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  1. Rosalia 100% Strat

    What equipment did you have for that fight?
  2. Xion, Rosalina, Terra order

    Has anybody beaten Rosalina in this current version yet?
  3. Weapon Damage Question

    I belive all weapons go based on regular attack, but magical weapons (like Star Gun) just happen to boost your magic attack so that you can do better with specials.
  4. Bowser's skills

    One really cool addition to this mod is that leveling up is not the only way you get new abilities.
  5. Timed Block Issue?

    A, B, X, and Y work for both attacking and blocking.
  6. End Game Questions

    And can you get multiple Paladins?
  7. End Game Questions

    Is it possible to get multiple Galaxy Rings?
  8. The forgotten typo

    Good call!
  9. Geno Whirl

    Does nailing the timing affects the duration of the debuff or it's just to deal more damage? Also, how many turns does the debuff lasts on each difficulty?
  10. Geno Whirl

    I see... Thanks! Also, enemies dispelled it when they get healed. Some are even immune to this debuff.
  11. Celebi functionality

    I also noticed that Gaz only tell you about Celebi after you encounter it. Thanks!
  12. Celebi functionality

    Do you mean in the dream cushion thingy?
  13. Celebi functionality

    Does Celebi start appearing once you've captured all of the other pokemon or can you get it early?
  14. End Game Questions

    I just really like the idea of Frogfucious being your guide through the new game+ stuff. Whoever thought of that, is a genius!
  15. Boss Rush Final Fight

    Has someone beaten it yet? I want to see someone winning this fight so I can do the same and beat her. I wanna fullfish my dream.
  16. Help me.

    What is he saying?
  17. Boss Rush Final Fight

    Before it got "balanced", this fight was a total joke indeed, but now they over did it and now is impossible. So, I was wondering if it got rebalanced once again so that it's doable.
  18. Boss Rush Final Fight

    So, it's been a while since I've played this game and I was wondering, has this fight been rebalanced yet? It did seem impossible in Normal Mode.
  19. Exp. Booster

    It's been a while since I've played this mod and I've fotgotten where this item is. Any help please?
  20. Exp. Booster

    Ohhhhhh... I totally forgot it was the Lucky Ring. Thanks!
  21. Shiny flower

    You can call them puzzles because they test your patience lol
  22. Stat amounts on level up

    I'm not exacly sure, but this is what I remember: Every physical and magical bonus adds +1 on each attribute up to level 90 I belive. HP is +30 I belive up to level 90 as well.
  23. Question about these rooms?

    Don't worry about them for now. Just remember where they are because those will come into play later on.
  24. Installing onto a SNES Classic

    Does this mod only work with the american version of the game?