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  1. Episode 4, forgot to link it here...
  2. Episode 3 sorry for the last upload, I need to re-upload that some other time.
  3. Episode 2 time to kill Vargas...
  4. Episode 1 Nothing special here, just going through the intro as fast as I can... no commentary so, forgive me.
  5. Oh thank god! I've been looking for a critique for my story, for a good long while... yeah, I'll try to focus on the main things, the big bad's in the story is supposed to be the aliens anyway.
  6. I'm not that good of a writer... but I try. Chapter 1
  7. I just wanna store all my ideas for mechanics, world building and story for my SRPG here... I hope you guys can give some opinions and critiques. Synopsis
  8. You can mitigate this with imp, it cuts the damage by half and gives you more chances to survive 'em (same goes with Plasma).
  9. Yeah, I'll steal some and you for it...I'm a good thief.
  10. If you'd let me. I'd like to borrow your elemental resistance/immunity/absorption idea to my game also, it just makes sense to me, @BTB.
  11. I'll just leave this here for you...a spreadsheet app.
  12. The most striking thing that caught my eye was the weapon/shield swap. That. Is. A. Godsend. Thank you my lord and savior, BTB. Edit: Hope this thing works. Edit again: @GrayShadows is my lord and savior, screw @BTB.
  13. Let's just say that..."Die monster, you don't belong in this world!" line comes to mind whenever I see a Yiazmat vid or me just hacking away at his ass.
  14. @blackcat777 for the moment I have some of the starting weapons, but I haven't used them to gain some stats for the weapons themselves. I haven't played again, yet. I'm juggling between; making a game, playing SRW A, and playing this hack. EDIT: Thank god I got that giant hammer in the locked room. How much HP does this second fucking dragon have? He hits harder than any of the other bosses so far...and damn that tail attack, one shot and I'm dead, if I don't avoid it (which is 90% of the time).