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  1. Oh boy! I can't wait for this version to be completely done. I'm so hyped! Knowing it's the final version it kinda makes me sad, but it also makes me see how much someone could care for this game in order to work so hard for this since the very first version. Thank you Darkkefka and all other modders that are helping for your effort!
  2. You shouldn't worry about that. Afterall, personal matters comes first (I know that may sound cliché, but it's true). Just do what you gotta do. You should also give time to rest because constantly working on something is not healthy. It's also good to recieve some updates about your status and also knowing that you're okay. Glad you're back at this as well, though. Also, is your discord channel exclusive only for beta testers and such? I would like to be part of it and being able to help in some way.
  3. Darkkefka, are you going to stream it? And if so, did you already do it? I hope I didn't miss it. Also, is the Discord exclusive to beta testers or is it public?
  4. Yeah, that's strange. Don't forget to also use Snes9x 1.53
  5. Para ganarle a Goddess sin dificultad alguna (o a Kaiser Dragon ya que ambos tienen la habilidad "Cloudy Heaven"), usa un "Hyper Mighty Guard" y asegúrate de tener a Mario, Mallow y Peach con Ultima Weapon (o Luigi's Hammer tambien sirve), Iron Duke (te lo dan al vencer a Paragon) y Shiva's Ring respectivamente. Shiva's Ring es solo para que spamees "Ultima" con Peach. Galaxy Shell es sin duda la mejor arma de Mario ya que ademas te sube ataque si no me equivoco. Después esta Ultima Weapon y Luigi's Hammer.
  6. Para pelear con "Mysterious Girl" tienes que vencer al jefe de Star Hill (la que necesitas el fertilizante para abrir la puerta al lado de Rosalina). Para pelear contra Red, creo que tienes que vencer a May y a Dawn. Y creo que capturar a Celebi. Pero no estoy muy seguro.
  7. Uxie se encuentra al final del camino secreto en Forest Maze (Left, Left, Straight, Right). Una vez que la encuentras, su cueva está en Booster Pass.
  8. I guess he just re-sprites the 3 as a '30' or something. Since Psychopath isn't a thing anymore (at least I think so), blue digits are no longer used, right?
  9. Armageddon is a pretty useful last resource. It deals guaranteed 30,000 damage. I'm kinda guessing due to the damage counter only displaying like this "3000". Does the blue '3' means that the damage dealt is in the range of the 30K's and a green '2' means that's on the 20K's?
  10. Although, is not really worth it to do this because she only gives you "Nimbus Ring". If you were able to get through Via Infinito, you already have better equipment than that.
  11. To fix it, you'll have to go into Lazy Shell editor and delete this line here:
  12. Oh yeah, I forgot about Mario being swapable from the party. That's a really cool addition Thanks for letting me know.
  13. Sorry, I meant like if there's gonna be any new mechanics besides those.
  14. I've enjoyed the new mechanics and stuff on V9. We already have items and equipment that give extra turns, overpowered spells that deplete maximun FP, and that well known "auto-life". My question is, is there gonna be anything new regarding mechanics? PD: What happened to ID?