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  1. 1 hour ago, Windows X said:

    Re-balance jobs (maybe some stat improvements or downgrades) and job tree
    -I recommend trying to re-balance based on original concepts. Some classes may have unusually high or low for some reasons so try to make changes within the same level.

    Yeah, I'm not gonna go crazy on re-balancing the jobs, just a few tweaks to my liking.

    1 hour ago, Windows X said:

    Re-balance enemies (stats, equipment and abilities) -- this is to avoid playing it only in hyper-offensive teams rather than a mix or defensive teams.
    -I found re-balancing enemies is a bit hard to get it done right. I wouldn't recommend changing stats on enemies until you play with your mods for a long while.

    That's the plan. I'd like to have a game where diverse setup is better than sticking to one thing and one thing only.

    1 hour ago, Windows X said:

    Re-balance some of the equipment.
    -That's interesting concepts and I recommend to do with moderation. Check weapon stats carefully and make changes that won't break the game balance.

    Well I mostly want some early game ways to inflict status effects and such.

    1 hour ago, Windows X said:

    Spells will generally be faster as to avoid being not used for the majority of the game.
    -Spells are fast enough. There's a good reason why they have shorten cast time ability. Only the first level of spells are a bit too slow because CT 3 -> 2 won't be awesome so they raised to 4 instead. Reducing CT by 1 should fix it.

    Yeah that, I'll just see what I can do with the things I'm doing right now.

    1 hour ago, Windows X said:

    Make status spells GREAT AGAIN. (Aiming for 60-80% chances, need some insight on this)
    -60-80% is too high. It's almost like you'll mostly guaranteed to hit. I set Rend with 35-45% chance in my mod but they work like 90% chance of breaking gears during tutorial with PA bonus.

    This is before evasion mind you, so yeah, I think this would equate to 50-65% but not sure yet. For the most part I really want to make it hit, so I'll see what happens.

    1 hour ago, Windows X said:

    Get rid of/balance broken shit.
    -Agreed. Please remove Arithmetician spells.

    I don't like broken random things so yeah, I will remove it.

    1 hour ago, Windows X said:

    Cure 3 changed to Nirvana -- sends a poor forgotten soul to heaven (or hell whichever you choose). Damage enemies with holy light. (yeah forget the first part)
    -There's already Holy spell and strong enough to send some to heaven (or hell)

    This is mostly for early game.

    1 hour ago, Windows X said:

    Cure 4 changed to Mana -- giff me 30 mana for 10 mana.
    -Too broken and render Chakra/Ether useless. I wouldn't recommend that.

    Have second thoughts on this as well. But I'll test it out just for the heck of it.

    1 hour ago, Windows X said:

    Cure 2 changed to Sanctuary -- heal in a large area.
    -Large area heal and it'll heal your enemies too. Making it ally only would be too cheap.

    Yeah I'll take your word on this.

    1 hour ago, Windows X said:

    Removed Level 3/4 of black magic -- didn't make sense to have.
    -It does. There's halve MP and shorten cast time making some exceptional strong be more useful.

    I'm planing to have a compressed list rather than repetitive spells that just gives more AoE.

    1 hour ago, Windows X said:

    Fire 2 changed to Firestorm -- same range as explosion bigger AoE.
    -Bigger AoE means you'll have more chance to hit your ally too. Unlike TO:LUCT that have no CT, you'll find undesirable outcome sooner or later.

    I'll see what I can do about it after a few tests.

    1 hour ago, Windows X said:

    Bolt changed to Lightning -- single target spell that inflicts Don't move.
    Bolt 2 changed to Thunder -- small AoE spell that also inflicts Don't move.
    Ice changed to Frost -- small AoE spell that inflicts Don't Act.
    Ice 2 changed to Ice Raid -- medium AoE spell that also inflicts Don't Act. (need a simpler and more creative name for this)
    -Adding status effects with spells is interesting but that'll make Swordskills useless since its strength is being able to add status effects where spells can't.

    I'd like to see more choices. So try first before anything else.

    Thanks for the insight!


  2. For once in my life I want to see something finished by me (well except college, that's a different story). And I hope you guys can help me along the way.

