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  1. Sure, since there are more elemental weapons now I could split them into two groups so some of them follow the usual pattern and some are sidegrades. Elemental weapons from the first crafting book can randomly spawn on enemies but enchiridion weapons and above can't (unless set manually), usable abilities are encountered only on weapons that can't be crafted and the highest required level for any piece of gear is 40.

    Yes, only robes have an augment, that way classes that can use robes and other armor types have to choose between offense and protection. Elemental gear is pretty strong so it's a nice upgrade over normal gear and you don't need to hunt it all around the place anymore, you can craft it all except jyigla and thanatos with secrets of the master.

    It's the way jewelry works, the resistance values double as a damage bonus. That's why chokers in vanilla are so broken, besides augment you get 40% increased damage of your element, another 10% vs all races (which the char screen doesn't show) and 3% blunt/crash/pierce, that's pretty much extra two tiers of strengthen/spellcraft. I've updated the damage calculator in the first post recently so you can check that out.


  2. Quicken is one of those buffs that's tied to the RT clock so it can't be specifically limited to a number of turns, I can reduce its duration further but I'd rather increase the TP cost and keep the ability impactful, if I increased the RT cost much to offset the speedup it might go against the theme of the ability, it's supposed to hasten you after all. It's probably good that white knights are powerful in undead battles, makes a bit of sense so I'll just leave it like this and let them have their fun for now, I've had it up to here with 'white knights suck' anyway :)

    I could just remove the RT cost of dances instead, it would do the same thing. Dunno if I should, their abilities are pretty cheap already and have either better effect or more aoe than spells that do the same thing to compensate for limited range.


  3. 14 hours ago, Valenhil said:

    Yes, it's intended.

    Anyway Raics, my crafting chances just fixed themselves back to 100% from 90-96% somehow. And as mentioned, it was not just visual, I did fail a couple times. I've been going through some of the sidegrades, and doesn't the cloth armor sidegrade completely eclipse regular light armor?

    I'm wondering, how were draconic damage spells calculated again? Sherri nearly always does less damage with Terra than with Cragfall II, but Denam does three to five times more with Aura than with Spiritsurge.

    It's intended indeed, some wanted a playable templar so we'll just say Rudlum used it as a disguise to move around easier, makes a bit of sense. I'll have Denam comment on that so it doesn't seem as random.

    Crafting chances increase a bit over the course of he game, not sure of the exact formula but it might depend on the amount of recipe books you acquired, hard to say. Yeah, cloth sidegrade has better bonuses but lower def and resists, it's better overall but fewer classes can use it so it doesn't directly compete most of the time, I'll probably remove the duelist bonus versus some races or nerf it a bit in other ways but not by much.

    Draconic spell descriptions mention they're attacks, so they use your str/dex (more dex than str) instead of int/mnd and add weapon ATK on top of their spell ATK, so it's expected that a lord or princess would do more damage with them than a warlock or wicce.

    @Riko Sure, it's just that it's harder to say which racial templates the game uses for wraiths so I haven't done it yet, once I dump the battle data I'll know.


  4. Tarator Soup

    One of the favorite summer meals in south-east Europe and middle East, this cold soup is both savory and refreshing.


    • 2 large cucumbers
    • yogurt, around 0,4l but it can be less or more, depending on consistency which kind you got, ideally greek variety but you can also dilute sour cream in which case you should use less
    • some milk (optional), diluting the soup with water is more common but milk makes it more creamy, depends what you like
    • some dill (a small handful, more if you like it or less if you don't)
    • 3-4 cloves of garlic
    • some oil, preferably olive, a tablespoon or two
    • salt, pepper


    1. Finely dice the cucumbers

    or buzz them for a bit in the food processor, some use a grater but that can alter the soup consistency too much. Mince in the garlic cloves and finely chop the dill, add salt and pepper.



    2. Dilute the yogurt

    to the consistency where it's almost drinkable but don't make it too watery as there can be a lot of water in the cucumbers (unless you drained them) and add the oil, you can use a whisk or a hand mixer if you're going with thick sour cream, add the oil.



