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  1. As a person who lost 3 familiy members in the past 2 years, I know what you're going through. We're here for you if you need to talk or anything. But I can image that you just need some time way. I did the same thing. Stay strong dude.
  2. interesting to see how you handle version 9. Looking forward to your strats.
  3. if you think she's hard now, just wait until very 9...
  4. The frogfucious hints are about 40% done. Ran into a little family quarrel that slowed me down a bit....
  5. Don't worry, that's going to happen A LOT to newcomers.
  6. Sorry for not posting here and for the lack of updates. That stops now. I am now in the process of editing Frofucious's event to where he gives you a hint on how to find the optional superbosses. The order in which he gives you the hints is the recommended order in which you should fight them. Between life and sleep, and estimate this will take about 2 days, as I have LOT OF FLAGS to make. of course this might be irrevelant when the game is out, as we could just put a guide right here. Most of them have not changed from version 8..except that now they are all hidden until Smithy is defeated.
  7. Sorry for the late reply. There was once a boss in v.8 that was pretty much like that, but she was too much luck based to the point where auto-life was created. There will e plenty of RNG based fights for you to deal with once hard mode is out.
  8. Liz gives out the 2nd strongest armor to the ally that defeated her..inferior only to the armor you win in the FF Boss rush. Margaret gives out the strongest defensive accessory that anybody can use.
  9. Version 9 is going to greatly change the way this game is played. Much like how the yugioh ban list works, I will have to observe what's OP and being spammed over and, and then I'll make the hard mode with the needed buffs/nerfs. Also, the decision was made to remove that little punishment from version 8 that I snuck in. It's up to YOU if you want to cross save between difficulties, but be warned that they will be TWO DIFFERENT GAMES, so doing so can be hazardous to your save file. I'm still checking for text typos now that I can FINALLY fix them without bugs. And I also have to check for certain SPCs due to the new Galaxy Star and Celebi nerfs.
  10. do you think you can help


  11. Sorry for the neglection guys. I'm having having major life issues at the moment, and the only time I'm active is on Twitch and Youtube. I know I said that the game would be ready by this month. But after testing the game myself, there was a lot of balacing and cleaning up to do. The biggest issue was fixing the text, as doing that use to be very hazardous. Thanks to Doomsday, that's no longer an issue. There's been another major update thanks to doomsday, and you will now be able to use a normal shop with your galaxy coins. I also have to nerf the to OP items to where they can't be spammed over and over, and this is not a 1 step job. But do know that I'm still working on it.
  12. So guys lately my stomach has not been feeling very well. I think I've been lacking sleep. But I'm recovering. I'm planning on streaming Mario for the rest of the week starting tomorrow.
  13. Yes. Version 8 had hand many memory leaks. All of these are fixed in version 9.
  14. I will be live very soon.
  15. I'm Live right niw.