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  1. 1.7 of SFF has been released on the Nexus (link below). It's a very large update and will likely be the last large content update, with future updates focusing on balance tweaks and small changes. There are several large changes, but some of the major ones are the following: -Axes/Hammers no longer deal randomized damage. -Rods and Crossbows are more useful now, with the latter now being able to Combo and ignore Weather. -The Hunt Club sidequest is now far more interesting, has been completely revamped, and is how the player obtains the Wyrmhero Blade. -Holy is far better now, dealing AoE damage with a chance of inflicting Stop, similar to FFXIV. -Treasures have been completely revamped- all 1600+ chests now have the chest's rare item as the Diamond Armlet's common item, making those wearing the DA more likely to find genuinely good, rare treasure. -Many enemies with one 3% Steal have had Steal rates increased to reduce tedium. -Protect/Shell/Regen last longer, making them more viable early game. -For those playing with Struggle/Freedom boards, Penelo has been buffed to be a better caster and survive longer. -There are many other changes- be sure to check the changelog on the Nexus! I've put my heart and soul into this project, and I hope that everyone who has played it, is playing it, or will come to play it enjoys the world of Ivalice, improved. A full 1.7 changelog can be viewed here: 1.7 can be downloaded here:!aLJV1CqC!_hmF2k-AsOwtmNrGacCseId46eRtBrYrNtqq3ML9TT4 I'm sure that certain numbers will need to be changed in the future, but that just comes with the territory, so feedback is greatly appreciated!
  2. The good thing is that it's on sale a lot these days. There was just a really good sale for it during the Steam Winter Sale where it was like 50-60% off. I'm sure it'll come back on sale again soon, probably during the Spring sale (if not earlier).
  3. Hey NGPlus community, and happy New Year! It's been a while, but I've released a few big updates since the last time I posted on here. SFF is currently at 1.6.2, and I figured it was time to update you all! This will (hopefully) be one of the last updates, as SFF is more or less where I want it to be. Future updates will primarily focus on bugfixes and balance issues. There are many, many changes, but here are the biggest changes made since 1.5: Quickening shortcuts have been removed from the Struggle boards, since they weren't adding much to the game, and they were just causing confusion and frustration for people missing out on some stuff late-game. Hand-Bombs have become Knuckles, which allow the player to see Unarmed animations and actually use (pseudo) Unarmed combat more often. Also, each character now begins with Brawler learned, allowing for True Unarmed gameplay runs. The Brawler License has become Master Thief, giving the character the ability to have more accurate Steals, and allowing them to Steal two things at once sometimes. It's basically the Thief's Cuffs, without the need to sacrifice an Accessory slot. Wither/Addle have been removed and have been replaced with Blitz/Erase, the former dealing AoE physical damage and the latter removing every status- good and bad- from a single target. Most Technicks have been completely retouched in some way. Numerology now deals percentile damage to enemies in an AoE, Traveler bestows Haste/Float/Vanish on the user, First Aid restores 15% HP now, etc. Five-Star Trophy Hunts now have 100% drops, making it more worth the player's while to seek them out. Certain enemies have been rebalanced, with many late-game enemies receiving careful nerfs to make them less tedious fights. Some weapons have been changed around to have more use, such as the Platinum Sword becoming the Liquid Steel, adding a Water physical option mid-game. Accessories have been reworked, with many giving DEF/RES or additional effects to make them more universally useful. Aquaga is now usable, replacing Shock. Gravity/Graviga have become Quake/Quakega, and Vanishga has become Gravity. Bio/Scourge are back to being Non-Elemental and inflicting debuffs. Reverse (which became basically useless) has been replaced with Drainga. Decoy lasts longer now. Many shops have been edited, allowing things like Teleport Stones and Serums to be purchased earlier. Black Orbs now drop from enemies as normal items, allowing you to collect them more easily, while still being able to pick up the Orbs via pressing X as you could before. Guests now come with the Ignore Traps Augment, making them unable to accidentally trip traps. It can be found here!
  4. Hey Hart, my apologies, I usually update the main post but I apparently forgot, heh. I was actually going to post that there's a fix for the fix (some folks have had issues with character limits in regards to the file name in 1.5.1). I'm at work, so I can't access it at the moment, but the 1.5.2 update is the one you'll be wanting to go for and is on the Nexus (if you just search for FFXII Struggle for Freedom Nexus it should pop right up). I'll be updating the main post when I get home with the most corrected and updated link so it's on here as well. I'm not sure what the policy is for linking to modding sites outside of here, so I don't want to step on any toes by linking to the Nexus page. Thanks for your interest, let me know how your playthrough goes! I'm always looking for feedback. Update: Here's the latest update.