    2. Mix it all together

    and check if it's too thick, adjust a bit more if needed. If your ingredients weren't already cold refrigerate the soup or add some ice (make it thicker in that case). You can add some croutons or roasted chickpeas.



  5. 2 hours ago, Valenhil said:

    The crafting chance failure is back, is that intended?

    If it says 95-97% it's only early on, I think it's only visual and can't fail anyway or at least I never saw it myself or had any report that it does, it says 100% later. It can be lower and actually fail if the game was loaded from a saved state after patching and then hard saved, that messes up the file in some ways including crafting chances.


  6. 31 minutes ago, Valenhil said:

    Didn't get the scene to continue the Cressida questline. So I can't evacuate Oelias? There's no way I can finish that before she dies.

    Yeah, you can't, if you evacuate her and hobyrim in chaos route they aren't present to trigger their after battle dialogue. That's what the blessing stone upgrade is for, you raise a unit by evacuating the user (which is why denam can't use them since last patch).


  7. Ozma's is still there but it didn't feel as fitting for Oz, he's a bit more about brawn but I have no strong convictions about that so I could give it back.

    The gap is larger because bows have two weapons less in the baldur-damasc range, I could fix that but can't do anything about the exp curve yet. I's still considerably less grinding than in snes version or FFT, have you been just going for the leader, maybe, or had a lot of evacs? My no knockdown full clear playthrough is at ch4 start and they're level 16-17 without grinding to enemy's 15, the only class I've doubled up is the cleric. If the game rewards you with no grinding for tight play I'd call that a good thing.


  8. That's because of lamias, they're also reptilians and they have access to wizard class, when I get to tweaking class accessibility I'll sort some of those out. The alternative is removing racial skills altogether and this is probably the lesser evil, also gives humanoid and monster classes a nice selling point as you can make them into manhunters/maneaters.

    Didn't expect the game not to have the terror knight sprite loaded at that point, when it does it works fine as you can see below, I'll have to check what can be done about it.




  9. 3 hours ago, Darius87 said:

    I think you shouldn't take out the -ology skills. This game is all about to specialize units and those skills are part of that. I have a hammer user specialized in golems and lizards, a dragoon for dragons and beasts, a light magic user for umbras, an archer for fairies and so on...

    If you take them out we will lose a part of the customization.

    I'll test it out and see what the feedback looks like. I respect attempts at role playing, but the issue is that for most players it isn't customization, it boils down to slap anatomy on, watch it rank up and become ridiculously effective against most enemies, never consider anything else.


  10. 4 hours ago, ZaruenVoresu said:

    You are a god Sir!

    I thought I was good when I created a custom save file with all uniques and their default base stats (but powered up because you had 50 characters so leveling them all would take forever...) (it did end up with some characters being godly (Lans Tartaros)

    But with your mod, I am only wondering if I would still be able to use codes in the same way on the original version or has all the data been altered so that using the same codes would now cause unknown effects.

    I've been careful not to move anything for that very reason so most, if not all codes will work.


  11. 8 hours ago, Rafos1314 said:

    I am using the 0.90 (non a)! Though I had the latest one, are the 0.90 and 0.90a savegame compatible without too much issues arising?

    Glad to see the recruitment skills aren't forgoten (also the books!), looking forward to the future. I feel gathering some equipement without recruiting makes the game very grindy

    On the patriarch I was regretting his loss on access on high tier stuff (T2 sumons and forbidden magic/apocryphia), but then again in vanilla I barely used forbidden magic (MP costs were prohibitive), so I mostly use him to spam stop, rattle for tp reset and the slow+leaden aoe. I understand its a fair tradeoff from mages because they have support spells and parry (too bad they can't get deflect though).

    Thank you for your time and efforts.

    Sure, just update it properly and there should be zero issues, you can even update from vanilla to the mod and the save will still work, special units will just have higher stats and everyone will have different gear equipped because it moved around.


