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  1. This was taken from insanedifficulty.com: Chest 13: Flower If you enter the bottom right trunk pipe in the area with 7 trunk pipes, then walk to the bottom corner of the cave, the chest is there in the very middle of the lightened circle near that bottom corner. I found that area mentioned, but there was no hidden chest there. What does the info refer to? Edit: It was there. Apparently that trunk send me to a different kind of cave, instead of the normal one.
  2. I thought after the limit, I had to fight Magus and Schala just to get the ring again.
  3. Can I regain it? Or is that the limit?
  4. I did get the Schala's Ring, but how many times can I use it? Last time, I used it about 10 times and vanished.
  5. I did find the first 3 pokemon, but there are more to find. I looked in the Insane Difficulty for additional info, but some threads crash. Can someone tell me where the pokemon are?
  6. Thanks. Also your idea is much better than mine, but it's still defeated.
  7. I wanted to defeat Amayzee Dayzee, as it's the only enemy that gives an item that raises FP.
  8. First is Amayzee Dayzee. I am strong enough to fight it, but it recovers health, after my attack against it. I can use a Poison Mushroom for an extra advantage, but I'm not sure. Second is about the Dragon Claw. While it's in the Sea or Sunken Ship areas, I had no luck. I kept finding it and nothing. Where is it?
  9. No. What I meant is that the game won't let me reach Ultima Weapon later. It won't let me jump on the boo.
  10. When I went to the Booster Tower at the top, I reached the part where Valentina and Booster had a conversation. Sure, Valentina didn't move and the Snifit's GFX were all screwed up, but Mallow decided to fight her. I had these items equipped: Iron Duke, Crystal Mail and Wake Up Pin. I also had 4 kerocola - 3 and 4 hyper m guards. Even so, she showed no sign of defeat. How strong is she?
  11. One more thing before I close this thread. At the beginning, when I reached Kero Sewers, I was able to jump on a boo, in order to reach the pipe that leads to Ultima Weapon, but later I try the same thing and nothing happens. Is there a way to fix this or am I screwed?
  12. Thanks. That did the trick!
  13. Hey there. I've been playing the game on easy legit this time, instead of using the editor for better gameplay. I did notice a few errors. I'm not counting the bug where the red star is still in Barrel Volcano after revisiting the area. I did find 2 other bugs that disturbed me. 1. After Mario saved Princess Peach from Booster, exit the cathedral and then take the exit to the left, a few characters started talking. When Geno starts talking and say Yes, his graphics get garbled up, but only at that moment. 2. It's about the Hyper Mighty Guard. I wen to Marrymore and bought a Life Shroom Shake x3 and fought a Don Tonberry for a Healing Spring. After obtaining those 2 times, I went to Rikku in Seaside Town to mix the 2 items. Naturally, I got nothing. I thought: maybe the life shroom shake x3 from Don Tonberry. So, I fought it a few times and got the item and then fought it again for the healing spring. After obtaining the 2 new items, I went to Seaside Town and talked to Rikku, She still said to me I didn't have enough items. What am I missing there? And can someone tell me the way to make a Chaos Grenade?