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  1. Feedback and Suggestions

    hover draft magic mp cost is too much, 30 mp for just 1 target , comapre it to drift or ascend which are more useful and having an action animation instead of an item for the ward skills sounds more appealing
  2. Feedback and Suggestions

    this, are we really supposed to get Ars Magna combination recipe before Herbalism? story wise
  3. Feedback and Suggestions

    is it possible to rework the poison mechanics? have a percentage based damage like 5% for the normal and 10% for envenom, and revert the intervals to normal but with a longer duration, in that way players will be obligated to use cleanse. the damage it does is honestly nonexistent all throughout the game
  4. Feedback and Suggestions

    just got to patch 0.90, katanas feel too strong, it out damages the 2 handed swords especially in the early game, and to think they can double hit and gives deflect with warriors feels weirdly OP
  5. Feedback and Suggestions

    would it be fitting to change the category name of the (2) swords to great swords? just like what you did with the blowguns category
  6. Feedback and Suggestions

    yes 89a!!!!!!! thank you Raics!😀
  7. Feedback and Suggestions

    are we supposed to be able to load our game with the 89 patch?, or do we need to make a new game file? my game just crashes whenever any baldur items shows on my screen. lm playing on psp btw
  8. Feedback and Suggestions

    are the equipment sets still the same with the vanilla?
  9. WIP Generic Class Builds (updated for 0.88c)

    nice build btw, l really think classes like warriors, archers, monks, spellblades, wizards and beastmasters are better for winged humanoids(?) since they have greater mobility. though a crossbow archer is a really good starting point especially if you plan to have a strong fusilier because they can only use their real weapons when they already have the levels
  10. Feedback and Suggestions

    the blood price tp charge always gets stuck at exactly 160 even after using the skill with 150 tp
  11. Feedback and Suggestions

    Is there a way to increase the damage percentage of the reflect skills? 20% doesn't seem that much even at super late game, it would really be more reliable if it were bumped to 20 at level 1 and 40 at level 2