  12. 7 minutes ago, Icemephit said:

    So if I understand you right, in order to add a weapon type to a particular class I need to go to every entry of every weapon of said type and mark them as belonging to said classes set? If that's the case would you remember offhand the address where crossbows start? (assuming they are all together that it)

    I can look it up later, all of them are together except for the cursed one. To make them available to a class you need to see in which one of those five entries is the class and which is the number you should add, for instance, white knight is in field 5 and you should add 4 to it to enable the item, for a shaman it would be 8.


  13. 3 hours ago, Icemephit said:

    Thanks for the info before, I've always liked my generic units to be borderline with unique ones and the rt change let me do that. Out of curiosity, if I wanted to change what weapons a class had access to what would I need to change? I'm guessing it's ether in the class data itself or attached to each weapon?

    Right, the RT advantage is almost cosmetic in the mod with 6 being the most a unique can have over a generic, with ~150 on the counter every turn once the battle starts and some classes getting close to 200 it isn't really a significant factor but it's probably worth tinkering with if you want to level the field even more. As for the weapon accessibility the game does both, every class has a number for the equipment set it uses (some sets are shared) and every item has five entries with 8 sets each that mark which ones it belongs to.


    1 hour ago, Rafos1314 said:

    Still wish poison cloud was removed from the game as it feels like a cheap trap the AI can't stop falling into.

    On the removal of -ology skills, while I understand as a player you will always level anatomy (because the campaign and most battles are fought against humans) and they make an big difference in damage once they are leveled, I'm worried how the removal of said skills will affect recruitment, as having a high anatomy or whatever skill makes recruitment easy/possible from some units, and for some parts of the game recruitment is the viable way to get gear upgrades. If the recruitment is tinkered I think, at least for me, that it won't be a terrible thing.

    I also found some rogue traps would crash my game (the MP recovery one didn't, but the air damage+charm did crash my game, it was on a bad weather and a dragon steped on it, don't know if this is helpful), so I've been avoiding the offensive ones, but the support ones are good.

    I love how the non humanoid classes have a more specific role, though I found the limitation on summon tier 2 spells to be odd to say the least (maybe its my love for patriarch spellcasters clouding my judgment)

    I gave it some damage up front for the next patch, that will probably deter the AI from casting it so much as it does less than aoe spells.

    The removal of racial skills means I can do some tweaks to the recruitments, for one the skill will show its actual range because racials gave it a miniscule chance to work outside of it. Books will provide a +2 bonus which means they will have visibly extended range and higher chance to work, and I also removed the limitation of one recruitment skill per character, so you can have a mediator of sorts with every one of them if you wish.

    Which version are you using? The trap crash should have been fixed in 0.90a.

    The only thing a patriarch can't do is healing, they're a jack of all trades among casters and can even take a few hits so the tradeoff was lack of access to top tier stuff.


  14. Thanks for the feedback, there's a lot of people that love this game and thought of modding it but the process is kinda awkward without any tools, maybe one day we will have some available. I've included a fair bit of the changes based on community feedback but it's ultimately done according to the way I think the game should work, it shouldn't be hard to tweak to your liking but you should obviously wait for some kind of a finished version as things are prone to changing, items and skills shifting places would especially make it tricky to keep up.

    About the feedback, it probably isn't possible to give magic a smooth powerup curve, weapons come in many tiers and magic typically has four or even just two, that meant it powers up in rather large steps and tends to flag a bit right before the next upgrade. That can be fixed by having only one spell of each kind and scaling it by stats alone but that eliminates the RT control and simplifies the mana management aspect that make mages more interesting than other ranged attackers. That said, compared to archers, mages are probably having more consistent damage output and are a natural counter to beasts which are fairly vulnerable to spells and don't TP from getting hit by them like normal attacks, if we add their other tricks it's kinda hard to directly compare mages to other classes. The game also uses a damage formula that makes it really sensitive to tampering with stats, in several previous patches magic resistance was just a notch lower and it made mages disgustingly oppressive.

