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  1. I'm having trouble getting the rom to play on emulator. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Heya, where could I find a RPG Amageddon v2 download?  Thank you

  3. Bowsers strength

    What's his stats and weapon?
  4. Some criticism

    Be careful what you ask for.....
  5. Trial Mode Final Boss (Normal Mode)

    I'll just put this here. Then you'll understand why this decision was made: This is a boss that was NOT meant to be a pushover. Considering who the boss is, you should understand why. She was nearly impossible in version 8. So I nerfed her a lot. More importantly, I was worried that this boss would be a repeat of version 8, so I nerfed her even more. Unfortunately, Nitro made her look like a pushover. So I re-buffed her. But I over did it, so I nerfed her a little after that..while adding that little counter attack she does to keep you honest. version 9's new features definitely overwhelm many people, and some thought the game was too hard right from the beginning. However, there are others who didn't complain about how hard the game was. They adapted and picked the game apart. These are the kinds of gamers the hack was meant for, so I took the kid gloves off. However, an easy mode was made so all gamers can have a chance to experience and enjoy the game. In the final boss's case, it's all about team building, Item managment, stats(which is why the respec feature is a thing), your equipment, and a little luck.
  6. it was a simple mistake on my part. It was caused by battling May before doing the boss rush. To fix this, you need to lose that fight with the cactuars and select not to continue. Enter it again and it should be fine. This will be fixed in the official upload.
  7. Makes sense. LOL. Actually it's disabled because it can't be timed when she's alone for some reason. Use items.
  8. I will fix all of the typos just before the NG+ download.
  9. well every "life" caps at 30K HP due to the number limit sadly. going over the 32656 limit puts their HP into the negatives.
  10. Version 9 Public Release!!!!

    Shocker's block timing is just before the flash. Timing on genos's gun is normal for the first one. then just before the explosion sound for the second one. Maybe one day I'll make a video showing all of the timings...
  11. I can't thank you enough for finding the source of this ANNOYING bug!!!!
  12. psychopath doesn't exist in v.9. I didn't bother to edit the text because it's kind of pointless. Just got a little lazy I guess... I have no idea why I gave mespirit lesser health. If anything, it should have been the other way around...
  13. Yes. He's now available after you catch the first 3 they both ask for.
  14. i've seen that typo. Thanks. My finger slipped. lol