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  1. Thanks for chipping in, guys. Was pretty apprehensive about posting my thoughts in such long-winded detail; the more I thought about it the more I feared this would come across as too complain-y or abstract to spark discussion, and I haven't seen any prior talks whatsoever pertaining to this subject. @Mishrak A relief to hear someone share what I assume to be a sort of outlier viewpoint. The game is certainly at its best in the thick of strategic combat and that more than makes up for any disappointments along the way in my mind. But I don't think it would take much to find a perfect sweet spot - just a little something extra in the way of thrills or that "cool factor" would go a long way in making your party, and by extension the endgame, feel more exciting. Good thing regarding Kaiser, that's one boss who deserves to actually be experienced and fought to the fullest. @Cecil188 For whatever reason Goner didn't feel any more threatening to my setup than Meteor did, so that's why. And none of my guys ever died to it, which I was kind of hoping for at that point, channeling my inner Schwarzenegger "Come on, kill me! I'm right here!" because I was just begging for something to blow me away at that point. In fact, I had to be way, way more wary of his counter attacks than anything he threw at me on his own. I had a pretty defensive strategy so not sure if that did it. Other than that, a stellar fight overall. @AuthenticM Great write-up, many of your points are very similar to how I've praised the mod on forums before. Vanilla has been obsolete for me since I first played BNW, and I'm not the least bit sorry about it. However I think you might've misconstrued the crux of my thesis; it's not about difficulty or how challenge is handled, I've no problems with that aside from maybe the exp gain rate which I perceive to be overtuned. Rather I'm just trying to ramble my way into figuring out what gave me a creeping sense of insipidness the longer I played and the closer I came to beating the game. To try and put it as practically as I can; Imagine, if you will, multiple instances where a player "waits" for dozens of hours for a cool powerup for their favorite character, an ultimate skill/spell they know is finally coming or that piece of legendary equipment, only to find that they're all so very... OK/serviceable, not necessarily that unique, and ultimately they may end up not even using some of it despite being so excited for them. Kind of anticlimactic, don't you think? It inevitably impacts your... hype factor, as it were. It's all done for good reasons, clearly - there's an unmatched equilibrium that presides over the different gameplay elements and tools & choices offered to the player, to the extent where pretty much none are above the rest. It's uncanny in how balanced & regulated it is, keeping all the different options viable. The skill you had from the beginning of the game may be just as useful, or even moreso than the skill you just got before the final dungeon - and therein lies one of the negative side effects of it.
  2. A sincere thank you to everyone who worked on this mod. It was among the first FF mods I ever played and in terms of consistent overall quality, it's still at the top years and dozens of mods later. It seems that integrity&balance is at the core of the design - to a fault. In a crusade to fix the magnificently broken, different gameplay elements are kept in check to a point where the mod lacks a sort of visceral excitement in many areas toward the lategame. It all appears very regulated, constricted and in some cases even underwhelming. To demonstrate what the hell I'm talking about... The cursed shield is a pretty interesting concept and promises something unique. Once it's all said and done though, it's just another shield; comparable to other lategame shields. I mean it's good, but considering the unique mechanic and the wait, just not that... exciting. The original game's version was broken but exciting as hell and quite... flavorsome with its power and mechanic, teaching ultima and all that. Some of the iconic, flashy top moves of characters suffer from this problem. Bum rush is decent enough but rarely preferable to hitting with elemental claws or setting statuses with other blitzes - in fact, I found it almost never preferable to other actions, even with a vigor build. It's not quite as guilty of the meh-at-the-end-of-the-day syndrome as Tempest, though, which is essentially a glorified critical hit. In fact, now that it doesn't ignore defense, it's exactly the same as a critical hit - it does good damage to be sure, but again: it's underwhelming when you realize it's "just" that. I wish these moves did something more unique, cool or anything that made them stand out a bit more; you have to wait a long time to get them too. The mere possibility to crit with tempest's hits, or giving a status effect to bum rush also etc. would be enough for a unique twist. I understand why they're designed how they are (to not make other options obsolete & overall design philosophy outlined earlier) but I guess what it comes down to is that there aren't that many flashy, unique moves in this game compared to later installments with limit breaks and stuff, so you just kind of want something a bit more thrilling. Endgame weapons are given to you at an even pace, scattered randomly around the dungeons. Not many stand out in the way they're acquired or found, except the aforementioned shield which ultimately falls flat & Apocillumina which has a meaningful choice attached, but it'd be cool if it had a sidequest of its own before getting the sword to give it more prestige. Now it's just "clear the phoenix cave&go take the sword" instead of the big sidequests attached to some ultimate weapons in other Fantasies; those usually end up being the most exhilarating sidequests as well. Anyways, Omega weapon used to be among the select few that stood out, requiring you to defeat the Ultima weapon before Atma would evolve to its full potential. Needless to say, I don't agree with removing that small bit of excitement from the game too. I was super disappointed when nothing happened when I beat the boss. Not as important but feeding into the same overall problem - standout overworld enemies don't seem to exist anymore. Even the epic dino forest has been dummied to be an effortless farm ground. If there's one thing Fantasies have done right, it's give you a place or two where you can go flex your muscles against the toughest enemies in the game. Failing that, there's some super strong enemies scattered around that keep you on your toes when you explore the world. The only thing I recall that comes close to being an exception to this is the zone eater who actually puts up a decent fight when you're not expecting it. Bosses are consistently thrilling in the mod. In a perfect world, you never beat a boss on your first try because you just don't know what to prepare for and there are some surprises along the way. BNW seems to take this approach and would succeed if it wasn't for the way too generous exp gain that inevitably renders some bosses' mechanics moot since you can just brute force them. And I hate to be that guy, I honestly do - but Kaiser dragon suffers from this. An interesting mechanic for sure and it tries to force you to play it his way, but it's over before you know it. A bit too literal interpretation of the "bosses are puzzles" ideology where there's nothing else to the fights after surviving a single cycle of a pattern. He needs to be made into a longer, more epic fight and change it to where he remains an optional superboss(so not block your path after you kill other dragons). I know BTB has an aversion to the term superboss but never mind the semantics, you don't need to adhere to whatever implications you feel burdens the term, it's still super cool as an idea and a popular one for that very reason. I swear the first question my vanilla-FF friends have asked when I recommended this mod to them has been "are there any superbosses?". Kaiser is one done right but it's just way too damn short for the fight to reach its potential. Even Doomgaze was denied a superboss level of power in service of providing an essential Esper for Relm. I have to say though, for me the toughest fight was Kefka as it should be; others have claimed to have beaten it on the first try which sounds like a tragic mistake. I can only assume the aforementioned overleveling problem is what causes that to happen. I had an awesome time with it but my EL's were around 15 and regular levels around 25 for that fight due to using exp off a lot. Although even with Kefka, his unique move Goner is underwhelming for an ultimate enemy attack move in the game, again contributing to my main gripe of heavily regulated & controlled content and balance environment to the point of feeling neutered. Magimaster's hail mary Ultima was nowhere to be seen either. I agree with this choice actually, but that brings me to the conclusion... I don't think any of these things are necessarily problematic in and of themselves but it all slowly added up to where nothing ever really ended up surprising or wowing me. In hindsight and as I'm recounting this stuff, it's funny how much even simple things feed into the player's excitement & anticipation with a game. So ironically I guess you might say my main problem with BNW is that it's too balanced, haha. I'd like to hear if any of this was interesting to you or relatable on any level. I certainly didn't expect to come out with an outlook such as this but there you have it. I'd like to shower y'all with praise now that I got that out of my system because I have plenty in store, but that's too much text already.
  3. Remember the old man in the first WoR town? The legend he cites could come in handy, in fact it spells the strategy out for you less-than-subtly. Good thing too, because this is one of those bosses that just kills you if you don't play it his way. Spoiler-tagging the strategy, though mods may want to delete it if the in-game hints are meant to be enough.
  4. FF13 Challenger mod

