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  1. V.9 Speedrun

    I'm going to begin developing a route today. This will be hell on earth difficulty level. Which mode is which difficulty? Which would be ideal for speedrunning? I prefer the harder one, but man... this version is hella hard! phoo... this will be REALLY HARD. Considering the geno swap glitch is gone
  2. V.9 Speedrun

    Are there currently any speedruns or speedrunners on version 9? Are there any moderators set up for this version yet? I know for v.8 there was, easy mode/speed run mode, a hardmode, and (I believe) a content mode as well. Does this [v.9] have anything like that available and if so, are multi-segmented runs acceptable? Can I use a specific emulator? Is there a 100% format?
  3. The quality is crap, but I just wanted to make a quick video of how easy Xion becomes with 3x Oathkeeper. I was watching a movie while playing this.
  4. Until then... the Oathkeeper, albeit COMPLETELY BUSTED, is USELESS.. Aside from being able to beat xion in 5 minutes. Rosalina still remains the hardest boss in the game... yet, you can't farm galaxy rings from her..??? I love this hack to death, and although these aren't deterrents from me playing for another month or so, if there is EVER the possibility of another update coming out, I want IN on development. I have so many ideas! Also, is there a harder version to this one, or an easier one for that matter? When yall put "content mode" and names like that, it doesn't have any meaning as to what the difficulty level is. I'm sure that's a common subtitle but, it doesn't tell me if its the harder, easier, or normal mode.
  5. Is there any chance of getting a final superboss - Post Xion? One that is only unlocked after completing everything else?
  6. I want to do tutorials on each endgame objective(s), including tips on farming, gearing up for and defeating bosses, the various pokemons, and how I get level 100 early on in about 30 minutes. Xion is much easier than v.8. The kingdom battles 1v1 are harder IMO (depending on what gear you have) The Pokemon wave battles are harder than v.8 Hardmodes were Terra is easier IF you understand the hidden mechanics. I've got those figured out and documented already. Rosalina is much harder than v.8 hard mode and harder than Xion. The only reason I say Xion is easier is because Our DPS is about double what it was in V.8 Hardmode and his basic requirement is that you must block his attacks without any other strategy being necessarily mandatory. Rosalina requires much more blocking (albeit easier frames to block than xion) AND requires timed strategies (like Terras battle does). All with the added frustration of a multi hour boss rush prior to even attempting to fight her. Xion, you can grind out the timings, Rosalina, however, you can't. It took me a hot minute to teach myself a strategy to beating her. Of course, I may have a slight advantage in that, I played v.8 and beat the game over 40-50 times from scratch and grinded out xion for over a month before being able to beat him on stream cleanly. But, rosalina did not garnish that type of attention because you have to grind out the weak as hell boss rush. There should be an OPTION to fight her (while skipping the boss rush) AFTER defeating the rush for the first time.
  7. I definitely would like your input, and could start today with videos actually! I've tried multiple methods to beating Rosalina, I've only gotten 2 methods to work. I've created graphs and excel spreadsheets on her damage vs your defense/hp ratios. If you can, give me the Discord link, OR even Facebook messenger would be great Let me know- heres my messenger link https://m.me/brock.henley.73
  8. Looks like I'm going for round 6.. Heres some of the info I've gathered so far I've also re spec'd to get the ideal stats that survive her ultimate attack, which is what my pictures below show. It'd probably help if I had the raw data or watched a tutorial, but this is more enlightening and important, (for me) for making tutorials later on. Now that I've respec'd (which aren't shown in those pictures) gunna try the run again.. I'm sure there must be an easier way to beat her and I'm overcomplicating things
  9. I'm thinking this is the party to beat rosalina.. We shall see! ROUND 5 FIGHT
  10. Really disappointed by Xion.. 1000 frog coins and galaxy coins for winning...? No Galaxy Gear grind?? I already had 1000 galaxy and frog coins from grinding. Could I get a patch with a real reward? Sorry.. but, I spent over 8 hours trying to beat him without savestates and re specing my characters.. only to win an ULTRA common currency..
  11. Ok, yea.. I've tried 100 different things and can't beat rosalina.. I'm going to grind out Pillars and try it again Please tell me you can get more than one pillar.. Also, I'm guessing she's the new superboss, not xion
  12. How do I know which rosalina it is..? I started the battle by using galaxy blast... to which she responded, "GALAXY BLAST".. To which mallow and peach died *Note to self: 'This bitch mimics you or somethin"
  13. On a side note, right now I'm finishing up v.9. I'm currently doing the boss rushes (at Terra at the moment and will finish her once im home today). I still have to do rosalinas boss rush on star hill, the mushroom kingdom solo battles with all my characters but Mario, and xion. Idk if I'm missing someone.. I havent used any tutorials or forum guides yet in the game, so each battle is hard for me still. I've notated several end game superboss patterns and thats what I'll use to make those tutorials but, first I have to master everything without savestates before ill make anything.
  14. Ahh... I'm assuming my patch is outdated seeing as mine was emailed to me by Dark Kefka before it was launched. But, I THINK he gave me an updated version that I used later.. As far as my tutorials, idk if you've seen my v.8 videos but, I'll attach a link to my SMRPG tutorial Playlist found on my YouTube channel. Basically, i had to stop gaming and filming because of my last girlfriend who was a roadblock to my freedom lol. BUT, now I've happily been with a new girlfriend, turned Fiancé, for the last couple years and she SUPPORTS ME! Not only that, she wants me to film again! Lol
  15. I am shocked how ez it was to capture Celebi... I literally threw a regular poke ball as my very first action in the battle... and captured him lol. The masterball is basically useless, unless there's another Pokémon out there idk about. I didnt get the masterball until after beating and capturing all the Pokémon In version 8 I used the masterball to get celebi