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  1. I've decided to start tutorials, subscribe to my YouTube channel to follow and feel free to request video tutorials!
  2. Wtf hahaha. My Geno has 1603
  3. @Doomsday31415 how is it that all your characters have 1599 hp when you fought Xion when that's impossible to get? I've played through and maxed HP 5 times on hard mode and never had 1599 on all my characters.
  4. I can help test it thoroughly 😁 Also, can you release what u have right now just to me and let me stream it? Haha I'm so impatient and I game all day..
  5. Hey guys, I'm going to be playing through this game AGAIN for the fourth time, but this time... I'm going to be recording for a speedrun! I'm going to do this several times.. but my rules are New Game plus Any difficulty Any % Speedrun I'm going to be starting a speedrun category on SpeedRun.com after I complete my first run The categories are obviously changeable and completely open to your suggestions. In order for us to create a category I will have to create runs.
  6. @Gi Nattak Yes, I do plan on streaming it. I'm finishing up my youtube tutorials on Super Mario RPG Armageddon, and then I'm going to switch to ROTDS... but I was really hoping to play ROTDS version 2.0, but it doesn't seem like it's ever going to come out.
  7. awe... maybe I'll find a better way for you!
  8. I've added captions to the above video which includes a special shoutout!
  9. Newest tutorial - Please leave a thumbs up, leave a comment, and subscribe!
  10. Doomsday, I'd like to make a Rosalina tutorial but being as your strategy is optimal I'd like you to voice it. Is that possible or weird? Lol
  11. smrpg:a

    I had the same question during my speed run as I was highly confused lol.. You have to beat Valentina then that flower chest will be hidden and something new will pop out.
  12. Which mode are you playing on.. because she's not impossible or even hard on the hard mode
  13. After a grueling 11 HOURS, I was able to beat smithy on hardmode in ONE segment, and submitting my first hardmode speed run I've submitted it to Speedrun.com although I don't suspect this record will stand long as records are meant to be broken.. FYI - 11 hours is actually a good time but no wheres near optimal. my goal would be 7 Hours next. 5-6 hours may be possible as well. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/262344069
  14. I see your a moderator now so that's pretty cool! I will let you know when I'm about to do a full run. It will probably be tomorrow around 7 a.m. or 8 a.m.
  15. Yay! That's pretty exciting! Now I run it again!
  16. I've got 13 videos uploaded today!
  17. @Doomsday31415 check this out - I added captions to one of my 10 minute videos.. It took almost an hour but I think it will be worth it overall. Just press the captions button at the bottom of the video! Tell me your thoughts since it was your idea!
  18. On an added note - people who are searching for end game content will enjoy this, whereas people who aren't may be more critical. I personally found that this game (among other hacks) lacked SERIOUS thread information and SERIOUS video information. Scouring endless stream videos just to find simple things out is annoying and usually ends with me back on Google - that is why I made these videos. As time progresses I will certainly invest in higher quality Cam and mics. I do appreciate yours, and everyone's, feedback.
  19. Although I agree with you, no one is going to close my videos on quality because on I'm the only real tutorial that exists for this game. Unless they Midway decide to search the deepweb in hopes (like I did) of finding information on stuff they don't even know exists... As far as sound quality.. I intentionally was quiet because my gf was sleeping - my day time videos will be louder. Funny story though, I had to remake two videos because she started snoring in the background haha. I personally enjoy facecam videos WAY more than raw footage only - and mandatory is a minimum of voice audio. I will look into adding subtitles additionally for people without access to sound , I do think that's a great idea.
  20. Does YouTube have capabilities to add subtitles? I can go edit them in if possible.
  21. Do you mean quality of facecams?
  22. Hey guys, I've added several More tutorials, including how to farm frog coins, where and how to capture the lake guardians, and where to get 4 more Pokemon. This is far from finished!
  23. @Darkcelestrian I'm going to be doing youtube tutorials on everything - so problem solved.
  24. Also, the seed and fertilizer Grant you a fight against ozma... Who is MUCH harder than the bosses you're fighting right now.. @Doomsday31415 that link doesn't tell you how to get everything but it is a good start.
  25. U don't need the lazy shell, get diamond mail. The lazy shell is collected in monstro town after finding all 60 hidden chest in the game Diamond mail can be farmed from gold dragons in the sea... Which if u want I can give a better description. If you have a found illusion you can definitely use it vs the axem rangers.