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  1. This was taken from insanedifficulty.com: Chest 13: Flower If you enter the bottom right trunk pipe in the area with 7 trunk pipes, then walk to the bottom corner of the cave, the chest is there in the very middle of the lightened circle near that bottom corner. I found that area mentioned, but there was no hidden chest there. What does the info refer to? Edit: It was there. Apparently that trunk send me to a different kind of cave, instead of the normal one.
  2. Uses of Schala Ring

    I thought after the limit, I had to fight Magus and Schala just to get the ring again.
  3. Uses of Schala Ring

    Can I regain it? Or is that the limit?
  4. I did get the Schala's Ring, but how many times can I use it? Last time, I used it about 10 times and vanished.
  5. I did find the first 3 pokemon, but there are more to find. I looked in the Insane Difficulty for additional info, but some threads crash. Can someone tell me where the pokemon are?
  6. 2 bothering things

    Thanks. Also your idea is much better than mine, but it's still defeated.
  7. 2 bothering things

    I wanted to defeat Amayzee Dayzee, as it's the only enemy that gives an item that raises FP.
  8. First is Amayzee Dayzee. I am strong enough to fight it, but it recovers health, after my attack against it. I can use a Poison Mushroom for an extra advantage, but I'm not sure. Second is about the Dragon Claw. While it's in the Sea or Sunken Ship areas, I had no luck. I kept finding it and nothing. Where is it?
  9. Version 8 errors

    No. What I meant is that the game won't let me reach Ultima Weapon later. It won't let me jump on the boo.
  10. When I went to the Booster Tower at the top, I reached the part where Valentina and Booster had a conversation. Sure, Valentina didn't move and the Snifit's GFX were all screwed up, but Mallow decided to fight her. I had these items equipped: Iron Duke, Crystal Mail and Wake Up Pin. I also had 4 kerocola - 3 and 4 hyper m guards. Even so, she showed no sign of defeat. How strong is she?
  11. Version 8 errors

    One more thing before I close this thread. At the beginning, when I reached Kero Sewers, I was able to jump on a boo, in order to reach the pipe that leads to Ultima Weapon, but later I try the same thing and nothing happens. Is there a way to fix this or am I screwed?
  12. Version 8 errors

    Thanks. That did the trick!
  13. Hey there. I've been playing the game on easy legit this time, instead of using the editor for better gameplay. I did notice a few errors. I'm not counting the bug where the red star is still in Barrel Volcano after revisiting the area. I did find 2 other bugs that disturbed me. 1. After Mario saved Princess Peach from Booster, exit the cathedral and then take the exit to the left, a few characters started talking. When Geno starts talking and say Yes, his graphics get garbled up, but only at that moment. 2. It's about the Hyper Mighty Guard. I wen to Marrymore and bought a Life Shroom Shake x3 and fought a Don Tonberry for a Healing Spring. After obtaining those 2 times, I went to Rikku in Seaside Town to mix the 2 items. Naturally, I got nothing. I thought: maybe the life shroom shake x3 from Don Tonberry. So, I fought it a few times and got the item and then fought it again for the healing spring. After obtaining the 2 new items, I went to Seaside Town and talked to Rikku, She still said to me I didn't have enough items. What am I missing there? And can someone tell me the way to make a Chaos Grenade?