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  1. Has someone beaten it yet? I want to see someone winning this fight so I can do the same and beat her. I wanna fullfish my dream.
  2. What is he saying?
  3. Before it got "balanced", this fight was a total joke indeed, but now they over did it and now is impossible. So, I was wondering if it got rebalanced once again so that it's doable.
  4. So, it's been a while since I've played this game and I was wondering, has this fight been rebalanced yet? It did seem impossible in Normal Mode.
  5. Ohhhhhh... I totally forgot it was the Lucky Ring. Thanks!
  6. It's been a while since I've played this mod and I've fotgotten where this item is. Any help please?
  7. You can call them puzzles because they test your patience lol
  8. I'm not exacly sure, but this is what I remember: Every physical and magical bonus adds +1 on each attribute up to level 90 I belive. HP is +30 I belive up to level 90 as well.
  9. Don't worry about them for now. Just remember where they are because those will come into play later on.
  10. Does this mod only work with the american version of the game?
  11. Having a little more defense at end-game it does make a big difference.
  12. I always forget that boss exists
  13. Something I wanna talk about this fight... That's all I think about this fight. Let me know what you think. If you agree or disagree, I'm still curious about your thoughts.
  14. RIP that strategy tho, since she counters that with Galaxy Blast.
  15. I know you wanted to make her boss fight really hard because I know she's the goddess of the galaxy (or something like that). It's honestly really cool, but this just seems too much imo. Not because you can't survive her attacks, but because your party will always need to be at its best to be safe, and that draws battle out for too long that you'll run out of items eventually. Her Galaxy Blast move is the main reason of this. If this is what you'll have to deal in Normal Mode, I don't wanna imagine how absurdly hard this might be in Hard Mode. Also, I've seen that from the video you linked (super buffed rosalina after the beta test), she seems easier there. She doesn't counter Galaxy Blast which already makes this fight 50% easier and do-able. By the way, I think I've found the reason why she does Black Hole-> Galaxy Storm. She only does that when you attack her when you're past your 3rd party move (which will only be possible if you have an item that grants haste), isn't she? If that's so, then I could come up with another strategy. I like hard challenges, but there's a fine line between challenging and unfair.
  16. Honestly, I think I already did that by beating the FF Boss Rush before Trial Mode. The fact that you can use Celebi and Galaxy Star after every round makes it so easy.
  17. Why not?
  18. I don't know. At this point, it seems that I may have more chances with this than beating trial mode. Since it's all timing based, that already makes it easier.
  19. Oh boy, you weren't kidding when you said you buffed her, huh? I now have the Paladin armor and I'll go defeat "her" to get that wonderful piece of equipment. This should be enough to beat Trial Mode.
  20. This strat will only work if you guard with your fastest party member and if you luck out with RNG. This is not a viable strat.
  21. This is more like a balancing issue regarding the final boss of the FF Boss Rush.
  22. Nope. I even went back to win every battle at Mushroom Kingdom to get armor for everyone. I think I've came up for a strategy to beat her, but I may fall short in items. With this strategy, I'm only able to take one life of her at a time before the Lumas come back. I could take 2 of them at once, but the only think keeping me from doing so is Black Hole->Galaxy Storm. It KO's 2 party members all the time. I thought about defending, but it seems that she does that attack when taking one life from her. I could keep up with this strategy, but it seems that I would run out of items to restore my MP and Auto-Life before being able to reach her 11th life. I'll try defeating "secret boss at Yo'ster Isle" or the FF Boss Rush before trying this fight again. Those two things along with Trial Mode are the only things are still left to do.
  23. Yeah... I forgot to mention she does THAT now... Galaxy Blast is done for...