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  1. Yes it works on canoe out of the box. You may want to disable controller shortcuts as it may cause some graphical glitches at the sealed gate. Other than that it works fine.
  2. Would a way around this be: 1. Make a copy of the rom. 2. Edit one of the roms in usME. 3. Copy and paste the changed offsets to the other rom using Windhex or something? Is that even possible. Just thinking outside the box here.
  3. I'm pretty sure that TWUE also runs on an expanded rom, which BNW is not. The rom expansion moves the text to an entirely different location IIRC.
  4. Insidious from dancing mad has just released hotfix 3 for ffvi MSU1. Head here to check it out http://forums.qhimm.com/index.php?topic=16077.175 It now has full bnw compatibility.
  5. Was this fix in version 2 of the patch? Or is it something you've done for version 1.10?
  6. I applaud the awesome work done here, but does this make dispel a massivly OP spell now. Maybe a decrease in accuracy is needed or something.
  7. Is there any chance of reintroducing the hand equips during battle. I know they dissappeared with the optimize euip option, i was just wondering if a solution had been found for this? It is literally the only complaint I have about this hack.
  8. Shop Gear Stats Preview

    Do you have any screen shots?
  9. Locke and Midgame Balance

    In my last playthrough of 1.9.0 I used seibaby's encounter patch v4, and I believe that by the end I was at least 2 or 3 levels lower than my 1.8.6 playthrough. I think I ended up between 28 and 32 for all characters, with EL's from 19 to 23, I think that this is a good way of lowering levels without messing around with too much else. Also I never had to grind to keep up either. Im not sure if I play faster slower or what not, but my playthrough was 52-54 hours. Which is a decent game, considering vanilla is usually 32 hours for me.
  10. Sure is, apparently the track it replaces is an unused fanfare track.
  11. Did they have the extra BNW song included? The link for the extra song used for the dragons in BNW is in the DM discord around May 8th.
  12. I thought the link was in an email, turns out the link to the song in on the DM discord chat, around May 8th or something. So feel free to get it from there.
  13. I just finished a play through using the patch for the whole game. The only informatuon I can give back that has any revelance is that. Without any purposeful grinding my chatacters ranged from level 27-31 with no-one having EL's higher than 22 I think. I managed to learn all the spells with no worries, and the curse was broken on the shield while fighting the last dragon in KT.
  14. Plans for 2.0

    I just had a crazy idea for Gau. That maybe he could learn a rage from the bears in mt zozo or the hobo's in zozo that gives him the steal ability. It may be redundant because shadow and setzer can equip the switchblade, but I think it would still be cool.
  15. Insidious said that he was aiming for an end of June release. So I don't think it will be too far away. Shoot him a message on discord. He'll probably be more than happy to have someone else test it out. I can probably send you a link for the BNW dragon song aswell, which edale did a black mages version for.