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  1. Nahhh, it's okay. You have nothing to apologize for! I did enjoy your hard mod for the first Shadow Hearts. I got very far in it, all the way up to the Amon fight. By that time I got bored of the game in general though, since the gameplay becomes stale and repetitive after so long. But thanks to your mod, I truly did enjoy the game much more than previously!!! I do wish the Grace mod worked out for the better, because I do love and enjoy From The New World, but that's okay. I might just do a playthrough and never upgrade my weapons and/or armor. It's more important to focus on yourself however, and I really do wish you the best!
  2. Has anyone else tried this mod out yet? Been playing through it and although the first dungeon was hard, I managed to complete it. The Grand Canyon was brutal as hell, however... Enemies didn't give enough xp, yet they hit you so hard and always went first. I had to switch back to the normal game because the grinding would've taken too long just to keep up with the enemies and the boss itself, who was doing 70% of Shania's HP easily per turn at level 11. Feels like the enemies are a tad bit overturned and the experience granted isn't enough to compensate for this, but it could just be a me problem too. 🤔 Edit: Just tried running through the same dungeon (Alcatraz) on a vanilla disc. Unless it was intended for the hard mod to not grant increased experience and cash, they're both rewarding the same amount, which makes grinding very tedious and difficult with the Grace mod since the enemies are extremely difficult and the payoff isn't there at all. This mod is just too hard for me in general; it takes away from the fun of the challenge entirely with how frequent enemies are going on top of being more durable and hitting much harder. It was more manageable in the first game, albeit frustrating against bosses, but with combos and doubles it just feels oppressive to play against versus standard enemies, bosses and mini-bosses. I find myself reloading way too frequently (especially since there's no increased experience and cash to help me truck through this difficulty). Thanks anyway for making these mods, even if they're not for me. My only complaint is the increase to enemy's agility, it just feels like too much when it could be slightly instead. It was fun in the first game. =)
  3. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.3

    I definitely am, for the most part, but now I'm stuck on Yamaraja Wind lol. He starts off with 2 turns, I get 2 turns, and he gets another 2 turns, I get a turn, and he gets another 2 turns. I thought I was set after unlocking Heaven's Fiend, but he's having way too many turns way too frequently. I do like that you have to grind a lot more, because before I never had an incentive to grind battles or farm up souls, so it's fun in that sense. But the agility definitely just makes the difficulty overkill with how rng it can play out sometimes, particularly on bosses. I love the challenge though!!! I'll just have to grind out some more levels it seems. =P I also like how much more valuable Zhuzhen has become with this mod, as well as acupuncture, both of which I had ignored in my previous playthrough. x) Also I hope everything in your life is going well!!! I truly appreciate your mods, I love challenges in the games I sink my time into so this is seriously exciting and fun!
  4. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.3

    Just wanted to chime in and say for the most part, I'm enjoying this mod a lot. Just discovered it a few days ago and decided to replay the game despite beating it last year. The only thing I really don't like is the increase to enemy's agility. Makes some fights completely rng and out of your control, which just takes away from the excitement of the challenge and makes for a much more frustrating experience instead imo. On the Beast Dog right now, and just had him use Fire Breath twice in succession, back to back, wiping out my party entirely. Gonna keep at it however, and just wanted to let you know I've been enjoying this mod for the most part anyway. Thank you so much for this.
  5. I've asked this a few years ago, but it was said that this would be impossible because of how the game was scripted. This was back when the game only existed for the ps2, however. So now I'm wondering, since a PC version exists and has for a year now, if it's possible to mod FFX-2 to be much harder than it is now? I really liked the game when I was a kid, it was challenging at the time... but now I'm not a kid, and the game's ridiculously easy. :\ I wanna play it again, but I can't stand games that are too easy. Is it possible to reduce Yuna's, Rikku's and Paine's stats by a third or half, or to simply increase the health pool and stats of enemies themselves? I hope nobody minds me asking... I checked the rules, didn't see that it was against to request or suggest a mod. I'd try myself, but I'm really stupid when it comes to scripting and computer languages. ;-;