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  1. If i recall correctly, He's on Nimbus Land, on one of the houses.
  2. v9 help

    How do i find Celebi? I slept in Nimbus Lands's Inn and i encountered it in a dream, it attacked me and fled instantly after that. Then Gaz in Rose Town says that if i wander in Forest Maze i can find a rare pokemon. Then i couldn't find anymore clues or even encounters with celebi, can someone help me?
  3. v9 help

    Thanks dude. I already got the master ball so when i encounter it i will catch it
  4. I think i found a typo: in version 9 beta elisabeth uses a spell named 'megidolaon', and in this version it says 'megidoloan'
  5. also... i was playing in full screen in that moment i think its my pc ... i dont know
  6. sorry for those who quoted my 'bug' its that my sight fails sometimes
  7. . . . 200K damage? uhh... I don't understand (dont ask why i have that things in my pc, im from uruguay
  8. Pokemon

    I need help with the pokemons in v9. I completed the entire game, battled May and beating up the super bosses. Help please?
  9. Pokemon

    bueno... ya pude vencer a ambos pero... en la v9... ya alguien vencio a margaret y a elisabeth? porque yo las venci 5 veces.
  10. Pokemon

    Practicamente los tres jefes de Star Hill son Rosalina, porque luego del boss rush apareces en una zona de Star Hill la cual es inaccesible, Goddess, La cual es Una maldita ya que me costo 40 intentos para vencerla por su "Cloudy Heaven", Y Rydia (perdon por spoilers). Por cierto, cual arma de Mario te parece mejor: Galaxy Shell o Galaxy Hammer?
  11. Pokemon

    Gracias MuteCitizenMaster porque ya pude lograr vencer a Dawn. Y a la chica misteriosa como se puede luchar contra ella porque ya venci a Rosalina y a Terra. Y lo mismo por Red ya que venci a Dawn y a May.
  12. Pokemon

    I'm in both but in v9 i have caught Uxie 1 month ago and as for v8 i'm in hard mode and i downloaded it just 3 days ago, and i don't have a good memory so i don't even remember where i find uxie after sleeping in monstro town.
  13. Pokemon

    I don't know what to say but i don't need more than my equipment. Also can someone help with Uxie? Because it's hard to find. And NOT the cave because i know it's in Booster Pass. And if someone talks spanish it would be good.
  14. Pokemon

    And i'm playing on ubuntu
  15. Pokemon

    Yeah, you're right. Also i think that the Super Bosses are really hard. Also i started a new game and i beated it with level 40. Do you have something specific to help me with Uxie? Version 8 hard mode. Because i don't played that version in 1 year. Also my equipment: Mario: Galaxy Shell, Galaxy Shirt and Galaxy Ring. Peach:Shadow Ring Galaxy Gown and Galaxy Ring. Bowser: Dragon Claw Galaxy Shell and Galaxy Ring. Geno:Bombs Away Galaxy Cape and Galaxy Ring Mallow: Iron Duke Galaxy Robe and Galaxy Ring.
  16. Pokemon

    I catched Celebi but i runned in ALL of Nimbus Land and Castle, but i don't find arceus. Also the beta of v9 is amazing! More than 5000 HP and new specials like Armageddon!
  17. Pokemon

    I'm talking about the public beta release. I want to beat Dawn. I need: Celebi and Arceus. The others took me 1 MONTH OF TIME.
  18. Pokemon

    Also i'm talking about V9.
  19. Pokemon

    Sorry but that don't worked. Also i'm searching: Celebi, Mespirit, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina and Arceus. Also i already beated both boss rushes.
  20. Hi darkkefka i don't know if you remember me but i love the v9 of smrpg you are the best!