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  1. I was just reading through the readme of BNW and read this line. The most immediate indication you'll receive that the patch took is the new default window style when the game loads (the patch doesn't change the title screen - awesome as it would be - to its official logo). You can also view what version of the patch you're playing in the config menu. I've been using this hack below to at least get it to a FFVI screen. http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/600/ When I initially read this, I thought it was the intention. But on subsequent re-reads creating this post I realise theyre talking about the purple skull design. What would be needed to create this? Rom expansion? I think it would be awesome if just the splash screen could be replaced as the cinimatic intro is still pretty cool.
  2. I'd say right about where Sabin and Shadow's SP are stored. 😊 last night Sabins SP would be set to 23 after every fight. It let me learn Quake and drain in 2 fights. But it would never get above 23 so I couldn't learn sleepx, win some lose some I guess.
  3. I recently got a SD2SNES and have tried out the MSU-1 feature on Zelda and Metroid 3. It got me wondering if BNW would be compatible with the newly released open beta of tbe FF6 MSU-1 hack. The only issue I can see is that the music has been modified to continue playing through some battles and the dragons now have their own new (old) music. Would it be worth trying out, or is it destined for failure? I can just imagine 'The Black Mages' playing along with this game.
  4. Edgar can pretty much hit with every bad stat. Plus has the ability to nearly heal them all without items. Has access to inherant haste. Plus the use of golem. Plus all the other arguments above. Like it was described in the beginner school, you don't need to worry about how you build your characters to beat the game. I think a lot of thought has already gone into how the characters are built and what they have access to. Compared to vanilla, where there is definate standouts. In BNW you can just pick the lowest leveled characters (unless you want to steal something) up stats without paying too much attention, and have at it. Always seems to work for me.
  5. Another one of these. If you think Palidor can save you from Physical attacks, think again. I used Palidor to escape from the Tonberry's barrage of physical attacks. All of the normal ones missed. But he was able to use 'shank' to kill 2 characters while they were off screen. They still completed their jump attack, followed up by the entered attack (even with sword spellcasts) then fell over and died. I think the same happens with fighting yeti. I have even seen a floating katana counter with the player off screen.
  6. Update: I have made the Dancing Mad hacker aware of the bug concerning the SP (non) gains when BNW is patched over Dancing Mad. He said we is going to look in to it. But it's not going to be at the top of the priority list. So I guess it's a wait and see situation. It will be awesome to see this work. With no bugs.
  7. Where would some free space be in BNW? It might be worth letting the Dancing Mad guys know. Surely I'm not the only one that is interested in both patches. But then again maybe I am😂.
  8. Well it didn't fix itself. And now seems to be affecting Sabin aswell. But Edgar now has 75 SP, which is a bit weird considering the cap is 30. Is the SP setup in some un used area of the original rom? I just cant fathom how the music pointer etc are affecting the SP collecting of 2 characters. And dumping it on another.
  9. The good news is. If you don't like the spell/weapon names etc. Use FF3usMe and change them yourself. Then create your own patch to patch over BNW when a new release comes out. I myself dont like the numbered spells, but the 6 letter spells made me bust out the thesaurus a find new words which might be used as a spell name. I learnt a lot and it was good fun too.
  10. I just got to the Purple Dragon, and the dragon song played no worries. Of course it was the SPC sound, but it's good to see that it works. I'm still having weird things happening with the SP but it may be because I have changed some other things around in the version of BNW that I'm using. I'm going to try it with a regular version of BNW and Dancing mad MSU-1 to see if they are truely compatible. I think I still have a srm near the floating continent where I started having trouble. Edit: unfortunately I have weilded undesired results. BNW without the extra changes I had made and the MSU-1 hack Dancing mad, have the same glitch regarding SP on the floating continent. Hopefully someone could have a look in the code to see what happens on the floating continent with Shadows SP. (Because I wouldn't even know where to start). I'm just about to reach the cave in the veldt so hopefully the Shadow SP situation rectifies itself there.
  11. When beating the warring triad I was a little underwhelmed when all I got was a bunch of MP. The main reason I say this is because at this stage everyone had learnt all thier respective spells, (Even from the espers found in Kefka's tower) and some of the characters have maxxed out EL's. Personally I think it would be cool if they dropped some of the weapons found in the colosseum. The Mutsonokami and Gungir come to mind, for Asura and Myria, and maybe make up another weapon item or armour for Isis. You only will get them with practically 1 fight to go so it wont make too much of an impact. Too me it also makes sense that you need these powerful weapons of the Warring Triad to beat Kefka. I'm new here so this has probably aleeady been discussed. Thoughts?
  12. Did you have different source and destination files? Or are you using the same file for both? Changing the table file fixed all my faults, with the multiple chouces not working. That is what fixed the file for me. Maybe take out 15=15. I'm pretty sure that that isn't in the original tbl file. If it we're me (and a month ago it was). I'd make sure all my tbl files and pointers etc were properly alligned. And start again. There is also another setting ptSeekSame which needs to be set from true to false. From what Ive read about it. I think itd do screwy things with ff6. If you want I can post all my settings.
