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  1. smrpg:a

    @F14m3rz I can't thank you enough for these pics. This made getting the Lazy Shell all that much easier. The text from the guide can really do so much, these pics really help pinpoint where they are specifically, especially those moving NPC ones like the Monstro Town one and Mushroom Kingdom - Main Hall one.
  2. I concur. This romhack is one of my absolute favourites! Super Mario RPG was really lacking in the challenge department, which is great for newbies but when you want a challenge this romhack is perfect for you. I have some slight nitpicks from what I've played of V8 and the V9 Beta but damn man, this is one of the best romhacks I've played in some time. Can't wait for the full release of V9 whenever that comes out (although I grow a bit restless patiently waiting)