skills, basically every battle has two templates, one normal battle that doesn't scale and the high level battle where you broke the threshold. So, if the scaled battle activated right away enemies would have high level weapon skills and augments which would make early battles extremely challenging. There's also an issue with jewelry, as the game doesn't assign it automatically. I will likely reduce it to 5 levels, as long as you use a varied team it's hard to go over that.
  18. It should, it isn't shown because it's an ability with three effects where the last one works and the first two don't and they staggered the effects so it shows the percentage only for the first one. I can fix it by just separating them, I'll do it for the next minor patch.
  19. Passives would work fine, and actives only if the animation is compatible with the human sprite, they usually are so it would most likely be fine. Turning an npc class into one that the player can use or creating a new one is hard because there's a limited number of slots where the game stores how much experience and level does a class have, so they wouldn't be able to level up.
  20. Nothing in a form that would make much sense, I could look up and tell you how to change something specific but I don't have a sheet that says where everything is and what each address means
  21. It's one of those things where you can't please everybody, some like the changes so it would require a separate version, right, maybe when it's all done. It's just a hex editor, there aren't any specialized tools for this game.
  22. Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it. No idea if it will be possible to do something about loot bags down the line, but it's possible (though very time consuming) to make all interesting drops guaranteed, hard to say what happened when they decided to go that way.
  23. Both the phased out skill removal and replacing the ones one enemies is possible, but it requires dumping all of the battle data which I've been doing for a while and it will take me a good while longer too. I'll also be able to fix the drop and steal tables once that is done.
  24. Ah, right, giving the recruits skill points isn't easy because there isn't an entry for that in the template, skill points are something that only characters in your roster can have. However, as a workaround I could give them more adequate generic skills for their level so you don't have to buy stuff like counter or clarity at least. More weapon skills to choose from might not be a bad idea either, maybe even a few ranks in all weapon types their default class can use. There isn't really a way to set minimum duration, I'd have to raise the default duration and then it could potentially last too long. Some signature skills are cross-class, you can check if other classes can use them by checking the second info tab, classes that can use it are highlighted. A good example is meditate which is usable by most casters, some knight skills are accessible by unique knight-ish classes or squash which is usable by most attackers with access to heavy weapons. Some unique classes will have access to a few skills from normal classes, like knight commander, buccaneer or ranger, and lord can use one from each. Got a consolidated changelog on the first page but it isn't fully up to date, I'll try to bring it up to snuff these days, got a handy sheet for vanilla but I was waiting until the mod solidifies enough to avoid extra work. If you haven't played the game much, could you tell me how much of an annoyance are the french names for spell scrolls? Got some requests from first time players to change it to be the same as spell name because finding the right one can sometimes be annoying, and it isn't really adding anything to the game.
  25. Sorry for not responding, went on a short trip and had no reliable internet access. Not really, I should probably make one. The pattern that most gear pieces follow is similar within a category, though. Yeah, enemies in those battles are of higher level compared to the story missions or optional content available at that point, that's a vanilla thing, I'll most likely normalize that once I finish tweaking the battle data but it won't be soon, that's a ton of work. It wouldn't break anything, but skill points have to be granted to a character, they can't be tied to the class so that part can't be done. It might be possible to add new classes at a higher level but I don't know how to do that yet. Charm and bewitch are potentially gamebreaking so their starting duration is very low and there's a small amount of variance for statuses that tick away on 'per turn' basis. It's the same pieces as before, they're just all saying 'legion' instead of various variants of 'stinky'. There were a few other set changes, you can complete the infernal set with shaytan's bullova too if you prefer axes to hammers and the dragonslayer set can be done with either a dragon/wyrm shield or any 2h weapon that has a racial bonus versus dragons. Unlike rings, earrings have a resistance bonus and there's also accuracy from extra weapon skill levels and bonus HP, they're a more balanced option compared to the focused boost to just one stat that rings have. Scout Vest is supposed to be really bad, you're trading off good defense of damasc or elemental vests for bonus movement. I'll check up on beckon, thanks for reporting.