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  1. Beating Seraph esper

    Intangir Gau makes this fight a cakewalk!
  2. Breath of Fire 2 - Defiance of Fate

    On the Shaman Timing. Did you see a possible way to lock some of them away and not others? Say for example, you unlock the basic shamans right off the bat, but after some story events unlock the rest? Such as expanding township. Then as you find their physical counterparts they get full strength?
  3. Breath of Fire 2 - Defiance of Fate

    I always felt like Bow, Karn, or Patty should have been playable characters. At the very least Patty. Maybe a special battle with Bow and Karn when you reach that island would be fun. I think there was a guy over at romhacking.net that looked into it, and it was too difficult to implement another PC.
  4. Breath of Fire 2 - Defiance of Fate

    Awesome. What's in the tech demo so far? I'll give it a look.
  5. Breath of Fire 2 - Defiance of Fate

    This sounds super fun. BoF2 is one of the games I will play over and over. I haven't checked out your tech demo yet, so if this is answered there I'm sorry. Are you building this over vanilla or over the Ryusui translation? http://www.romhacking.net/translations/1384/