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  1. I've asked this a few years ago, but it was said that this would be impossible because of how the game was scripted. This was back when the game only existed for the ps2, however. So now I'm wondering, since a PC version exists and has for a year now, if it's possible to mod FFX-2 to be much harder than it is now? I really liked the game when I was a kid, it was challenging at the time... but now I'm not a kid, and the game's ridiculously easy. :\ I wanna play it again, but I can't stand games that are too easy. Is it possible to reduce Yuna's, Rikku's and Paine's stats by a third or half, or to simply increase the health pool and stats of enemies themselves? I hope nobody minds me asking... I checked the rules, didn't see that it was against to request or suggest a mod. I'd try myself, but I'm really stupid when it comes to scripting and computer languages. ;-;