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  1. Whoops, totally forgot those. However, this Love Token situation is the first one I experienced of the creeping Gau and it happened consistently when his Zap got covered by an Ally, not in any other circumstance. I hope this info may at least help in identifying the problem.
  2. One, possibly two, bugs encountered during the Isis fight, both having to do with Gau. Had Gau with the conjurer rage. When he attacks using "Zap" while someone is enticed by Love Token to cover, Gau will inch forward. Nothing gamebreaking, but annoying. Secondly, Gau only casted Rerise on his side of the field, never on the opposing side. Maybe I just got really unlucky with the RNG, but it could be worth looking into it. He should be able to cast rerise on anyone in the party, after all. Incidentally, that made the fight a lot harder.
  3. But Vig Sabin is strong already. That's the one stam Sabin really has to compete with in terms of powerlevel - and a very awkward counter wouldn't help. I'd also oppose granting him more basic defence via claws. He has low defence, rather medium dodge.. but very high health. That's fine as it is. Thematically, I do not see where there is really a disconnect. Stamina already being THE counter stat and all. As mentioned, bonus damage based on Stamina could also be possible. I just want to push claws more into the limelight, really. While they are plenty strong on Vig builds, you'd probably just Rush over them in most scenarios. Sabin being low in the pecking order in general is fine, but Stam Sabin shouldn't be noticeably less desiraable than Vig Sabin(A very solid dps). He is bulky enough to not require the autos. Think Speed is a much more appreciated stat on Stam Sabin especially. Heh, that was my first idea that started this. Stamina based Damage Reduction while covering - this would rather clearly make this a Stam-Sabin only move. But~ I think we fleshed out the idea a bit. Some kind of skill that allows Sabin to C/C with(maybe) stamina based DR and stamina based counter. I like the idea, as it fits for a monk-style character, is a special kind of C/C and cements stam Sabin more as a support Sabin. Now onto the details: I'd be in favor of non-physical C/Cing, to give him something very special over any other cover user. Additionally, duration is a question. As a runic-esque ability, it could work(last until any other action is taken). There is also the possibility to let it last for X C/Cs, or a set amount of turns - or a combination of both. It could also become inactive once his health drops down to a certain stage. How the counterattack should work is a small discussion point. Think it should be a stamina based counter - I'd personally like to incorporate claws, as the Vig build under-utilizes them(Except for weakness sniping/doom procs) - either replace vig with stam in the counter formula, or add stam based bonus damage for claws. A simple stam based counter works, too(Would look cool with Wind Slash animation). Another question is how damaging his counters should end up being. They could be the builds best offence and be rather damaging - the unreliable nature allows that. Could have a double-dipping problem(Stamina=Offence&Defence). Could also have a medium damage output, putting the defensive use at the forefront. Hm, maybe we should create a poll, just to get a better feel for general reception on the idea.
  4. But... Why not use any of the other, better cover users then? But the direction sounds good regardless. I simply do not think saving a relic slot is worth giving up too many turns. You can easily slap cover on any of the actually tanky characters - and they'll do it well enough. Having this kind of C/C skill requires it to be actually good. Granted, many options for that. Not to mention, if he could only C/C physicals, he'd be very limited. Having him be able to cover single-target non-physicals would be a new and unique thing. DR while covering to actually make him survive and not go down in a few hits and stam-based claw counters, to put those more into the limelight in terms of the damage output of the build.
  5. The price of a turn is a big one here and Sabin is just... not tanky enough to take multiple hits in a single turn, I feel. Surely, there's some super high HP setup - but that also requires another character being a dedicated healer to him. Additionally, it would get a lot harder to focus on Stam ELs when you need to scramble absurd amounts of health together. So~ I do not think traditional cover could work as easily. Too many hoops to jump through to make it work. I still like the idea of retaliating with a Stamina-Based attack, although, it would be cool if Sabin would have a build that would put his claws into a bit more of a focus(A C/Cing Sabin would use them more than a Vig Sabin, despite the damage difference). A stamina based bonus multiplier to his normal counterattack could be an idea - or maybe just replacing Vig with Stam on the counter attacks. So~ Would you want a C/C Sabin to be more of a tank for the team with respectable damage, or a damage dealer that happens to take hits for the team(With his counters being especially powerful as a damage dealing tool)?
  6. Very cool and fitting naming theme, as well as some good source of inspiration... I like it. Think a Retort like counter, while simple, could work. However, due its substantial margin of unreliability(Even with counter all), it needs to pack a serious punch.