  13. I had the same problem initially. Did you edit the table so that 01=^ and 13=* 01 is basically ending the line, and 13 is killing the window and starting a new one. Initially the tbl file has both 01 and 13 as *. Which effectively changes all instances of 13 to 01. Therefor never creating a new window which stuffs up a lot of the choices. I should have specified this in the initial post but I was a bit lazy. Sorry. This table edit should solve your problems.
  14. No worries. If you need any help, I'd be glad to. But you probably know just as much as me at this point.😊
  15. I've had great success with 'Kruptar' and 'Windhex'. You'll also need to download the FF3us table file from Lord J's website. You'll find all the pointer and dialog address information there as well. Or at FF6 Hacking. With the right info you can be hacking the script witnin 10-20 mins. Just 2 tips. The dialog is across 2 banks. So within Kruptar you'll need to setup 2 lists. With one referenced to hD0000 and the other referenced to hE0000. Also in the table file there are two hex numbers are assigned to *. You'll need to change one of them. I used ^ and it worked fine. Using notepad++ as an editor. Be aware that there isn't much room for movement. As most of the space has already been filled. Kruptar will realighn all the pointers and optimise the space for any changes that you may make. There is a bit of wriggle room in the second bank. Where you can move the Location names to the end of E0000 and free up a bit of room, but I think you'll only get between 150-200 extra words. (Or it may be characters, cant really remember).
  16. So I have just come across my first real bad glitch with BNW over the top of Dancing Mad MSU1 hack. Shadow on the floating continent is not gaining SP. He is still gaining EL's and was able to learn the spell off of 'that relic' but not sp = no haste or float, which makes Atma a pain. He had 2 SP from the one fight he had near Thamasa so he already had learned Dispel. But for some reason he no longer gains SP. I switched my save over to a non MSU 1 patched rom and Shadow was gaining SP again. Damn it. I was really enjoying the MSU1 hack too. Edit: So I did the floating continent on BNW with no MSU-1. Learned Shadow's spells, saved the game and transferred the save to the BNW with MSU-1. My party was Terra in slot 1, Shadow in slot 2, Edgar in slot 3 and Strago in Slot 4. after I had defeated Atma I noticed that Edgar now had 67sp. I couldn't check Shadow as he leaves straight away. Terra and Strago were on 30sp each. I forgot to check if Edgar's sp kept rising after the scene. Due to the time constraint and the adrenaline of a first try defeat of Atma (booya). I still have the srm on my pc so I can replicate it. Once in the WOR Celes' SP appeared to be behaving normally. Does anyone have a clue as to what may have happened.
  17. I have just finished WOB and can say that the music so far has been mostly outstanding. There is one piano track (I think it is used for the Kefka slave crown scene) that I feel is out of place but everything else to me sounds awesome. Especially the heavy guitar driven tracks. The opera scene with voices was awesome. And even though they have been timed to work with the lines of a different hack, line up with BNW quite well. The enraged esper, IMRF and floating continent tracks have been a standout. And highly recommend giving this a go. So far the only glitches I have come across is when the music is supposed to fafe to silence. Which to my count is twice so far. Which is the one mentioned above and in Which was a bit off putting but such a small negative to all the positives so far. Hoping to finish the floating continent and start on WOR tomorrow.
  18. This sounds like it has patched just the text. So I think you hit the nail on the head with just the CNW patch being applied. Speaking of the dialog for the doom train. I've seen it in FF3usME but never been able to trigger it in game. I always make sure I suplex the train to see it happen and just cop the consequenses. Has it been ommitted in later versions of the hack?
  19. Except now. Im doing an all in one test 😁. I'm reporting the MSU-1 bugs back to the 'Dancing Mad' guys. I havent found anything really game breaking yet. The MSU patch is pretty good just a few fading bugs at the moment. I'll turn off the hooks and see if I encounter the same issue again. Gonna have to get up off my fat arse to reset the game now😑
  20. No worries. The Super nt has them aswell, so it may have been a double whammy. Funny how it took so long to show up. I thought it may be a hardware thing. Good to know these things are known.
  21. Sorry for my ignorance. In game hooks?
  22. In the IMRF I had the equip screen turn black once a slot was selected to be equiped. Once the the equipment was selected the screen returned to normal. This may be because I am using BNW over the top of the Dancing Mad MSU-1 mod. Or it may be a hardware issue, usind SD2SNES in a super nt. It happened a few times but not all the time, and it hasn't showed up in any other area yet.
  23. May be a glitch, May not. I had a look in FF3usMe, but couldn't make head nor tale of the battle script considering what happened. I wasn't expecting that.
  24. In Zozo I couldn't Runic the Greasemonk 'Vanish' Spell. But the Slamdancer 'Fire' spell was Runic'd No Worries.