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  1. I wonder if my two cents would mean anything here but...mayhap we could allow earlier spells available through brushes? If you wanted Relm to contribute offensively without using sketch and boost Doom Gaze to a "superboss" level you could probably just give some spells via brushes or any other item you would think could be necessary; I did have some troubles taking Doom Gaze down early but in all honesty i felt i had a harder time in v.1.8.5 than the recent it just me? Anyhow, it is not impossible nor that hard to take Doom Gaze on early...(TBH i had more troubles with Tiamat...goddamn Meteo!) It is actually not necessary to give Relm another means of contributing offensively, but i felt that maybe i should at least suggest this.
  2. Salutations! I have not bothered to ever post here nor make myself an account, but I feel it is time to do so. I have created my own FAQ of this lovely mod, listing many things I have found throughout the game and I have also made many FAQ's before this fact I enjoy creating such documents! However, I understood from reading through the forums that BTB and possibly others are secretive about some relics, and other things like where to find the "???? skill" as you so put it; so I must ask and hope for an answer from yous folks here :D. My FAQ has a steal list, relics FAQ, character guide, monster list and FAQ and all sorts of tidbits(I have yet to try stealing in the colloseum after 1.8.5 though, i wanted to wait until v2, this is why i hope for some private messages with you, BTB.) I was even thinking of maybe going all out and creating an old school walkthrough(like those old bradygames ones...only not full of lies lol) who knows? However i do not want to cause any issues, such a walkthrough will not be immediately released upon v.2 and I really hope we can make some sort of terms of how and when such an FAQ/Walkthrough would be released. OH! Yeah, I must say to anyone whom is curious, i will NOT be answering you with questions such as "where can i find ????" or "what does the xxxx relic do?" because as stated, such things would be answered in the FAQ or by yourself, and even if i get a thumbs up for such a thing, it would not be released until some time after the final product(v.2) is released. I do hope to hear from you, thank you for your patience.