  5. Apologies for the noise, everyone. A fellow modder noticed that some of the enemy changes I made for 1.5 didn't take, so this is a corrected version. Not a huge deal, it mostly just affects early-game enemies at Garamsythe and Barheim. It can be downloaded here.
  6. Sorry for the triple post. Version 1.5 is out and is probably one of the bigger changes to the overall game since 1.0. Essentially, almost every weapon has been retouched in some way to make them more tactically viable. This opens up an array of different builds you can try out depending on which version of the mod you're playing. A full changelog can be found here on Google Docs. The mod itself can be downloaded here on I look forward to seeing what stuff will be broken, haha. As always, let me know if you have any feedback or such. Looking forward to it!
  7. Apologies for the double post, but SFF 1.4 is out! A full changelog can be found below, but the update can be downloaded here:!Hf40GaSQ!q_Uz5dZ_uxHCY1FHbOfGYazyVYGnaEzuVEvjL1yD8Rs Changelog:
  8. Hey there Intri, thanks for your post! In regards to the Quickening shortcuts, it's meant to be a huge tradeoff. You either get to cheese the first half of the game's bosses with Quickenings and sacrifice some power later on, or you be patient and wait until late-game to get your Quickenings (which are still amazing at that point, especially as finishers, because they're free, uninterruptable attacks). Much like in IZJS where choosing your jobs had permanent and heavy ramifications, so too here is choosing when to take that power. At its core, SFF (and the Struggle board in particular) emphasizes using strategy to destroy your foes, and Quickening spam runs counter to that. Honestly, I'd love to completely change the Quickening system to make them more similar to traditional Limit Breaks, but there's a great amount of hardcoding behind them that doesn't make them viable at the moment. In regards to Mimic Queen, she's probably one of the most straightforward bosses in the game. Probably even moreso compared to Firemane, as he can Poison and Oil you. Most people don't need anywhere near 80 Potions to beat it. Barheim itself is probably worse than the Mimic Queen, at least in my own opinion. The key to Mimic Queen is making sure your gear is as up to date as possible and fighting everything you come across beforehand to get the LP for said gear. Silver Bow, Mage Masher, and especially Balthier's latest Gun will make short work of it. Guns in particular are important against Mimics as they bypass their decently high Defense. Fran can also use Fire on the Mimic Queen repeatedly to try and Oil it, which will make future Fire casts inflict 3x damage. Overall, keeping Basch alive is also crucial as he adds some DPS to the fight. The biggest trick the Queen has is Breath of Life, which restores 5% of her HP. If you're playing too defensively, she'll likely come close to at least nulling most of the damage you do, which is part of the reason why keeping Basch alive is important. On the topic of First Aid, in very early SFF builds, it restored 15% HP. The challenge then became that it was making Potions and Cure spells useless in comparison. To that end, First Aid was dropped to 10%. First Aid isn't meant to be used in battle. It's meant to be set as a low-priority Gambit to heal between fights. And remember, multiple characters can use it, so it can patch you up pretty quickly between fights to conserve items and MP. For fights though, you're definitely going to want to use items or Cure.
  9. Great conversation, guys! SFF has been updated to 1.3 and can be found here, as well as a full changelog: As far as Yiazmat is concerned, I was tempted to curb his HP, but I feel that would kind of defeat what he was known for. He's dangerous in other ways now though, and he's much harder to cheese. As for Reverse, Reverse only works on enemies now, so you can't cheese fights with it any more. Decoy has also been slightly changed, acting as a buff now with better accuracy. It's not broken any more however, as it can't be combined with Reverse.
  10. Hey folks, update 1.3 will likely be released Friday. Here's what's on the changelog so far. Overall, not a huge update like 1.4 will likely be, but this should fix a few bugs and balance issues that were plaguing previous versions. 1.3 Changelog: -The PS2 License Board can now be used without issue. -A version of the mod has been included that rebalances each of the 12 original jobs for TZA's dual job system. A Readme has been included with details on each of the jobs, and the old Tweaked 12 Jobs version is being phased out. -Demon Wall (Strong) now drops a Demonsbane. -Lindbur Wolf now has the Assassin's Dagger as a Drop, rather than the Chopper found in prior versions. -White Robes and Black Robes have been rebalanced and no longer boost elements, rather, White Robes focuses more on Resistance and Black Robes focuses more on Magick. -Seitengrat's stats are no longer bugged. -Kumbha now no longer ignores Licenses. -Ardor has had a slight increase in power. -Darkga's animation has been reverted to increase the speed of the spell. -Dark/Darkra/Darkga have had their power increased to match their original TZA levels. -Dark/Darkra/Darkga have had their MP decreased to match their original TZA levels. -Dark/Darkra/Darkga now have 6 AoE, rather than 8 (Dark/Darkga) and 4 (Darkra). -Dark Mote is now AoE, to match the regular Dark spell. -Decoy now has 100% accuracy. -Painflare's animation has been changed to properly be AoE.