  7. Accidental double post, sorry.
  8. I see. As a stat itself, changing what it fundamentally does is a big and difficult discussion. In terms of what it does for Sabin, we have already gone over how chakra could be changed plenty(or others, for that matter). For Mantra, easiest change would be self-heal and/or less HP scaling, more stam scaling. Less sources of AoE heal would work, too. In terms of offence... He really doesn't need much - if anything at all. Having a Stam based AoE would be nice, but not necessary. Think Aurabolt could use a buff, but just a small one, and he'd be fine offensively. So what he needs is something new. Having a "counter-stance"-like move would be pretty cool in differentiating stam Sabin, give him more supportive qualities and put the focus on his dual-wielded, elemental weapons. To compliment this, maybe more high-tier elemental weaponry could be added(To give him more choice). As he'd have a more unique C/C, this is not as boring as a solution as it seems, while still being strong and useful as a perk of a Stam Sabin build. If this C/C idea is generally unwanted, though... We'd need something new - either on the stat itself or as an ability of stam Sabin. Do you have any ideas floating around? That "special cover" idea is really just the first that came to mind, thinking of his more supportive role and staminas general uses.
  9. That's a fun one. Still would need the DR, just to keep Sabin alive during C/C stance. Difficult to say if that could be implemented, though.
  10. Combining stam+Terrato doesn't strike me as a terrible idea anyway, though. But of course, Sabin's not made for covering - but he is really good at countering. Hence I was asking for some possibilities: Like a Counter and/or Cover relic/equip with a dmg reduction while covering for Sabin. Or an in-battle move that grants Sabin Cover+Counter for a set amount of turns, along with dmg reduction and/or bonus to counter damage. Naturally, both cover and counter would still be affected by stamina as normal to improve their chances. The dmg reduction or bonus dmg could scale with Stamina as well - making them undesirable for a Sabin that really doesn't want to cover. Adding this kind of buffed cover for Sabin allows him to fill a more supportive role(Fitting Stam Sabin's Mantra and Chakra), while making him also a lot better at using counters than regular Sabin. This doesn't need to be the only new thing for Stam Sabin, but it sounds pretty nice to me on paper - pushing him even further into "Support Sabin" territory... And not just "Living Battery".
  11. A big problem of Chakra is Stam Sabin's main draw is also build flexibility. Of the ones who always appreciate medium/light chakra support on any build, we'd probably have Shadow and Relm(Thanks to Osmose nerf)... That's it. Shadow only for rerise spam, naturally. Most other character either really don't need the support(Setzer, Strago), have easy and strong MP options or have different builds that don't care for MP as much. For example, I run an Omega Weapon Terra and an Illumina Celes. Celes, even without Soul Box and rather few MP ELs, just does not need her MP a whole lot. Terra, on the other hand, has such easy access to big MP that I picked some up and, as she doesn't at all need to spam expensive spells thanks to Omega, she has little need for Chakra regardless. Now, as I neither use X-Locke nor X-Mog... My toons need no chakra - Mana Battery does its job just as well. So not only MP management options reduce Chakra's usability, but also build options of other characters. The AoE effect also makes Chakra feel like a glorified tincture or ether at times. So yeah... Chakra can't stand as the main draw of Stam Sabin. Using what we currently have for Stamina in general, C/C seems a strong options, yet greatly hampered by both equip needs and his low defence. Would there be an option to create an ability that gives Cover+Counter temporarily in battle, maybe paired with a damage reduction? Or maybe an item for Sabin that gives him at least Cover+reduced damage while covering(But not at other times). C/C naturally works with Stamina and feels like THE draw of Stamina in this game(Aside from special interactions).
  12. I believe they scrapped that room altogether. Think that info was somewhere in the readme. But yeah, go up a few floors, get into the room with Holy-D, defeat it and you got crusader. I actually did that rather early into the WoR, so it shouldn't be that hard with a decent setup.
  13. Assuming I haven't missed a patch in the last 2 weeks, it still is. Got it upon defeating the Holy Dragon in there.
  14. Hm, the only place I could think of at the top of my head would be... An extra section on the way towards the ancient castle. Would at least feel fitting due to the Pond Scums. Aside from that(and that's not a strong one even), I cannot think of anything myself. Maybe something something Ebot's Rock(It having been underwater for so long and all - could have a watery section). But I see where you are coming from. Doing things completely hack-assed just feels wrong and random. And most people playing this hack probably think about the water rondo in WoB, I'd wager. It's kind of annoying that it is.. such a nice full offence dance. Best one for full offence, I'd argue.
  15. There. I looked - just ctrl+F for "Dance".