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  1. Suikoden 2 Bug Fixes

    Too bad some of the QoL bugs aren't there anymore, but eh...I'll live. Gonna try this out when I can.
  2. This also happened to me...idr what Sega said to me on how to fix this, this is basically a bad patch, but there is a fix in-game. @Sega Chief
  3. So I just need cover items on this, right? Is there anything else (special) on your setup? I'm gonna reproduce this when I get to that part.
  4. Oh, so that's what you meant.
  5. So basically steals are wonky, Cainen tested it out and found out that positioning of the enemy seems to be key. This bug involves you stealing from any enemy that has steals and when you successfully steal the item it just shows "Doesn't have anything!" but even after that failed steal Locke gets a free turn, which means you stole something. Cainen:
  6. FF6: Balls-to-the-walls New World LP

    Wow... I forgot to embed my latest one's.
  7. Edgar being killed by bugged meat... to replicate this sell all of the first bugged meat that you get from Narshe, don't buy any more meats, enter the battle with that and you'll have bugged dried meat that can't be used other than via Tools.
  8. Doubling down on this... if you sell all the bugged dried meats, at the start of the battle you'd get a %5 amount of the item but no more slim jims. Edit: well, every battle has different items to produce... hooray!
  9. I'll check this out later... this is kinda bad. Not EXTREMELY game breaking, but still, free items are hard to pass.
  10. The damage jank looks to me like its based on the slot the PC is in, the top 2 characters don't show any damage values after they're attacked. For now I'm gonna leave it here and edit this later after more tests. Edit: So I can confirm that its the slot of the PC's he/she is in to make the damage values not show.