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  1. The super suit you get from beating smithy. If you follow my tutorials step by step u won't have any problem. Step one is get to level 100 which only takes about 30 minutes maybe 45. I made a video on that. Step 2 is get the lazy shell. That's very easy. Step 3 beat exor. Step 4 get the master ball and catch celebi Step 5 defeat smithy who gives you the super suit.
  2. Please subscribe if you like them and let me know if there's a special video u want me to make
  3. I made a video for everything haha.
  4. I just started this stream today! Come check me out! www.twitch.tv/FeinLife
  5. I made a tutorial on beating him. Check out my your tube channel.
  6. Wtf hahaha. My Geno has 1603
  7. @Doomsday31415 how is it that all your characters have 1599 hp when you fought Xion when that's impossible to get? I've played through and maxed HP 5 times on hard mode and never had 1599 on all my characters.
  8. I can help test it thoroughly 😁 Also, can you release what u have right now just to me and let me stream it? Haha I'm so impatient and I game all day..
  9. @Gi Nattak Yes, I do plan on streaming it. I'm finishing up my youtube tutorials on Super Mario RPG Armageddon, and then I'm going to switch to ROTDS... but I was really hoping to play ROTDS version 2.0, but it doesn't seem like it's ever going to come out.
  10. awe... maybe I'll find a better way for you!
  11. I've added captions to the above video which includes a special shoutout!
  12. Newest tutorial - Please leave a thumbs up, leave a comment, and subscribe!
  13. Doomsday, I'd like to make a Rosalina tutorial but being as your strategy is optimal I'd like you to voice it. Is that possible or weird? Lol
  14. smrpg:a

    I had the same question during my speed run as I was highly confused lol.. You have to beat Valentina then that flower chest will be hidden and something new will pop out.