    It's true that some classes lack a fallback action, but in this game it isn't a serious drawback because it doesn't tempt you into wasting RT on unnecessary actions, so a berserker or a dragoon are classes that are very focused on doing their thing as opposed to those like spellblades or warlocks that can always find something to do. The damage scaling is probably a bit off currently because VIT is too high, I'm trying some things with it to release in a minor patch this week and if it all falls into place it should make berserker more effective indirectly.

    I'll likely get rid of racial skills altogether, even if they level easier you'd just never use anything other than anatomy because of the enemy composition and that can't really be fixed without turning this into monster tactics, there are way too many racial types in the game and the rank system means they can't function even as a situational equip because you have to invest hard into a possibility to maybe use it sometimes, and that never worked out in any game. It doesn't really add anything to the game and will also solve a few other minor problems so it should be a good thing in the long run.

    I'f you'd like to chat a bit about the game you can join the discord too


  15. 2 hours ago, Icemephit said:

    Could you by any chance point me to the hex address of the generic base stats in the 03E8.bin file? I wanted to try tweaking a few things (namely playing around with base RT a bit) but I'm finding myself a little lost.

    Sure, generics start at c59aa and the race template table is 64 fields wide, on that address and the following one is the base HP amount, then you got the base MP amount, then growth for HP and growth for MP. After that you have the eight main stats in their usual order, first the base amount and then growth for each one, and after that is RT. All generic races have four templates and are listed in this order, human male, human female, hawkman, lizardman, lamia, orc, skeleton male, skeleton female, ghost male, ghost female, faerie, gremlin, pumpkinhead, dragon, hydra, gryphon, cockatrice, octopus, cyclops, golem. All unique and named characters have separate racial table entries.


  16. Borderlands Yogurt

    An obscure drink found in (to my knowledge) only a tiny and sparsely populated region in Central Balkans, it is rarely made today because of very involved preparation process so to find the recipe you have to find an old granny that still remembers it because it's unlikely she passed it onto her daughters and granddaughters. The original recipe came from my great-grandmother but it was never passed on fully so I had to reconstruct it from fragments, however, we won't use that here because it's way too time consuming, we will cheat a bit to make the process more suited for today's style of living but the taste is 95% identical.


    • 1/2 of a large cup (0,33l) of coarse white maize flour (might be real easy or real hard to find, depends where you live)
    • 2 large cups of water
    • 1,5l of whole full fat milk (even better raw milk if you can get it)
    • two table spoons of active yogurt (preferably kefir as the taste is similar)

    1. Dilute the flour

    in two cups of water and leave it covered overnight.



    2. Cook the mixture

    until it thickens into a porridge of sorts, roughly 15 minutes, it burns easily so stir vigorously.



    3. Add milk

    but very, very slowly. As it's likely cold and the mixture is hot it will clump instantly, stir hard and add it in a small trickle at first. Once it has cooled down a bit you can pour faster, add about half of the milk.


    4. Heat it up again

    until it boils, with an occasional stir. Add the remaining milk and bring it to a boil again.


    5. Wait until it cools down

    to a bit above your body temperature and the skin forms on top, it can't be too hot or the bacteria will die. Stir the yogurt in but be careful not to disturb the skin too much or it will partially dissolve and you may get lumps in the drink which might be unpleasant. In the original recipe you'd wait a few days until it sours naturally or use the leftovers from last time, there's no need to wait if you got a readily obtainable starter culture.


    6. Cover with a clean cloth

    and let it sit for around 12h, depending on room temperature, until it thickens almost to a sour cream consistency. Carefully remove the skin on top and discard or eat it, then dilute it with a bit of water or milk until it can be drank but it should stay fairly thick, then bottle and refrigerate. If it thickens just dilute it again, it's a self-propagating drink of sorts.



  17. The mod was meant to make the vanilla game more interesting while keeping it accessible to newcomers so this isn't really a difficulty mod even though it is somewhat harder. Those videos are typically made by people with hundreds of hours in vanilla and modded game so something would be wrong if they had much trouble with it.


  18. 3 hours ago, The Ancardia Codex said:

    There is a bug with spellbooks. The recruit skill that it gives doesnt work, no matter what it's always 0%. For comparison, I took the appropriate recruit skill as an actual skill and tried both that and the item version. The skill worked fine, the spellbook didnt.

