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  1. 5 hours ago, nvekmauvia said:

    Regarding the inverted Elemental Aversions, do you have any pointers on how I could change that back to the originals?

    It would be best to make a CWC code, that way it will still work when I update. There's quite a few addresses to change and they're all over the place so it might take a while, I'll see what can be done.


  2. 1 hour ago, Zanmato said:

    I'd like to say that you are doing an awesome work with the game and i'm having tons of fun replaying it.

    I also would like to ask you if is it possible to give Hobyrim access to some special classes, especially Knight Commander?

    I want to give him access to this class and maybe other, since its a shame he doesn't have his own special class.

    I'd appreciate if you could send me the codes or maybe show me how can i do it. 

    Sure, I'll send you a pm with the KC code later.


  3. 1 hour ago, mercy said:

    Destroyable objects are Über-stupid however: 15HP barrel takes 1-2HP hits from weapons and Sparksphere does the same.

    There's a workaround of sorts, Warrior has a Squash skill that can instantly destroy any object on the battlefield, once you learn it you can use it with most strength-aligned melee classes.

    Not many people request it because very few treasures are worth the effort, buffing them is a low priority goal because they're most likely a part of battle data and that's all over the place, but it should eventually happen.


  4. On 11/21/2018 at 2:26 AM, mercy said:

    How can you find treasure in this MOD? I walked over the 3 treasure tiles in Tanmas Hill, (3 pits) and nothing happens. My characters don't find any treasure.    :-o  ????

    I assume you tried to do it in training, if a guide lists the items that can be picked up during the story battle that's when you should do it.


  5. 5 hours ago, GamingFiend said:

    Dumb question, I have not played the original and have no idea if I patched it correctly, I followed the readme instructions. How do I know if I am playing the patched version of the game at the start?

    It's a fairly common question, the two things to look out for is Lanselot having golden armor at the start of the game and the other is being able to buy 1h/2h katana in shops, that means two main files patched correctly.


  6. 17 hours ago, Oblivão said:

    "If the program reports ‘cannot open the specified PPF file’, that means there’s a size mismach between your ISO and the correct one. If the size difference is small, load your ISO in UMDGen, hit ‘Save’, pick ‘uncompressed (*.iso)’, wait for it to get rebuilt, then load the new one and try again. "

    Had to do the added step.

    Why did you change the patching method? Also, can we apply upcoming patches on already modded ISOs?

    Update's really good btw.

    It's probably a better choice to use the patching method from moddb, you can use it on any iso version and it's perfectly fine to update an already patched one. With the patch I'm uploading here you need to keep a vanilla backup in proper size.


  7. 49 minutes ago, Yarott said:

    I must ask, what is the overall plan and details for splitting up Familiar from being homogeneous to being theit own thing per the three races that can use it? I am very curious about that aspect after reading that post.

    Overall, we have a class with enough skills and item/spell access for three separate classes and it's easy enough to see which should go to fairies, which to gremlins and which ones to punkins. Since it isn't one class that can do everything anymore they will be able to get a bit more specialized and stronger at what they do, haven't outlined it fully yet but the faerie class would be light aligned with some ranged weapon options, gremlin would be a dark melee and pumpkin a neutral heavy melee.


  8. 3 hours ago, megatenhero said:

    Can anyone answer this last post?

    Right, sorry, that part is somewhat offset by weight, if you make your clerics tanky so they aren't attacked much they will get slower. Getting greedy and going for enemy clerics can expose your ranged units and/or flankers or disrupt the frontline, they don't go down too easily either.


  9. Right, I haven't been working on familiar much because the class should eventually get split into three, one for each race that has access to it, but that requires some major shifts from other classes I can't do before I have all battle data or we might end up seeing some real weird shit. So, it has the basic functionality but hasn't exactly been finetuned, currently it's a supporter with piddly stats which is mitigated by access to a ton of special skills and being a fairly attractive target gives it the TP to use them, we'll see what it ends up like. Most skills like pumpkin strike or vartan's windshot are affected by your attack damage, with a few exceptions like angel knight's Requiem which deals spell damage, so using a high ATK weapon will help but raising your weapon skill won't help a general skill (applies only to finishers, including finisher-like skills that necromancer and fuslier get).