  11. That's definitely very weird, since I haven't encountered that, nor has anyone else who's been playing through it. I really wish I could be of more help, but my only suggestion would be to uninstall, reinstall, and then repatch the mod, but I'm not sure if that would fix it.
  12. @Cross: I'd argue that he's a little more gimmicky now than he was before, mostly out of necessity due to some new mechanics IZJS/TZA introduces that make the player able to cheese the fight. That being said, it's nothing terribly frustrating (and it's something you'd likely be doing anyways), but you'll know what I'm talking about when/if you ever fight him, haha. @Joelback03: Unfortunately, as of right now, you're the first person reporting that bug. I'm not sure why it would do that, as nothing was changed with the Clan Hall or even Clan Centurio itself. I think it might be an isolated incident. Have you had freezing issues in other places? Also, did you make sure to replace the FileSizeTable file as noted in the Readme?
  13. Hey everyone! My apologies for the delayed reply, I've been out of town the past week with awful internet. @Dr. Letha: I'm glad you're enjoying everything so far! In regards to Barheim, Barheim was an awful area to balance, haha. There's a lot going on between the Mimics, being stuck in there, the Undead, etc. I -think- if you're super risky you can get Blizzard from the Estersand Village prior to Barheim, but I'm not 100% certain on that. In regards to the Quickenings, it's kind of a compromise because of a few things: 1. Quickenings are super powerful and game breaking early on. Because Quickenings are necessary especially late-game to finish off tough enemies, I couldn't just nerf them because then they'd be useless later on as finishers. 2. I wanted people to have to choose what was more important to them and give them some control over how difficult things are, when. If you pick the Quickenings early, you're going to have an easier early/mid-game and a tougher late-game. If you pick the Quickenings later, you'll have a tougher early-game, but that's balanced out by having more options late-game. If you want to be really hardcore, you'll never take any Quickening Licenses, so you won't have Quickenings or a Bonus Board. In regards to the Second Job, the original idea was to have the post-Quickening Licenses act as that Second Job, but I figured it'd make things too easy. I'd love to have a set Second Job for everyone, but everyone already gets a pretty large amount of Licenses, so giving them even more would make things far too easy and make people a little too similar to one another, IMO. In regards to Vossler, he definitely got an upgrade. (Don't forget to Steal from him!) That being said, Basch really helps, as does Belias. In fact, that fight is a great tutorial for Belias, since Belias' magicks pierce Vossler's Reflect. He may not do a lot of damage, but Belias will keep Basch alive and very healthy while still doing some free damage to Vossler. That's a trend- human enemies that were previously very weak are now incredibly strong. They were pushovers in Vanilla, but here, they act as actual bosses. @Cross: Yiazmat's HP hasn't been doubled. It was originally, but I reverted it back. Why? Well, for one, I didn't want to risk there being any bugs with him. If HP or MP is set too high, it reduces it to 1 due to overflow. Imagine that- fighting Yiazmat and him going down in one hit, haha. Also, more HP doesn't necessarily mean a tougher fight, especially when it comes to that. Yiazmat has a few dirty new tricks to make cheesing the fight a lot harder, but doubling his HP just would've made it more tedious. In regards to Evasion, Evasion is more-or-less the same as it was before. I can't edit what Augments enemies have, so I can't really remove the Augment many late-game enemies have to ignore Evasion. That's why late-game, Vaan is more about Speed and DPS/debuffing as opposed to earlier in the game where he's focused on Speed and Evasion. Same with Basch- early-game he's great with a Shield but late-game, he's more about using Greatswords and such. It's also why his late-game Shields give secondary effects as opposed to just more Evasion. Ensanguined Shield gives him Auto: Lure, Shell Shield is good for Auto: Shell, etc.
  14. I'll be honest, I'm not sure yet. Treasure stuff is mostly still being figured out. I kinda want to make each chest an actual chest, like the ones found in Raithwall's Tomb, but that'd be silly, haha.
  15. Yeah, that's the plan right now. The challenging part is that as of right now I have no idea how many free Respawn IDs there are, but I know that there are already at bare minimum 92 slots already used by the game. I'm sure we'll figure something out.