    Right you are, most likely it's because the skill level is considered to be 0 when used from an item. It isn't a problem for most other skills because they still have some chance to work or some range even if their level is zero but recruit skills are based on a non-standard formula that's hardcoded into the effect (the chance to hit field lists 100%) instead of called from the formula list so there isn't much I can do about that at the moment, regretfully.


  19. Buff and status spell cost is standardized currently so I probably won't reduce it but it might become multi target. Hover is a pretty decent status, though, you're getting movement over all surfaces and +1 jump.

    Shutdown status effects are so powerful it borders on abuse and statuses are much more common in the mod, due to the way spell accuracy scales they tend to become more accurate in late game so the opportunity cost for using them is lower too. Therefore, status removal had to become more accessible too, and for everyone or it wouldn't be fair, it's good if status effects are situational now because I've seen a full field of bewitched units fighting one another or deep in sleep nobody can wake them up from.


  20. Seafood Moussaka

    - 5-6 big cloves of garlic
    - Some parsley, basil or origano, anything you’re used to seeing on seafood.
    - A bit of salt and pepper.
    - Some olive oil preferably, but nothing wrong with using another kind.
    - (optional) A bit of lemon peel, if you like it.
    - 6-7-8 large potatoes, depends on how big your pan is.
    - A few fillets of any kind of saltwater fish, hake, mackerel or whatever you can get, you can also use shrimps or squid, anything you find in the freezer really, it only affects cooking time
    - (optional) A cup of white rice or any kind that cooks fast (I just like rice in this, not a must).
    - An onion.
    - (optional) An egg and some sour cream

    1. Wash the rice

    As it says, wash the rice and leave it a bit to soak, you probably want to use the long grain rice, but any kind really works, skip if you don’t want to use rice.

    2. Prepare the sauce

    Finely chop the garlic or use a press, add herb(s) of choice, salt, pepper, lemon peel, olive oil and set aside.

    3. Boil the potatoes

    until you can stick a toothpick or a fork in them somewhat easily. You ideally don’t want to cook them fully so they don’t fall apart while cutting and they finish the cooking in the oven anyway, but it’s no disaster if you do overcook them a bit, just use a sharper knife later on.

    4. Cut the onion

    into thin slices or rings.

    5. Peel the potatoes and cut them

    into thick slices, oil the pan a bit and cover the bottom with half the potatoes.

    6. Drain the rice

    and spread it over the bottom potato layer along with half the onion, then sprinkle everything with half of the sauce.

    7. Spread the seafood

    and the rest of the onions, use the rest of the sauce to season the fish chunks.

    8. Cover everything

    with the second layer of potatoes and sprinkle with half the glass of water, milk or yogurt. Usually you would beat up an egg, add some sour cream to it and spread over the whole thing  but you don’t really have to if it’s too much of a hassle.

    9. Bake

    on 180°C (360°F) for around 20-30 minutes depending on what kind of seafood you used (and was it frozen or not). Fish halves will take longer than fillets and shrimps will take less to cook.


  21. quesadilla.png


    The running stereotype about gaming enthusiasts is they aren't really putting much thought to eating healthy, surviving mostly on undisclosed amounts of cheetos, takeout pizza and cola, which firmly sorts them into either bone thin or morbidly obese category. That, of course, isn't true any more than it is, and with the rising price as well as declining food quality most gaming communities are sure to have their share of food enthusiasts or urban survival experts, capable of twisting a garden hose and a pair of moldy socks into an edible, if not tasty meal.

    With accessibility to broad public in mind, it's preferable if the recipes in this thread are simple or cheap and having some pics or, even better, a video, would be more likely to get someone interested into trying your recipe but none of that is a must, post whatever you want to share but it's best if you restrict it to something you made personally or at least saw done. I'll post some recipes I had in another forum and link whatever anyone submits in the first post just in case it catches on and browsing hundreds upon hundreds of submissions becomes cumbersome.

    Seafood Moussaka

    Borderlands Yogurt

    Tarator Soup