    Color me intrigued. Wasn't even aware of a modding scene for ff13. However I've no grasp at all on how much those hard mode options might affect the difficulty&gameplay, having only completed the vanilla game once years ago. Can you recommend a reasonable hard mode package to choose for someone who wants a good challenge that requires you to think outside the box, but without it devolving into such a mindless grind that forces you to use the same 1-2 effective strategies over and over? I'd appreciate even an estimation of which ones likely go overboard&into the realm of tedium and which ones make it reasonably harder. Although I have completed almost all the difficulty mods available for FF games and can't stand the easiness of vanillas anymore, so the bar's pretty high.
  5. Myria is overtuned

    But the mere fact that people are having wildly different&unique experiences with different bosses, depending on their party comps and setups and whatnot, is more a sign of varied&complex gameplay rather than something inherently problematic.
  6. How come I can only choose the order of the first 4 characters for the Kefka fight? Seems like a weirdly specific glitch if it is one, although I can't imagine why you'd want to make it random either.
  7. Myria is overtuned

    Hmm... Interesting to say the least, given that I'm doing the final bosses right now myself and it's the exact opposite for me. I beat the Warring Triad either on the first try or the second, they never felt overwhelming even for sub-optimal parties. On the other hand, still haven't beaten Kefka, and I've tried with many parties. Just can't find a strategy around spells like Meteo/Meteor that none of my guys can survive, the aoe non-elemental damage the final boss tower throws at you is a freaking nightmare. Although my EL levels are a bit below the expected, I'm very surprised to find the only boss I've had to try multiple times at the very end. Seems fitting, though. What was your strategy for Kefka? Maybe you just got lucky? Or do you have enough HP to not die to the aoe's?
  8. Small health pools

    Surely you'd have to "enable"(use?) such an item anyways because you don't want it consumed if you only lost a little hp. It's all about having total control over your own resource management, getting to decide whom to heal and when and how - and it's actually made somewhat meaningful here in some dungeons without many full heal savepoints. Big HP pools would unbalance the game pretty much immediately anyways, and OP sounds like he'd enjoy a more modern experience where you just get automatically healed after fights so you don't need to worry about resource management yourself. Personally I love incorporating recovery into my fighting strategy; I try to put some kind of "free" healing in all my parties(slots, brushes, mantra, dances..) so I can use those unencumbered at the end of a fight before I finish off the last enemy. Barring that, I use spells and prepare to recover the MP with runic, empowerer, etc. It's all part of the gameplay with involved tactical decisions, not meaningless tedium you have to always endure after fights.
  9. Poll topics error

    Looks like every topic with an active poll gives the HTTP error 500. Using Google Chrome v. 80.0.3987.122.
  10. Haha, it would appear so. The dialogue really is one of the most awkward aspects of the original, dunno if the translation or the japanese script is more at fault. Also is the Phoenix cave final room red save point just a tease or something? I think the chest that you can't open was always there, but that save point bugs me as I've explored every square inch of the place but found nothing.
  11. Holy crap. It's in the original. To think that I've never had that happen before. On another note, major kudos to whoever wrote the dialogue for the mod. The jokes and memes aside, more serious moments were clearly given due respect as it should be. Especially the dialogue between Locke and Celes, Terra&Leo, everything on the FC, and Setzer rejoining in WoR come to mind; absolutely brilliant and vastly superior to the awkward, quite child-like character dialogue of the original. This is so much more cinematic&mature yet grounded and real.
  12. So is Cid staying alive a new twist in the plot as well? Sure didn't expect it, seemed bugged at first because his dialogue looped multiple times and I just kept feeding him fish over and over expecting him to die but eventually he actually got better. I was pretty thrilled to see something new but then again I missed out on seeing one of the most memorable and tragic moments of the game(the cliff scene), it's pretty much the emotional climax of the game.
  13. Nowea Hard Type

    No worries there, been coming back to BNW occasionally since 1.6x if I recall. Although limiting information is one of the best, and my go-to ways to make any game more difficult, I imagine that won't be needed here.
  14. Nowea Hard Type

    Yo, is this updated to work with 2.0? I'm deep into my new playthrough and 2.0 is everything I ever dreamed... Except for the difficulty, which feels even tamer than in some older versions - so much so that it undermines the complexity&depth of gameplay and monster AI, since only a few enemies and bosses pose a long/serious enough threat for the mechanics to fully shine. So already craving for a hardtype run instead of just limiting myself and keeping exp off, thereby missing all the cool customization in the mod.
  15. How compatible is BNW with editors such as FF3usME? I seem to recall it tends to get unstable. What about with minor alterations such as changing character portraits with FF3se? Is it likely to cause problems? edit: might as well make sure, if I want to use sprite patches such as Bauglir's(?) armored Celes, should I patch that stuff before or after BNW? edit2: looks like editing portraits doesn't cause immediate problems at least, but doing anything with FF3usME such as importing a sprite sheet makes it so that the game softlocks on save points. Interesting.. I wonder how some people seem to have successfully fiddled with sprites with this mod.