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  1. first of all, thanks for the mod, i find it way better than the original... also, Makami Full Kagutsuchi ¨boss fight¨ does always the same attack pattern, he cast dragon eye,fog breath, x attack but then randomly runs off the fight... i don't know if you know this so, i report it to you, also, there's a point in putting points in ag as a magic/support mc? since the only thing that affects is turn order (i think) and luck is used for magic accuracy... also,while i played this game for like 30 hours the first time, then i losed my save and started a new game with the mod, i never finished the game but i played all the persona games so i understand the system, should i go for TDE in the first time or just enjoy the game and left it for the next playthrough as a ¨challenge¨? i'm just looking for the best way to enjoy the game actually... i'm new to megami Tensei. So, thats everything... Thanks for the mod again.