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  1. My god, I never thought I would need to search behind a bed for yall drops.. but I felt like this room was fishy seeing as it's an INN with 3 entirely empty rooms haha
  2. Hahaha. I LOVE this rendition/cameo from FF7
  3. Oh wow nice. Once 2.1 drops, am I going to have to start ALL over again? Or can I patch over my existing rotds rom?
  4. Also, did yall change the ronin pic?
  5. This is my first playthrough of 2.0(6).. I'm not sure if this reference was in the previous 1.86 version or not - but I played through that version 5 times and didnt see this one. Thought it would be cool to show the community how far yall have gone in creating an amazing game I thought this was such a great reference from matrix, by god I hope Leo is usable later!
  6. Has the game been modified or updated since I last played? Heres a video I made where I broke your game in 2018 . I played through that version several times and enjoyed it. I was hoping to play through it again if you've updated it at all
  7. I'm sorry..

    Guys, I know it probably isn't a big deal to y'all... But, recently I went from hardcore playing and streaming to NOTHING. I WAS BLESSED with the opportunity to stream v.9 beta before it's release (not sure if it was released yet or not..) but after just one stream... I stopped. My mom died... That night after I streamed, I got the call. I haven't streamed or played any games at all since.. my gf left me yesterday, which was my b-day.. and my dad told me he's moving across the country to live with my sister so she can take care of him.. I feel like I'm losing everything...
  8. Version 9 Beta stream!

    Well guys, yesterday's stream was a success! I'll be continuing exactly where I left off today! I got a few things I need to finish up before I stream, but be expecting a notification in a couple hours!
  9. Version 9 Beta stream!

    Finally Live everyone! Follow me on Twitch @ www.twitch.tv/FeinLife
  10. Version 9 Beta stream!

    Most likely, yes. This beta run -more or less- is basically a final run through of bugs etc.. before DK will release it. On a side note... my computer is doing a massive update and I don't know if it will be done in time for streaming at 8 p.m. tonight unfortunately.. I bought this new computer today so I have to get all the streaming software and templates to complete, the emulators and games to work, and the updates for windows to complete.
  11. Version 9 Beta stream!

    It's Beta. DarkKefka privately sent me this patch. It's the precursor to the release. I don't have an answer to your latter questions unfortunately.
  12. Guys, I have Wonderful news! I will officially be streaming version 9 Beta from beginning to end! It will be a blind playthrough so we will be able to witness the new greatness together! I will only be streaming - I will NOT be giving the patch out to anyone - I'm sorry ahead of time. I will begin streaming tonight - for 2 to 3 hours tonight. I'm thinking 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. tonight Central Time.
  13. Ok, I'll be sending it in a couple hours sir. Again, thank you so much for this amazing game - it has so much potential
  14. Mr. Praetarius, I'm back home and I planned on doing an extensive report on the pros and cons from my perspective on this game. I've played through it four times and hit level 99 and mastered 70 abilities 2 times - needless to say, I feel as though I have valuable feedback and suggestions. Do you want me to private message you or, are you ok with me posting it all here. I absolutely loved this mod and would hope you would hear me out. On a side note - I'd love to help you finish this mod if possible.