    Yeah, you really need a lot of mnd to raise the heal amount so it's better to just go for speed or durability. Myself, I like to take to the quote that a medic can never allow himself to be taken out because who will heal the injured then.


  10. Everything you can remove with Intimidate is a readied skill. Other effects can also remove Evade or Intercession, the way I think they did it is designating some effects as magical, so healing or buff spells will remove intercession, and everything else counts as physical so items will remove evade.

    There will be some indirect changes to TK in 92c, minor debuffs will get more accurate in general, which will benefit him, and some skills you typically spam every turn with heavy units will cost less RT (like aegis, clones or fearful impact) so they will indirectly get a bit faster. Their magic is there just so they have something to do in the situations where they can't reach the enemy, their RT cost is low so you aren't slowing yourself down much even if you took a shot with low odds, you aren't supposed to use it over their melee attacks in general case scenario. On the other hand, status magic on real mages has to be accurate because it competes with the option of just going for straight damage.


  11. There would be a way to let him create a clone and blow it up in the same round, but that would make him a bit too good, TK doesn't have the raw damage output of some lighter classes but he outdamages a fair few and is fairly tanky. His main shtick is probably being a counterpart to his holier cousin, the knight removes statuses and he causes them, knight blocks movement and he clears a path, knight equips himself defensively and he's offensive. That's less of a role than a running theme bit it gives him enough identity and I'm not hearing he's underpowered often, I'd really need more feedback like that before I do something drastic to him. The dragon slayer sword is dreadfully heavy and also costs a ton of RT to use, I'd be very surprised if he could keep up with a ninja with that equipped.

    The thing about buccaneer is just one readied skill (ones that give you a star above) overwriting another, that's normal, you can have only one active.


  12. 4 hours ago, Onelovekr said:

    Hey raics, I have a level 33 terror knight and wondering if you have any tips how to get the best out of this class? I'm struggling to find a use for it, it seems physically weaker than other heavy classes and its spell selection is nothing special either. What is it supposed to excel in?

    Mass applying fear and busting up shadow clones, mostly, his spells aren't too powerful but drain life and tp can be very useful. He also has a guaranteed hit skill so you get a 100% stun with maces and you can use those heavy sidegrade 2h swords with accuracy penalty.


  13. So far the recipe locations haven't changed, I'll be sure to note it if they do but it will most likely just be changed to a guaranteed drop. Haven't found a good reason to relocate them so far but maybe I'll switch them around so you get enchiridions in the temples and the palace but get the other recipes in phorampa and graveyard, as those dungeons are shorter and available earlier so it makes sense to find lower level recipes, not higher.

    Good to hear you're enjoying it so far, if you got any comments, requests or suggestions feel free to post them here.


  14. The main problem with scaling set too low are the skills, basically every battle has two templates, one normal battle that doesn't scale and the high level battle where you broke the threshold. So, if the scaled battle activated right away enemies would have high level weapon skills and augments which would make early battles extremely challenging. There's also an issue with jewelry, as the game doesn't assign it automatically.

    I will likely reduce it to 5 levels, as long as you use a varied team it's hard to go over that.


  15. 5 hours ago, Onelovekr said:

    hey raics, i used feyrn bolus on a friendly unit that had "stop" status, it says 0% success but it worked. Is it supposed to say 100% instead?

    It should, it isn't shown because it's an ability with three effects where the last one works and the first two don't and they staggered the effects so it shows the percentage only for the first one. I can fix it by just separating them, I'll do it for the next minor patch.


  16. Passives would work fine, and actives only if the animation is compatible with the human sprite, they usually are so it would most likely be fine.

    Turning an npc class into one that the player can use or creating a new one is hard because there's a limited number of slots where the game stores how much experience and level does a class have, so they wouldn't be able to level up.