    Here's the rough draft of what I'll be making with the game, hopefully more ideas will come my way:

    • Re-balance jobs (maybe some stat improvements or downgrades) and job tree
    • Re-balance enemies (stats, equipment and abilities) -- this is to avoid playing it only in hyper-offensive teams rather than a mix or defensive teams.
    • Re-balance some of the equipment.
    • Spells will generally be faster as to avoid being not used for the majority of the game.
    • Make status spells GREAT AGAIN. (Aiming for 60-80% chances, need some insight on this)
    • Get rid of/balance broken shit.
    • Make all encounters go on average level with your party. (I think I'll have bosses start with +5 levels or something, thoughts?)
    • Make NPC's controllable.
    • Implement a Exp/JP ASM hack if needed. Credits to Emmy of course.

      Rather than gaining Exp/JP per action you get it per battle.


    EDIT: for now this project is on hiatus, all my focus is currently on an RPG I am making


  3. 2 hours ago, Echoherb said:

    Final Fantasy T edition already went the "DLC" route, granted none of us english speakers can really play it since it hasn't been translated. And while I do think it's a good romhack, it definitely goes for quantity over quality at times.

    Huh? Really? Didn't know that. Wait you are talking about FFT right?


  4. 50 minutes ago, GamingFiend said:

    Lolathe lonely woman Cyan was sending flowers and letters to. She could thank Cyan for his attention by offering ONE character a Hp+200/Stam+6 boost. Almost everyone would benefit from the boost, it might especially be helpful for Strago to fuel his White Wind or to make Gau/Shadow tankier since they lack alternative methods of boosting HP.

    GunghoStrago's friend who was injured by Hidon. He could offer ONE character a Mp+100/Mag+6 boost which would especially benefit magic users who lack an MP boosting esper such as Locke or Mog or even a Vigor based Terra/Celes for MP crits and Holy/Flare procs. The player can decide where the boost would fit their play style best.

    Gau's Father, As a thank you for letting him know his son is alive after the cute sequence could offer ONE character a Vigor+5/Speed+5 boost which would could be used to further buff a physical dps character or give more dps to a tank such as a Terrato Sabin or Unicorn Terra.

    Rachel, Before departing from her brief resurrection can offer ONE character the Life 2 spell which allows the player to have 3 characters (Terra and Locke being the other 2) who can revive someone to full HP and would benefit pretty much anyone since it is not tied to any stat. A tanky Sabin or Cyan build may benefit most from access to this spell since they are likely to not be KOed and have opportunity to utilize it.

    The Queen Statue, Which in this mod is basically just "there" since Raiden is no longer an Esper could offer ONE character a choice of ONE of the level 2 elemental spells: Ice 2, Fire 2 OR Bolt 2. These spells could be used to round out someone's elemental coverage, such as giving Locke Ice 2, or providing a character with few elemental attack options like Setzer or Edgar a new magic attack option.

    Yes this does sound interesting. It is like a follow-up to the esper innate bonuses. Only this is powered by NPC's. Let's wait and see for BTB's reply on this though.

    Oh btw, Gungho is Jenkins right?


  5. 2 hours ago, artemi said:

    That's essentially what those dungeons were. The problem is thats more or less ALL they were; they were poorly put together afterthoughts that really took away more then they added, with really dumb gimmics added to each dragon to make it 'harder'. 

    Well like I said never played it.

    1 hour ago, seibaby said:

    I will maintain that, while the Dragon's Den was a shitty dungeon, the Soul Shrine, for all it's flimsy pretext, was a fun boss rush that brought something unique.

    I have it on record that BTB admits sequential fights are the most interesting fights in the game. So...

    Would like to see that BNW style.


  6. On 12/1/2017 at 6:10 PM, praetarius5018 said:

    There's a random chance that regular enemies get replaced on spawning.
    E.g. if I've placed a Molebear in a spot the game may randomly decide to give you a Poron or Myconoid instead.

    That patch adds some bosses to the potential replacements, only the small ones though; huge boss sprites kill the game obviously.
    They ARE scaled to the current area's level though.

    Ahh I see. Should have some text in the readme for that tho, the current one just doesn't describe the patch in detail.


  7. 1 hour ago, praetarius5018 said:

    I'm not saying that random stat growth is necessarily bad, just that there should be a limit as to how bad it can go.
    And an ATB based game gets hurt even more from this thanks to how powerful "more turns" via higher relative speed is.

    This is what I am dreading from random stats. But if it has no zero rolls then the problem could be avoided I think.