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  1. If you tried the mod and have something to share about your experience, be it small nitpicks, ideas, random thoughts, ramblings, musings or, why not, praise, you can do so here. In case you want an extended discussion regarding some specific aspect of the game or mod you can open a new thread instead. These are some of the more obvious known issues, some are low priority and some are either extremely tedious or tricky to fix. Missing character sprite in the opening scenes of Donnalto's or Rudlum's battles. Funny item, skill or spell sorting in some categories (spells can be manually sorted for use so this is a low priority one). Disabled skills in enemy skill lists which should be replaced with something more useful. Identical descriptions on some lategame weapons. Consolidated changelist up to version 0.92a can be found here, along with an up-to-date class sheet detailing the skills and abilities of all classes in the mod. On the same address you can also find a damage calculator table explaining some of the mechanical nuances is available in the same location, it is made for vanilla game but all of the formulas are still the same, consult the manual sheet for more info.
  2. Feedback and Suggestions

    - Yeah, elixirs still work so you can bring the heart count back up when it isn't zero. - Discord has to stay a finisher because it wouldn't scale with your katana skill, but it should still be possible to nerf it, gently of course. - Dunno if denam would be all that keen to enter water in his lordish finery, he's probably unused to it, and I honestly don't think it would make art of war much less attractive, it would just make one spell in there a bit pointless. - Yeah, can't make windshot a finisher, it can be improved in other ways if it's weak, though, not like I exhausted all the options.
  3. Feedback and Suggestions

    - The potion is there just to make skill poaching easier and less painful for the recipient, the warranty doesn't cover anything beyond the intended use. If your hearts went to zero you can't bring them back up. - The AI is probably just being wack as usual, I've seen enemies use ivory tower before. - Maybe, but I think there was some mention somewhere about warp removing the RT cost from movement, which does give it an edge of sorts over fly when there's no rampart around. - Yes, it was a side effect of the armor rearrangement, it will be taken care of in next patch. - It's a damage scaling finisher so it needs be fully charged to shine. - Yup, I expected it will be too strong, I'll probably dial it down a bit. - There's a ton of units that don't have waterstep and can't natively go into water, it's pretty common so we can't say that lord drew the short straw, he has a lot of useful things in that set too so it isn't as if we're taking it just for waterwalk. - Might have mentioned it before when we talked about those minor finishers, but the only way to tie the ability fully to your basic attack damage is making it a finisher, and an ability can't be a spell and a finisher at the same time, also, you can't give it to multiple classes, it's either limited to one class or available to everyone that can equip that weapon type. You probably won't notice any difference in damage type when a low offense unit like warlock is attacking a high toughness unit because the damage overhead will be either very low or non-existent, the armor type vulnerabilities aren't a huge factor anyway and only kick in in some situations, the physical damage type on some abilities is mostly there to tell you that their damage overhead will be more easily resisted than for pure elemental abilities. That could be changed by moving a higher portion of damage to stats but that opens more cans of worms than it closes.
  4. Feedback and Suggestions

    Sure, the chapter 4 isn't done yet, I'm doing it in the order from game files ch1, ch2 chaos, ch2 law, ch3 neutral, ch3 chaos, ch2 law, ch4. So, cerya will join as a dragoon, skills will be fixed, Ehlrig could be a warrior, why not. Swapping sprites around just like that doesn't work, however, the game won't load them and you will have blanks, the actual graphics have to be changed so that will happen when I fix the warren report. The RT values were standardized, special characters have either a -2 or -4 advantage, depending on the character and uniques have -4 or -6. It goes towards their stat totals, so when vyce has -6 it means he has a lower total in other stats than, say, gildas who has -4. We can't get a matra class because those class slots can't be used by the player, and if we're missing a special character you can just use those codes to tweak anyone's appearance to your liking. Warlocks can do a lot of things, their default role is mid range supporters but it's really up to you. If you want, you can do something like equip them for max defense, use only their buffs and stick them in front to hit things and get hit so they have the TP to empower your golem, or you can outfit them as a full caster and keep the back line ticking.
  5. Feedback and Suggestions

    Sure, berserker could have a skill like that in another kind of game, but he doesn't need it here and probably shouldn't have it. I meant that you don't know exactly which skills and spells your class can use until you obtain all spells and fully level some other class that can use those skills because they don't show at level 1, compare with something like the FF12 license board where you know in advance which skills and spells the class will be able to use. Hawkmen count as humans so they can't have anatomy, Tamuz can use it with some of his classes because ravenmen count as umbra.
  6. Feedback and Suggestions

