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  1. Really? Never though it would make that much of a difference. Thanks for the clarification.
  2. I know it bumps up your magic like 30, but still. It seems really odd that you would only deal 30 damage with a fire attack.
  3. I don't remember the magic stat, but I was level 20 with only two bonuses for Magic and I had the Hammer equipped.
  4. In normal mode, why does Bowyer take so little damage from Mario's specials? He's suposed to be weak to fire, but I'm only dealing like 36 damage with Fire Orb, 35 with Ice Orb, and 40 with Jump. That doesn't make any sense. Bowyer still takes decent damage with Flame Staff though.
  5. This is the way I did it. Make sure you have enough Hyper M. Guards, L.Shroom Shakes (or Final Elixirs), and Kerokerokolas left. You can also throw some Found Illusions in there to help out with the timings, but keep in mind that they have a lot of turns so a single Found Illusion will not be enough so try to save as many as possible. For most important equipments, have Mario use the Ultima Weapon, Peach could use Lazy Shell and a Speed Bracer (only if you don't use both Mallow and Peach in the same party). The rest is up to you but make sure you equip an armor and accessory combination so that you half elemental damage, and you're immune to mortal blows and status effects. Now for the strategy, each Luma have 60K HP. Try to deal enough damage to each one of them so that you can defeat them all with a single turn. That way, you'll have more turns to attack her. Here's were blocking is really important because you don't wanna waste turns reviving people. She have this galaxy attack where she deals massive damage to a single party member. However, if you block that, is more that guaranteed that everyone will survive her AoE attacks. Just heal with Peach and make Mario your primary damage output. He deals INSANELY amounts of damage. Also, make sure you are buffed at all times and with Auto-Life. That's why you should use some Hyper M. Guards. Don't bother using attacks that lower her defense because she seems to be immune to that. Just keep on repeating this and you should be fine. Like I said, this fight relies A LOT on blocking attacks so make sure you're good at that.
  6. If you use any other emulator that's not SNES9x v1.53 or if you patched the game wrong, these weird bugs could happen. If it's not that, then it's probably a legit new glitch. About the slowdowns, I would say it's because you're PC it's not powerful enough, but I'm pretty sure you can run a SNES emulator even on a pentium 2. If it's not bad ROM patching, then I don't know.
  7. So, does this "Content Mode" have all of the bugs and errors mentioned fixed?
  8. I agree. I also like the idea of having to beat Smithy in order to unlock what makes this mod unique and awesome.
  9. I don't know about that. You still need Kerokerocolas unless you stack yourself with Hyper M. Guards.
  10. Has anyone managed to defeat **Yo'ster Isle Secret Boss** yet? I was in at it for a while thinking it would never be over, but I FINALLY DEFEAT HER!!! Oh boy, see ya guys in Hard Mode.
  11. I see. Attacks that reduces your stats are the ones that their damage display flashes red, right? But there are also some attacks that flashes blue like Diamond Saw, but that doesn't seem to reduce anything. Is there something I'm missing?
  12. By status protection you mean poison, disable, sleep, etc., right? Because you can still be affected by attacks that lower your Attack or Defense like Ultima or Dark Matter.
  13. Why does Celebi apply the Invincibility effect? What does that do?
  14. In the May fight, Latios doesn't Mega Evolve. It just faints.