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  1. Equip/Relic Menu?! Awesome!

    There's no public .ips available yet, although I do plan to get around that, uh, eventually. I actually built it using Novalia Spirit's optimised C3, and then backconverted to make it work on vanilla, and then figured out how to make it work in BNW. I'd have to double-check, but I think I even got it all in-line, since I was able to use a lot of the Relic space. It both was and wasn't a lot of work; getting access to all six equipment slots was actually relatively easy. The biggest thing was getting the description to work properly, and getting things to redraw in the proper order -- it was a little obscure, and the relic screen and the equip screen do a few things in slightly different orders that was messing things up when I tried to cannibalise the one for the other. Thank you for the compliment! There should be a patch out... sometime... for use on vanilla/other patches, and if you come across any that aren't compatible, I'm usually pretty happy to update my patches to work with others. (As long as some variety of code is available to work with.)
  2. It *is* a hold -- I expect that cases where it's slow to react/not reacting are related to a delay in the screen-redraw, because I hooked the swap directly into the existing window refresh rather than forcing a refresh itself. I'll take a look at this when I can -- I probably won't have any coding time until Sunday, between work and life -- but I suspect this will be less of an easy fix than getting it to swap in the first place. Per Nowea on Discord, select also MTs in vanilla, so that's not new behaviour, but it's an easy fix once I have time to sit down and see where it does that.
  3. 1.9 Release Bug Reporting Thread

    Yeah, that's a known bug related to certain MP-costing things not flagging a character to have their menu redrawn/recalculated -- the function that updates which spells are available called every turn, but only if a character is flagged to have it updated based on recovering MP, casting sells, etc. MP-crit weapons are bugged and don't flag it to update.. I think I've actually got a fix for it that's part of another patch, and I am 95% certain that I've seen someone else fix it from a different angle.
  4. Assuming I can get it to work, then yes, changing both claws would take two turns.
  5. There is a chance -- a CHANCE -- that I can get this working in a way that'll work for BNW. It's a question not only of whether I can get it to work at all, and then whether or not I can make it play nice with some of the existing patches. At least one of them already messes with a subroutine I'll be relying on. So. I make no promises, but there is an attempt being made.
  6. This came up over in the Discord. Patch is built on an otherwise unmodified 1.9. Assembly .asm and .ips patch both included. What it does: Dispel now removes inherent Safe, Shell, and Rflect statuses from monsters.
  7. Character Classes

    Changing character sprites gets complicated, because a lot of stuff is linked to sprite ID. It's definitely possible, because T-edition manages it, but it's definitely more complicated than just changing a character's sprite.
  8. NG+ Secret Santa 2017 Dispersal Thread!

    @artemi, I'm pretty new to the forums so most of what I know about you is that you post a lot in the BNW section... So here, have a FF6 story: Let me know if you've got an AO3 username and I'll gift it through their system, as well!
  9. WIP Project: Final Fantasy VI Tensei

    I haven't planned on making changes to that coding, so they're fixed. (Although, again, they're fixed to what I set them at, not to what they were in vanilla.) I could code in random variance, but I don't think it's worthwhile.
  10. I am... Really really new here, but sure, why not, I'll join in, too
  11. WIP Project: Final Fantasy VI Tensei

    Going to try to cover all the questions, let me know if I miss anything. Finding the starting stats isn't an issue for FF6, the entire game is really well documented -- we've even got editors for that shit! Some of the codebanks are still something of a work in progress -- C1, which governs graphics in battle, is still something of a mystery -- but data and data structures are pretty well all decoded. The defined character roles comes into play primarily with a) skill and equipment sets and b) starting stats, which is partly why I'm weighting a character's primary stat(s) more heavily in the algorithm -- physical fighters start with higher strength than magical nukers, nukers start with higher magic than fighters. The idea is that some characters start out doing one thing really well, probably get to do it even better, and maybe end up being able to do something else really well, as well. Defining the character roles also comes through limiting magic to three characters, and those characters having defined lists, as opposed to all characters having access to all the spells all at the same time, like in vanilla FF6. It's also not a small cast -- there are fourteen playable characters (12 story PCs, 2 side PCs) in vanilla FF6, and twelve playable (9 story PCs, 3 side PCs) in Tensei. I believe the Final Fantasy game with the next-highest number of characters is IV, with twelve, and they're not all available at the same time even in the FF4Advance-derived games, since neither Tellah nor FuSoYa can be switched into your party at endgame. Which leads to the question about the spell lists: massive changes to the spell lists. Rather than 24 attack, 9 healing, and 21 effect, it's 18 each of Black, White, and Time, with Terra getting Black, Celes getting White, and Relm getting Time (which is going to be primarily buffs/debuffs, includes DoTs and HoTs, and has a few other reality-warping aspects to it). This is part of the ability system overhaul, which is extensive. Also, no one character is going to end up useless, even if they get a lot of shitty rolls at level up -- players are just going to have to get creative about how they use them. That's not a problem with the feature, that's the feature working as intended. (And, as I said, I don't know that I'm going to be able to pull that off, and you have brought up some valid concerns, but this is the kind of thing that we're not going to see succeed or fail until I'm actually testing it.)
  12. WIP Project: Final Fantasy VI Tensei