    You can't really use that argument here, berserker is frontline dps, swordmaster is an evasive all-rounder, spellblade is a light supporter tank, 'pure long range dps' is what archers were in vanilla and in the mod they are a backline harassment unit, art of war only reinforces that role. When berserkers need self-sustain it's usually tied to their dps in some way, with life leech or on-kill effects which are either tricky or impossible here, but the main thing is that berserkers tend to have that when they are on their own, this is obviously a team game so your healers and supporters are their sustain. Minor finishers are usually tied to the only weapon the class can use so you will get them eventually, there's no decision to be made depending on it so the lack of information isn't an issue. For archer or necromancer it's just an extra to spice up the setups you won't normally use with the class, and those that like to plan everything ahead will use my class table anyway because the game doesn't tell you which skills or spells can the class learn so it's nothing out of the norm and I could just add the minor finishers in there. The dialogue issue can't really be solved elegantly because I can't make a character or an entire class faster or slower just because of that or reintroduce revives, it would be nice to have both but in cases where I have to choose between lore and gameplay it's gameplay first.
  7. Feedback and Suggestions

    If you want your terror knights to be more accurate with spells you can fix it with gear to an extent, you have to sacrifice a bit of defense or damage potential, but that's what's keeping you from getting an efficient heavy armor mage too easily, if they're still too unreliable their caster stats can just be increased. There's no real need to introduce a buff dependence in this case, it's fine for beasts because they're supposed to hit their full potential only when paired with a tamer, I don't think a terror knight should be dependent on other units like that, they're a bit of edgelords after all. A fair few classes get minor finishers like the archer, we got fusiliers, necromancers, priest, paragon, now hobyrim and you also shoot with gunblades that way, the usual reason is that designating something as a finisher is the only way to have a skill that fully uses your weapon stats and skill. Archer's hamstring move could work as an active or special, but it requires a dagger so you have to give up on using a 2h ranged weapon to access it, as I said, the move gives more purpose to a setup like that. Historically, archers would be reasonably armored and have a sidearm they're fairly competent with instead of trying to do the legolas point blank shot, so when they do get flanked the attack could go worse than expected, this surprise move is an homage of sorts to that. Berserkers are supposed to be pure offense and they currently do their job well, if anyone wants a strong attacker with defensive skills he should use a swordmaster, that's what they're for. A dex spear could exist, but I can't do a whole segment, they now have to cover 1h and 2h options in both the main and sidegrade flavor including as many elements in each as possible, there just isn't enough room to do dex spears too. If I'm able to change the warren report portraits the other ones shouldn't be hard either, I wouldn't mind changing the portraits for soldiers if I'm able to match the art style. They're something of a staple in the series, however, so I'd have to pass it by the community first.
  8. Feedback and Suggestions

    I remember tampering with it before and it wasn't working right so I probably messed up somewhere. I'll give it another go when the next version is ready, if it works on re-sort it should work when starting a new game.
  9. Feedback and Suggestions

    Don't worry about it, none of us would be here if we weren't passionate about the game. Portrait issues I will probably be able to change the warren report portraits down the line, it isn't a major issue so it's better if I spend the time chipping away at the mountain of things that need to be done, we'll see about portraits later. Meanwhile I released the code generator you can use to change the way any special character looks, that probably solves all of the issues regarding 'I don't like how the character X looks now'. Having Sara as a rogue is a good thing because there are some nice early game steals you can get with her. Archers I think it's fine if trajectory is a general skill, not many classes have access to heavy ranged weapons or are trying to go for being an exclusive ranged attacker so they can't justify using a skill slot for trajectory as easily, but I feel it's still important to give them the option because of how generally useful it is, rogues have bullseye but it's probably more useful in combination with sidearms. The main reason archers have art of war is that many have felt that the class is a bit dry, warriors have a large weapon selection and can be a discount tank, raw dps or light skirmisher but archers are a lot more specialized, disabling skills are what you'd commonly expect from an archer in games, so it kinda fits. I'm no historian, but they say good bowmen were often paid better than your regular man-at-arms and was hardly an exclusive job for the unwashed masses, especially if we look outside of medieval europe, after all, the samurai were skilled archers first and foremost, and then everything else. The finisher is there because even though an archer could equip a dagger, there would be little reason to besides spending less RT to use your weapon than you normally would and having access to different finishers, it's there for the sole purpose of making that weapon combo more tempting. Cudgels They're available to all classes that can use magic, so it's just a side effect of more classes being able to, warriors can't use magic so they're limited to only the quarterstaff sidegrade. On that note, those transferable weapons are just supposed to mean it's something you wouldn't normally learn as that class, they probably wouldn't teach you how to swing a light sword on the berserker academy but if you picked it up somewhere else it can be put to use as a berserker, you won't be violating the rules and might get laughed at by your classmates only sometimes. Clerics I'd sooner make them a bit worse at other things if needed, healing is their primary role after all. Other Unfortunately, can't do anything about default skill sorting. About pumpkins, having to get 30 is a bit much so the plan is to have around 20-something from the campaign by the time you can get deneb so there's only a bit more to go, you will probably be able to get them in phorampa and other places for that last spurt, and there are other things phorampa will be good for. Can't do anything about titles at the moment, unfortunately. If Leonar ends up recruitable, it will probably be in chaos, neutral got enough candy now.
  10. Feedback and Suggestions

