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Found 16 results

  1. Hi to all! Is there any special boss, event or location that triggers the double turns? I already managed to beat some superbosses like the General Guy, so the other ones are impossible with the single turn per character, how to activate it? I already ralked with Rosalina and there is nothing, i beated Smithy and General Guy and as i said there is still no signs of the double turn. All my characters are in rank 100 pls help.
  2. Hello, as the title states I cannot get the random encounter in the Punchinello room to trigger for the Tonberry Doll. Do I have to fight a certain boss first? I'd appreciate any knowledge on this, thx mates EDIT: I've tried speeding the game up in my emulator but it still never shows up, I'm sure I've put enough time into looking for it by now. I've tried the rooms next to the Punchinello room as well, no luck so far.
  3. So I downloaded Lunar IPS, TUSH, and Hakchi2, as well as got a ROM for SMRPG and the patch file for the content mode of v9. I followed the instructions of how to patch games onto my SNES Classic but all I get is a black screen. I downloaded snes9x to test and see if it would work there and all i get is a black screen with the text shown in the attached image. Can someone please help me figure this out.
  4. With even more fixes than Content Mode, we're now proud to release the "default" difficulty of v9: Normal Mode! Stay tuned for hard mode in the future... You can find Normal Mode in the Downloads section: Enjoy!
  5. After a month of testing, bugfixing, and feedback, we've decided to split version 9 into three difficulties: content, normal, and hard. Normal should also be available soon, and hard will come later. For now, however, you can download Content Mode in here: Enjoy!
  6. Here's my thoughts of the middle class difficulty of the final version of SMRPG Armageddon. I'm not a reviewer and I'm the worst at explaining things, so bare with me here. Let's start with what I think of all the areas. Bowser's Keep (start of the game): I like how the tutorial battle is now optional, and that you have to be consistent with both timing your attacks and your blocks to beat it. My only real concern was the fact that Bowser's fire is no longer as lethal as it was previously. Mario's Pad: Not much going on here, but Yoshi always saying his long text if he doesn't have anything to give you kinda bothers me. Mushroom Way: The Hammer Bros are WAYYYYY too easy. Although, I like that they are now 2 instead of 1 like in vanilla. Mushroom Kingdom: The Master's sprite really looks out of place. He already looked exatcly like he did in the game that he's from (paper mario) where he's flat, so making him 3d really didn't suit him. Ignoring that, I like the new sprite. Bandit's Way: Croco suffers from the same problem as the Hammer Bros, way too easy. Mushroom kingdom (raided): Fixing Mack skip was a good addition (not that I could ever perform it myself) and being rewarded 20 galaxy coins from helping all the citizens was also really nice. Kero Sewers: I always jump on all the boos to get outta there as fast as possible, so I can't really say anything about this place, sorry. Midas River: NO! Tadpole Pond: Being able to exchange normal coins for frog coins was a good addition. Rose Way: Why was Amazy Dayzee changed? WHY??? Rose Town: The galaxy coin in the shop is evil. Forest Maze: Bowyer killing you with arrow rain unless you block it is genius. Ice Cave: This place being blocked off at first is nice, I guess. Moleville: Not instantly being thrown into a minecart after jumping through the hole at the top was a comforting change. Booster Pass: One of the hidden chests here is almost impossible to find until you get the item hunter. Booster Tower: The shop being moved to the top which resulted in the apprentice fight being removed was sad. Why can't you fight him first and then after the fight make him open a shop? Booster Hill: I used to hate this place, until I learned that you can get galaxy coins here. Marrymore: Being able to farm silver apples by sleeping in the SUITE needs to be changed/removed. Star Hill: Why must Rosalina tease you with a hidden chest :l Seaside Town (pre-yaridovich): let's skip this place for now. Sea: I could be wrong, but I think Kyogre is already in its room from the start. Sunken Ship: This place can be a nightmare. Seaside Town (post-Yaridovich): As of writing this review, you can refight Yaridovich after losing to a Long Gui (Long Gui can be fought in Seaside Town after beating Smithy) Land's End: The new prize you get for getting a good time on the cliff scaling mini-game (or whatever it is you're doing) is much better than it was before. Monstro Town: I sure loved being able to walk into Magus' room and being hit by Dark