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  1. I'm getting all of the event and technical stuff out of the way, so If I do make a Public Demo, you'll be ale to continue from your last save.
  2. We'll see. I'll leave it like it is for the moment..her being soley a healer. I can change this without hurting save states if bothers others. Maybe I'm having problems because I made all of the Ghost type enemies immune to physical attacks. Plus you can still buy Element Gems for 3 frog coins a piece.
  3. Thanks, I'm working on it right this moment.
  4. Even just for healing duty?
  5. BTW..I know it fits her theme, but I really don't like the idea of Peach not having any offensive abilities until post Exor.. it makes her unusable until that time. Since her Ultima is now Holy based and some monsters will absorb it, it won't completly wreck everything like it did before.
  6. i think...i HAVE been gone a long time....
  7. Replying here seem odd at times.... Anyway, I could do that, but that of course means I'd have to make sure the whole game is complete for the most part.
  8. At the moment, I'm considering a public demo that will play from the beginning to the end of the forest maze. The only way we can get a sure grasp on where or not the game will e balanced is it multiple people test it.
  9. The main issue is balacing all of the battles because of the new damage formulas.
  10. I might have. So it's still dead? What the hell happened??
  11. So THIS is where the game is being hosted now. First, Sorry for taking so long to complete it, but if you've been following my Youtube channel, you would know I have some issues to deal with. I've been slowy working on it piece by piece however. It seems that ID is back up. Why was it down for so long anyway?