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  1. I've changed sprites and character profile pics using the "FF3usME" and "ff3se". In fact, let me give you links to the utilities. There, that should help you. As for the exact Relm sprite and profile pic you're talking about, it is not one I have, nor one I have seen. I've seen White Mage versions of Relm (sprites and profile pics included), but not a Cat-Eared Hood one. I'm going to have to keep an eye open for that one.
  2. Would rather think too much than too little. 'sides, 'New Game+' that don't carry over at least some items are not the norm, so better to put some thought into it. If it never shows up, then no biggie, but if it does, than that consideration and planning usually saves a lot of work and effort. If it's just to add difficulty and nothing else though, especially with levels now being capped at 25 and HP being what it is, hmm, I worry that some battles have the potential to become unwinnable by accident (especially for the casual gamers, who might honestly come to hate the New Game+ if that's all it's doing. AoE is my thought that may be the problem with that). That part there will need a lot of testing to make sure that's not the case. I also worry that some of the esper bonuses may cause glitches with specific characters due to stats being raised too far in some cases. It's not totally unworkable, but it would be time consuming in a few places to test out and make work.
  3. Mystery Egg is a reference to a few items named "Mystery Egg" that showed up in various snes rpg games. Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy IV, and one or two others. Some of the details for what the item does in the BNW mod can be seen/figured out using various hacking tools (FF3usME for example), but there may be other things attached to the item not easily viewable due to BTB and Synchysi doing 'behind the scenes' coding work to a lot of items. So it never hurts to actually experiment with things now and then.
  4. I have two sets of thoughts on this. The first is if this resets character levels, you may need to have people spend time testing out the best approach to deal with magic, lores, rages, and then seeing which weapons and armors need to be removed each new game. I fear that the magic/rages/lores issue might break things with the resets, and most of the fun in new game + is having copies of some of the better equipment around to use and abuse. Given some of the discussions that popped up on insanedifficulty about removing the colleseum entirely, the lack of ability to carry over equipment would become a sore point for some of your players, and would take away some of the fun of a New Game +. My second thought however is if levels and spells/lores/rages are kept (but EL's and their bonuses reset), it might lead to some gamebreaking hilarity, and could be used to create some triggers for 'new' endings (for example, some joke endings would be easy to setup, like a high level Terra using Ultima or certain items and magic against the Snail while it was defending and somehow 'winning the game' due to that and then getting another New Game +, and that's just the start of what BTB and Synchysi could do with something like that). My fear with this however is it might lead to some gamebreaking glitches. Another thought beyond that is it might be possible to 'cap' some stats at certain levels, and allow the EL bonuses to remain, but that's just random talk at the moment.
  5. Yeah, I'm starting to think that tiered bonuses would work best for things at this time. With an expanded rom the coders could focus some odd and neat extra bonus titles and benefits on top of that, but tiered bonuses seem like they would be the easiest to test coding wise. Another thing I've noticed for Shadow and Gau is the lack of ideas for things. With Shadow, one of the possibilities BTB and Synchysi could use is the dog Shadow keeps by him at all times. That is one thing they might be able to use and 'enhance' with whatever bonuses they give. Maybe the dog would be more likely to attack/defend given what EL's Shadow takes, with the odds of the dog being a factor in a battle increasing each tier. With Gau, you have a similar problem as Shadow, but less to work with for finding solutions to it. Therefore it might help to borrow from other characters in the game here for possible solutions. Think about stealing some things from the other characters. Afterall, Gau's ability is all about mimicing monsters, so why wouldn't he start imitating some of the other party members as he grows? He should not be as useful as Gogo in that regards, but using the bonuses to give him some minor aspects from the other characters (or maybe even other monsters) might make him more usable and useful in some ways. Well, that or just giving him some stat bonuses, or having his rages end after a time, or something else like that. BTB and Synchysi should definitely experiment and play around with that. However, too much of that can easily make him broken beyond belief if not done well, and that is an all too valid concern with his possible title bonuses if they go in that direction.