Matter Bean Valley: @Darkkefka MOVE THE BEE IN THE SECOND SECTION OF PIPES! If anybody knows a way to not be ambushed by this fucking bee, please tell me how. Nimbus Land: Here's something that I both love AND hate about version 9 normal mode: I didn't need to be level 80 or above to even stand a chance against Birdo. (Here's an interesting fact about Birdo: In the manual for Super Mario Bros 2/USA, Birdo is stated to be a boy who thinks he is a girl. He wears a bow, is pink, throws eggs out of his mouth and is a love interest of Yoshi's, making them both gay. He also has a female voice in the Gameboy Advance version of Super Mario Bros 2) Barrel Volcano: This is something I CAN confirm and that IS NOT normal: Groudon is in his room from the start. You can't interact with him, but he's there. Bowser's Keep: I have mixed feelings about the quiz being removed. I was happy that I didn't have to go through it, but at the same time, it was one of the main ways to get tips on what to do after beating Smithy. I almost cried when I saw that it had been removed Gate/Factory: If the name of this place could be changed to Factory, that'd be wonderful! The teleporter that let's you go in and out of the place was the second best change that this hack has ever implemented (second only to increasing the level cap in version 7 and onwards). And then, the most badass thing I have ever seen happen in an SMRPG rom hack: Smithy stating how he's burning with infinite power, only to miss every single hit and being murdered by Rosalina. Now let's point out some changes from version 8 to version 9, and even some changes between vanilla and version 9 that I really love. Tonberries instead of dragons: Tonberries have never had elemental versions, but they really fit in perfectly here. And having to find a Tonberry standing somewhere in order to activate the hidden encounters can be very useful if you're not prepared for them yet. Mario saying buh-bye!: Being able to switch out Mario is actually a bigger change than you might think, it opens up so many possibilities for balancing. Before this change, Mario had to be one of the strongest characters, since there was no way to get rid of him. Specials being loked behind bosses and side-quests: In version 8 and below, you could get peach to level 80, and make everything between Star Hill and Barrel Volcano a joke, but now, all of the strong and OP specials are only available after beating certain superbosses and finishing certain side-quests, which can really alter the order of which you beat those superbosses. Defending being useful: In version 8 and below, and even vanilla, defending wasn't that much more than just a way to waste a turn. It cut your damage in half, which could be useful sometimes, but there was never a time where it was better than healing yourself or straight up boosting your defense. But now damage is decreased by A LOT when you defend, and some bosses require you to do so to survive their attacks. Knowledge of your damage: In version 8 and below, when you dealt A TON of damage, it would only display a value up to 9999, even if your attack did more damage than that. Now, we can see almost exactly how much damage we're dealing thanks to big numbers being shortened. Seing stat buffs and stat nerfs: The change Yakibomb introduced no too long ago at the time of this review let's you see an icon next to a character's face telling you what stat buff/debuff is on that character. This includes Auto-Life, Full Break, Attack up and Attack down. Now let's go through some balancing issues. This includes bosses that are too hard/easy (no boss is too hard) and equipment that are too powerful. Hammer Bros: The hammer Bros can be killed very fast and they don't deal much damage. Increase their health or damage dealt, preferably both. Croco: The first and second fights with Croco was unbelievably easy to beat. Give the poor bastard more health and make him stronger in the second fight. Ozma: If you survive his opening attack, you've pretty much won. He only has 4 lives (120K health) so he dies very fast with the right equipment. The problem is, you need that good equipment to survive his first attack, so unless you made it trhough his first attack with bad weapons, Ozma is a joke. Speed Bracer: This, along with the Lazy Shell and a Master Ball, is your reward for finding all the hidden chests in the game. It gives you 2 turns with no consequenses. Nerf its stats. Angel Tiara: The Angel Tiara is your prize for defeating Magus and Schala. It can only be equiped by Peach, significantly boosts stats, blocks against all status effects and gives you 2 turns. It is WAY too good, nerf its stats. Divine Pillar: This is your reward for beating Margaret in the Mushroom Kingdom. Compared to the Angel Tiara, the divine pillar is really bad, it gives