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  1. https://clips.twitch.tv/ProudNeighborlyIcecreamMikeHogu Tier 1 seems to use Meteo whenever the heck it wants.
  2. Tzen does not sell the Hyper Wrist in the WoR. (Fixed in RC-22) Bouncy Balls do 0 damage. (Added to bug list) Polarity seems to only have a graphical effect, and does not change the actual row of the target. (Likely got fixed with the RC-22 shit. Can someone confirm?) Steal often doesn't display that the enemy has been relieved of an item, but the Steal command is still perfectly functional anyways. (Confirmed fixed in RC-22)
  3. Thanks to seibaby for testing insights: Being Blinded while Jumping causes Jump to respect row; this is the cause of dealing half damage in this circumstance(proc damage is affected as well). Normal damage without blind was ~650, Front Row+Blind was ~650, Back Row+Blind was ~325. (Dark) Proc was about 3100 Normal, 1400 Blinded(wasn't paying too close attention to normal proc, might have been less than 3100, either way, it probably falls within variance).
  4. Intangir's mid battle switch can crash the game. I don't know exactly what I did here, but maybe I panned up into the Esper menu during the short pause between phases and this caused a crash. Details here: www.twitch.tv/cecil188/clip/WanderingSlickRadicchio4Head