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  1. Documentation out of date

    You get the spells the same way, that's the thing. Quarry Fuse is gotten just like lvl 5 suicide. So it doesn't matter a whole lot. Only problem I found was with the "Alpha" skill(From Zolom). Sidenote: Magnitude8(Which is now Time Flare) is a bit annoying to get. You need to use limits to trigger it as a counterattack. Hope this helps moving forward.
  2. Locke and Midgame Balance

    Some work to prevent people a bit more from overlevelling seems like a good idea. However, one more feature I'd like to see: Turn of EXP without turning off EL gains. I find EL-training(Especially in Early-mid WoR) to be incredibly annoying. Some characters can really fall behind the EL curve - and, opposed to lvls, ELs represent a lot more... fun. Level ups aren't fun(No choice, "boring" powerboosts).
  3. Locke and Midgame Balance

    Burning House being rather easy(As an introductory stage or smth) is fine... But it is not easy - it is a joke. That is not good, in my opinion. Ebot's Rock and Ancient Castle feel like they could be buffed up, that's true. Owzer's Mansion, Phoenix Cave and Cultist Tower stuck out to me as particulary easy. I did stuff in order(Aside from Veldt Cave) and did not grind one bit, often turning off exp - think by Cultist Tower, my party was about lvl 27-28, ELs at about 15-17. So, to summarize the areas I felt were too easy~ FC(With proper setup, multi-party dungeon could alleviate the problem there). Magitek Research Facility. Burning House(And basically anything Thamasa). Sealed Gate Cave. Owzer's Mansion. Phoenix Cave. Ebot's Rock. Ancient Castle. Cultist Tower.
  4. Locke and Midgame Balance

    For the big mid-WoR part, I think that restrictions could allow for a better balance curve. As is, you can go basically everywhere after early WoR. This makes balancing all the different areas rather... difficult. Personally, I only encountered any sort of resistance in the Veldt Cave(Probably cause I got there rather early) and felt like I steamrolled every other dungeon without much trouble, despite working hard to keep my lvls in check.
  5. Locke and Midgame Balance

    I'd say~ For midgame, the final stretch of WoB - Magitek Facility through FC.
  6. Locke and Midgame Balance

    Personally, I'd like some opions on Zozo regarding how hard you can gimp yourself via teamcomp. Just curious there, really. Additionally, Magitek Facility, Sealed Gate Cave. Those were the points I felt OP at, to be honest. The burning house in Thamasa felt like a joke to me, too(Aqua Rake=GG).
  7. Locke and Midgame Balance

    C/Cs reliance on Stamina makes it much less appealing in many cases - especially for characters with poor base stamina/stamina growth(Edgar comes to mind). Stamina does not add dmg to your counter, but is necessary to keep the C/C chance reliable enough. Additionally, Cover needs at least some form of tankiness that does not solely rely on dodge(This makes Shadow a poor Cover user). The problems are setups that "cheat" that inherent balance of Stamina=/=damage. However, the reliance on stamina for C/C builds is largely what keeps them in check: Many character simply do not benefit enough from Stamina(Like Locke) to make their C/C build optimal in the long run. But... We are talking about midgame balance here. And midgame balance is~ kind of a mess. I noticed that myself in my playthrough. To "fix" that problem, one could swap ELs around... for example, granting Locke not access to Stam+HP, but rather MP+HP. That would keep his midgame C/C setups in check. Would need to crunch through all the midgame problems to make any proper calls on this, though - along with checking availability of each build going into the WoR. Another possible "fix" for the midgame problem could... to actually just straight-up buff it. Thamasa, Sealed Cave and FC all need serious buffs, I feel. After all, taking options away from the player is not fun - but upping the challenge very well might be. Some characters are definitely OP midgame. Cyan and Locke are the ones that come to mind first. However, I think it was established that you grossly overlevelled somehow. To prevent this, one could change the XP curve to spike MUCH more heavily past 20(Similar to the post 30 spike) and scale the WoR enemy XP up to compensate. This would prevent levelling characters post 20 in WoB by accident. Your results are definitely mainly caused by overlevelling - and accidental overlevelling feels crappy, especially if you are looking for a challenge.
  8. Quarry Fuse Problem

    Sure thing. If I find anything, I shall post it on Qhimm. On that note: Clouds Past, Shinra Mansion basement. When first getting there, part of the dialogue(By Sephiroth) is unfunctional. This issue may very well stem from Beacause/Menu Overhaul, though - and I can't really check it on a clean install atm anyway. The Dialogue boxes appear, but disappear almost immediately. May be worth checking(If it is easy to do for you), but as mentioned, I'd expect other mods to be the culprit.
  9. Quarry Fuse Problem

    Nice. This made me wonder: Are there currently any other known bugs? Not the small stuff,, but things affecting abilities would be nice to know as a heads up.
  10. Quarry Fuse Problem

    Thanks a bunch.
  11. Talking about the Enemy Skill learned from Mu's - it turns grants all targets invincible, reflect, barrier and mbarrier. I am using 7th heaven and downloaded the june 23rd version. Is the bug simply not fixed? Edit: Saw there was an update(30th june version). Downloaded the Iro and installed it via 7th Heaven. Quarry Fuse still makes enemies invincible, though. Edit 2: Tested a few things. Ran the main installer(on my vanilla steam-file) and tested Quarry Fuse. Works as intended there, but not in the 7th Heaven version. Completely reinstalled 7th Heaven from scratch. Tested without any other mods - but the issue persists.
  12. Okay, thanks. Very helpful, I'll keep those tips in mind as pointers.
  13. Compatibility

    Okay, thanks a lot.
  14. Soo, to put it shortly... Cloud is a main mage? Seems.. off. But I guess he has the main character syndrome(Jack of all trades). Tifa is the resident glass cannon. Barret is a tank. That said, a character that is just a TANK and nothing else is pretty useless. What is his main offence(M or P) and does he have good utility? Aerith as a mage, makes sense. Red is... another hybrid M/P, I guess? Yuffie is another glass cannon~ish character, but with high evasion. Vincent... I guess a mage primarily, or are physical builds also strong? Cait Sith~ I might be the only one who kinda likes Cait Sith... Though, the one I like is Reeves. I guess he is a utility mage/tank. Cid is "bruiser". Strong phys, strong defence. Got that about right? Ozma, huh... The superboss of FF9 was called Ozma, too.
  15. Compatibility

    Hm, I think there is a compability issue with me and the language there x) Google translate will probably spit out a mess, so can you tell me about the installation and what the mod exactly overhauls?