no attack, only slightly better defenses and it doesn't grant 2 turns. However, it DOES protect you from status effects AND resists all elements, but if you can beat margaret, you can beat Xion (at least I could) so the Divine Pillar isn't very useful. Lazy Shell: The only boss this thing could be useful for, is Elizabeth, It boosts all your defenses to the max, but sends your attack stats to rock bottom. You might as well get everybody's armor of light and use that instead. Here's my biggest complain: Celebi and the Galaxy Star can be used once in every battle, this is also true for the FF Boss Rush, but NOT for the Pokémon trainer battles or Trial Mode. This makes the FF Boss Rush very easy to beat and it makes Trial Mode 10x harder. That's it for my review, hope you liked it!
  7. I can't apologize enough for the wait...nor the lack of my presence here. But rest assured that this project has been on my mind for the past 3 months or so. The long awaited version 9 is ready. I'm sure you know the basics by now.. but just in case you don't.... -This is NOT COMPATIBLE with any other version of this game. If you try to load a save file using any other version, it WILL glitch up like crazy, so DON'T do it. -If Toad says anything funny at the beginning, it means you patched the game with a version that not compatble with this one. The chances of this happening is slim, but it does happen. -The recommend program to play this is SNES 9x, but SNES Classic is also supported. Do NOT use ZSNES. Version 9 is a whole new ball game from version 8. I'd tell you the changes, but what fun will that be? This is a preliminary Normal mode. Hard mode will be released a little later after some reviews and such...and if anything needs to be fixed. If you happen to find any problems in the game, post them in the bug thread. Post videos/pictures here if needed. It's always possible something was missed. Thank you for your patience. Don't forget to thank Doom and Yakibomb while you're at it. Enjoy version 9 of Super Mario RPG Armegeddon! You can now find both Content Mode and Normal Mode in the Downloads section.
  8. I Bestow My Wish Unto You... Mushroom Soup is a full hack I am developing for Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. I'm trying to roll out eventually. So far, just need to make the battles. So far in the development of the project... I have been working under the hood, changing up the battle system. Please, take a look at this screen shot. This isn't a doctored screen shot. It's from the actual hack--And I'm quite proud of it! There new main additions to the game. They have all been implemented, unless explicitly stated otherwise. The Star Bits System: If you've played any of the Mario RPGs, you know about Flower Points, or FP. In this hack it's replaced with the SB system, or Star Bits. It works like FP in that it's used for Spells, but with a new rule: The player cannot gain any through items, at least it's not planned. To recover SB, the player must have timed an attack with some P-Gauge. What's P-Gauge? The P-Gauge System: In the above screen, you can see the P-Gauge under the character's HP. The purpose of the P-Gauge, or Power Gauge, is to "power up" the character as the battle goes on. The character can gain P-Gauge by 1a) attempting a physical attack on the opponent, 1b) timing the physical attack, 2a) being hit by the opponent, 2b) blocking a hit by the opponent. These work hand-in-hand with eachother, so by the attempt and the timing, you can gain up to +2 P-gauge per event! Each character is designated an Elemental Power--For example, the yellow Yoshi's power is Thunder, the blue Magikoopa's power is Ice, and the Toad's power is Heart, only trait left missing in the screen is Fire. The details on what they do are listed below. Thunder: 100% hit chance, refreshes "Fast" buff (two commands in one turn) Ice: Immune to ailments and criticals, refreshes "Shelled" buff (invulnerable to all damage/ailments for 1 taken hit) Heart: Current HP can go up to 150% MaxHP, refreshes "Regen" buff (heals the target at turn start one time) Fire: P-Gauge cannot be reset, refreshes "Charge" buff (deal 100% critical, or 150% damage, on next attack) To lose P-gauge, the character would need to wait two turns without gaining P-Gauge with one of the explained above methods. Some moves allow the player to "spend" the entirety of the P-Gauge for an ultimate move... this feature hasn't been developed yet, but will be in the future. With the Star Bits and P-Gauge combined, the player can recover more Star Bits the more P-Gauge they have. In this screen, you can see the buffs on the character's UI bar. (oh, Yoshi is defending by the way. Haven't made a frame for that yet) Here is the Yoshi attacking: I think that's all I want to show for now... Will keep this post updated!
