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  1. As the Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy informed us, the answer is 42. More seriously though, BNW has changed how players can increase the stats of their characters (as stat increases are no longer dependant on characters having Espers equipped when the character levels up), and some characters get a lot of choices and options. Your general questions however show that you haven't actually played the game to see a lot of those changes yet. In addition, most characters will not have HP levels above 1000 for most of the game. Things have seriously been changed in BNW compared to the vanilla game. Stamina plays a role in some defenses and attacks now. Speed is focused on giving players more turns turing the battle (and the way that has been changed in BNW is MAJOR). Magic is still useful for spells, but not all of them anymore, and a lot of spells and espers have been limited to certain characters. Strength is self-explanatory.
  2. I would like to make a request for 2.0. It's a minor one all considered. You know the Fanatics Tower? Have the guy you pay 100,000 Gil to give you an item you can use for betting in the Coloseium. You have said you like games where choices actually matter, and that seems like an easy way of making the players have to put serious time and effort into bribing the guy in order to get both the info and the item that can then be used (either on its own, or for betting purposes).
  3. Thank you for the clarification. And damn, now I feel a bit silly.
  4. I would like to ask the location of a specific enemy as well, or at least clarification. Ahem.
  5. Huh, oh, I've seen that hack before. Someone posted a youtube link showing what can be done with it. Ahh, found it. Here's a link to the github url for this snes audio hack if you want it as well. Also, here's the page for the individual doing this audio hack and what it allows modders to do with it should they so choose.
  6. The answer to this question is Yes and No. See, the vanilla game has five inbuilt triggers that change one set of commands to another in both battles and in the character status screen. Those triggers are attached to relics (though they could be attached to armors and weapons as well), those being the "Thief Glove" (changing Steal to Mug), "Coin Toss" (changing Slot to GP Toss), "Fake Moustache" (changing Sketch to Command), "Gem Box" (changing Magic to X-Magic), and "Dragoonboots" (changing Fight to Jump). It does this via in-game battle-commands and Status Screen tweaks. The issue is the "Battle Commands" portion of this, as messing with the Battle Commands portion of this is going to be extremely problematic. I can't go fully into why because spoilers, but yeah, that would not be fun or easy to do. That's not to say it can't be done, just that it isn't going to be easy. If you wish for spoilers as to why, well...
  7. Ahh, so two major conflicting design directions. Ok, I understand now. Thank you for the answer.
  8. Quick question. Ultros is there late-game to give players a chance to redo things if they find that some builds work better for them than they first thought or realized. So what's the deal with the- ? It seems like something you have to plan for pretty much from the moment you get them and with no way to redo anything after the fact if you wish to see how the other character builds goes. As items go, they're kind of incredibly useful for some character builds, so doesn't the inability to trade that item back kind of make some character build resets harder to do as a consequence of that? I'm not hating or anything, it's just that that was kind of weird to me with character respec'ing being a thing and seemingly this bit with the item bet in the colleseum making it harder to do that for two character builds, and was wondering what was up with that.
  9. I'm quoting this post over in this thread as I have to second the request by Spoony here. Primordites are absolute unneeded pains to deal with so early in the game.
  10. So, it seems I kind of messed up with the first sprite (pixels were not aligned in a few places, the legs most notably), and it was not as well done as it could have been. I had some time, and have corrected that and put the corrected version in a (headered) patch. Here is the corrected image sprite for those who want to mess with things themselves, though the patch deals with sprites 000, 148, and 163 (the first half of which can be found in one of my posts above) without all the hassle.
  11. Then they should drop Gum Pods.
  12. It's not missable, it's just elsewhere.