    Yeah, it has no effect, but instills already add 25% extra damage which is pretty substantial, and considering that they already boost your damage when using elemental weapons they do affect instills indirectly. If they also affected them directly, that would be double dipping.
  11. Feedback and Suggestions

    No, but you can look for the location of "Assassin's Dagger" in vanilla guides.
  12. Save Game

    Yeah, he probably has a more recent one.
  13. Save Game

    Sorry, don't have a current one and the the characters in the old ones have wrong stats.
  14. Feedback and Suggestions

    Yes, it's a bug with the game, the shaman class unlocks fully only by changing Sherri or Cerya into it, Olivya or Cistina won't work. Once you have changed either of those two into it, you will see it in class list and it will level properly.
  15. Feedback and Suggestions

    No, it's after the Heim battles.
  16. Feedback and Suggestions

    Yes, it was never meant to drop in that place, now that I redid those battles it doesn't anymore. It was meant to be bought from Deneb's shop and that's where you could always find it.
  17. Feedback and Suggestions

    Already have a pretty long to-do list, and this change would be a double edged sword, trying to hit evasive enemies might become a bit too annoying on the player side and they already tend to have a speed, accuracy or mobility advantage over the heavy ones, they aren't meant to match their survivability too. If they aren't durable enough to function, it can be tweaked in other ways without introducing system wide changes. Because if you finally cornered that annoying archer you expect it to go down to your berserker without too much struggle.
  18. Feedback and Suggestions

    It's probably possible, but that's a major system change and likely not easy to do.
  19. Feedback and Suggestions

    Yes, I reverted some of the more radical changes to vanilla by popular demand. However, you can now use a generator sheet that spits out CWC codes that let you customize everyone to your liking, you can find the link to the generator in the readme or here in the first post.
  20. Feedback and Suggestions

    That map is now higher level than before and the npcs in the scene after krysaro will mention there's no hurry in doing it, just to give you a stronger hint that the map is optional and doing it can be postponed until the end of the chapter when your level is higher and you can have better gear. As casters are the biggest problem in that map, the easiest way to do it is gearing up a few warriors or knights for maximum magic resistance and going for nybbeth while the rest of the team keeps other units occupied, and by keeping occupied I don't mean exorcising them, as nybbeth will then just summon fresh ones close to him, which will make killing him harder for your strike team.
  21. Feedback and Suggestions

    Thanks, I do have an idea why that happened and it won't be hard to fix.
  22. Feedback and Suggestions

    Sure, might not be fully up to date but checking two patches worth of notes is still easier than everything https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1T7TupkvrKhnH0HtmU2O_-csqQuYQrjHf?usp=sharing
  23. With the release of Tactics Ogre remake for PSP, this game got a bit forgotten and it's no wonder, the new one looks better, plays smoother, feels more polished and has more content. Which is a good thing, of course, if all remakes outshined the original work, the world would be a much happier place, if nothing else but for the lack of disgruntled fans. Still, as the remake isn’t just an improved carbon copy of its predecessor, but a vastly different game in many aspects, there is a certain point in replaying this one, besides the obvious nostalgic factor. So, that’s what this is, a tiny side project for those that get a craving to replay it but aren’t quite as keen on revisiting some of its quirks, which were a bit hard to swallow even for year 1995. Q&A Patch Notes v0.1 Download link https://drive.google.com/file/d/16nuncI7ceyC11Q3so7BgEyHdaonLxKFs/view?usp=sharing
  24. Feedback and Suggestions

    Same as in vanilla game, the earliest where you can get one is from last story battle in barnicia castle, the grand staircase, it can drop from a female templar swordmaster but only from the level 17 enemy, if you're overleveled so so enemies are level 33+ it won't drop. You can also get it from 8th floor of hanging gardens, enraptured dreams, also from female templar swordmaster and also from lower level battle which is at 22, if you're over 34 in all classes so you can't trigger the low level battle anymore it can't be obtained at all. I'll change it eventually and there will be more places you can get it from regardless of your level.
  25. Feedback and Suggestions

    Yeah, but doing it with skills is a bit iffy and it's a ton of work.