  9. Roadmap for v9

    Hey guys, I know you've been waiting for a long time now. While I can't tell you "v9 will come out in a week", I can tell you what's left before it gets released. There's actually not much left to do! With that in mind, here's the roadmap: DK's currently going through to fix any issues caused by the Galaxy Star/Celebi changes. Long story short, those items can only be used once per battle now, and the way that's done affects every battle in the game internally. There's a few isolated QOL changes to be added, for example: Having an ingame character (Frogfucius?) give hints on where to go post-Smithy. Minor adjustments to the Smithy fight. Galaxy coin shop addition and adjustments. Adjusting the minigame in the Ice Caves. Add some sort of credits. Add a few surprises. After the above is finished, the game needs to be tested one last time. If nothing comes up from the above, v9 will then be released!
  10. When i get to this part and go down it softlock as you can see i can still press the buttons but mario wont move
  11. Question for Doomsday

    So are we ever going to get to play that v9 "beta" you got to test out Doomsday? I mean Dk's prolly dealing with life atm so no one really knows when or if the full v9 will ever be released. Best I got is the alpha that was originally posted on insane difficulty.
  12. This was taken from Chest 13: Flower If you enter the bottom right trunk pipe in the area with 7 trunk pipes, then walk to the bottom corner of the cave, the chest is there in the very middle of the lightened circle near that bottom corner. I found that area mentioned, but there was no hidden chest there. What does the info refer to? Edit: It was there. Apparently that trunk send me to a different kind of cave, instead of the normal one.
  13. Pokemon "Crits"

    Not sure if this is still a thing in v9 cuz I haven't played it much since the alpha was first released on ID but the pokemon random 9999's...can that like go away please XD? Doing a no celebi/schala ring, and no found illusion playthrough of v8 hardmode and having all 3 of my party members with full hp and stats up die to that 9999 stuff is just heartbreaking. Party wide or single target, it's just cheap as hell. Thought that's why instant death was in for and there's already gear that blocks it.
  14. I just started playing version 8.0C and had some questions regarding hidden chests. I played vanilla SMRGP dozens of times and recall a hidden missable chest in the castle of mushroom kingdom. I didn't find such a chest in this version of the game. My questions are these: Are there any permanently missable chests/ items/ equipment in v8? If that chest is no longer there, has it changed to another location/ have other hidden chests changed locations?
  15. There's no downloads for SMRPG-A here following what happened on ID, so I figured I'd post my download of the Version 9 beta here. 9 Beta - To keep with the rules of NG+, I have removed the .sfc rom file, the file now only contains the .ips patch and the emulators included with the original download. Now, I should say, this is the Version 9 BETA. It's not complete, and there are a ton of bugs and glitches within it. And a couple things are uncompletable. I don't have the exact full list of what is, but I'm sure someone else might. If they could post it, that would be a major help. Notes to Doomsday and DarkKefka: If you want me to delete this post for whatever reason, send me a message either here or on Discord and I'll do it. I'm only posting this here because there were no other version downloads here due to the issues that happened on ID.
  16. Version 3.8.2


    Edits all aspects of Super Mario RPG.