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Hello everyone. My name is Sleeping Bear Z and I'll be posting here to give my own suggestions for the 'best' builds one could make the different classes within One Vision (OV). This topic will be for generic  classes whilst the other would be for unique classes. The builds are definitive and of course are subject to personal opinion. Please feel free to add your own feedback and comments throughout. I'll be willing to update this as the changes to OV come along but as a Law student my time will be busy with studies. P.S. I'll update this post to add further classes and changes as time goes on.


Archers tend to always have a big advantage throughout most of the Tactics Ogre games due to having (if not exceeding) the offensive strength of melee classes with the safety and power of ranged attacks. Due to OV restricting bows and crossbows to essentially the Archer class (and a few other unique classes), the archer has essentially domain over ranged weapons. Although you can equip daggers as your only melee option, there is no point as so can a bunch of other classes can do so and can do so better, therefore you should stick with either Bows or Crossbows. I tend to prefer Bows but Crossbows do work just as as good as well.


  1. Bows/Crossbows                                                                                                                                    
  2. Double Shot
  3. Tremendous Shot / Jump II
  4. Eagle Eye
  5. Anatomy
  6. Tactician II
  7. Trajectory
  8. Max TP IV
  9. Reflect Magic II
  10. Field Alchemy II


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nice build btw, l really think classes like warriors, archers, monks, spellblades, wizards and beastmasters are better for winged humanoids(?) since they have greater mobility. though a crossbow archer is a really good starting point especially if you plan to have a strong fusilier because they can only use their real weapons when they already have the levels

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