    Hah, thank you. Those are exactly the things I was going to be looking for, yes.
  13. WIP Project: Final Fantasy VI Tensei

    I mean, I'm defining the level one stats, so I guess that means I have access to them? There's no real intended average stat, because stats are weighted differently for different characters -- each character is supposed to be better at certain things. The intention is the reduction of homogeneity, in comparison to vanilla FF6. So the idea is more, like, characters who are good at a thing have a stronger chance of getting even better at it, and a weaker chance of getting better at other things -- that latter comes into play with the Third Slot/Command Relic abilities, where if you're lucky on rolls on a character's secondary stats, they can become more effective with selectable commands/ability sets that their primary stats aren't any use for, in contrast with a character's individual, primary command, which is tuned around their primary stats. One thing I'm hoping the random stat increases will do is actually improve replayability, because you may need to change strategies if a character's stats grow in a different way than you expect. The Stat Bits are intended to help make up for shortcomings if you get a bunch of shitty rolls, and I'm planning on tuning late-game gear around either covering for shitty rolls on a character, or for boosting secondary stats even further if you want to build a hybrid character, or even turn, say, a physical character into a caster. And I want to reiterate, I don't know that this is going to work out the way I intend it to, and I understand the concerns that are being brought up, but I'm not just throwing this system into an otherwise vanilla FF6 -- there are enough balance changes being made overall that we're not going to know how well it actually works out until I hit playtesting, and that's a long way off. I have backup plans that offer more flexibility and less randomness to the player, I just want to try this first.
  14. WIP Project: Final Fantasy VI Tensei

    So, this is the current stat-at-level-up code (It's... something of an outline and not currently tested, for the record, but unless I've missed something it should work as intended): For those who don't read SNES assembly, what this does is a) increase HP by a character's Stamina stat and MP by 1/4 a character's Magic stat, with a 50% chance of a double increase (2xStamina, 1/2xMagic) per level. It then b) runs a loop where it grabs a random number 1-255, checks it against a character's stat, and increases that stat if the random number is lower than the stat in question (favouring a character's primary stat(s) over secondary stats). I may halve the random number (making it 0-127), which essentially doubles a character's chance of an increase, and I am probably going to cap stats at 128 rather than 255, because if you hit 128 you're ALREADY going to be pretty damn close to OP. I am also lowering the level cap (proooobably to 50?), which will decrease the total number of potential increases, although I intend to code it to run at level averaging as well so that you don't lose out on stat gains if joining later, etc. I need to check the base code, because my intention is that it does all this against base stats for Vigor, Stamina, Speed, and Magic, and I honestly can't remember offhand if the stats in the $1600 block take increases from equipment into account or not. I'm also planning to poke BTB and Synchisi about how they handled speed in BNW, because I know they did some coding to help mitigate the effects of excessive speed without making it a useless stat.
  15. WIP Project: Final Fantasy VI Tensei

    Hee, thanks. I'm hoping to get something playable released by the New Year, to start testing things out -- something up to, say, the 3 scenarios divide, or possibly up to the battle at Narshe right after them -- and then I'd like to get a 1.0 RC out sometime next year, although I'm realistically a long way off from that still. (I need to stop coding shit for other people and start focusing on my own project. ) I fully suspect that some of the things I have planned are going to turn out to be enormously stupid ideas from a gameplay/balance standpoint, but I'm hoping that some of the ones that look stupid will turn out to be genius instead.