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  1. Hopefully stat hats are gone forever.
  2. The unlockeme version should. However it’s purposely missing a few things.
  3. I didn’t read all the conversation, but it seems I’m echoing Nesouk when I say I don’t want to see cover+counter + dance. BNW usually asks you to make some choices with your character and that would be a case of having your cake and eating it too. Plus it would give mog a consistent extra damage/defense output on top of dance’s excellent options and would be too powerful imo.
  4. BNW Randomizer

    We’ve talked about how fun it would be in discord but I never thought it would be a reality. Good show dude.
  5. Double check your emulator keybinds. I doubt it's a ZSNES bug or a BNW bug. It could also be a faulty controller.
  6. The time is still the same, just Roman numerals.
  7. Mishrak

  8. For the record, the in game hook issue isn’t a BNW bug, it’s an FF6 bug. It’s listed in the compatability issues on the sd2snes website.
  9. Make sure In-game hooks are turned off, and try it without the MSU-1 mod.
  10. BTB kinda avoids this to a large extent contrary to most jrpgs. I get the appeal of wanting cool shinies after defeating a difficult boss and [redacted] does drop [redacted] but for the most part you’re not gonna get Uber powers from KT.
  11. No random battles?

    Could you just make one show up where Odin is that puts you back at the start of the Ancient Cave?
  12. Congrats on finishing the game! I’m glad you enjoyed it dude.
  13. Plans for 2.0

    Keep in mind if Gau can use the ability in a rage (eg blaze / vaporite) and Strago observes it, he’ll learn it.
  14. Plans for 2.0

    Fwiw there are some overworld places in the WoR that do have WoB rage formations. Check some of the isolated islands.
  15. I think this would be particularly fun if we could make it work but bnw is so different from a vanilla rom I’m not sure where we’d begin. We’ve discussed esper and character randomization before in the discord.
  16. Please be as detailed as possible when explaining your bugs. Also please make sure you're using a clean rom to patch. If you do make a post, please edit your post rather than make a new one. 1) Per Discord - Flails are proccing the wrong thing: [1:26 AM] ClarkThe2nd: in moogle sequence in narshe the flail moogle was setting some kind of web proc with every hit, he attacked 4 times, am I just getting lucky with procs? [1:26 AM] ClarkThe2nd: aren't weapon procs like 1/4 chance? [1:26 AM] BTB: Flails shouldn't proc net [1:26 AM] BTB: Sounds like I muxed up the Kagenui proc and the ITD weapon proc 2) Quicksteal isn't working I stole the Rename Card from the Marshall in the intro sequence and it consumed Locke's turn. - 1.9RC2 3) There's an invisible enemy on the Soul Train - spooky https://puu.sh/xqK7U/1682008b09.avi This is the only place I've encountered this. Everything else seems fine. 4) Items are getting confused. I noticed I had 3 healing shivs and a cat hood in my inventory, and was short an iron helm at Kefka @ Narshe. The likely culprit is the healing event there.
  17. Never mind it’s working fine.
  18. Did the doomstick / quartrstaff hack get left off again?
  19. After testing from Deschain we confirmed the following with throw + jump: A non throw proc with a jump is a 1.5x modifier. A throw proc with jump is a 3x modifier as if the weapon was thrown (vs floating) but it did not get the jump modifier. The same occurs with a non floating enemy except it’s 2x as if the weapon was thrown. Also there’s an animation bug with jump + throw proc vs non floating enemy: Deschain: basically when it's doing the throw animation against a non-flying enemy, instead of doing the "return jump" animation, he does the throw animation... from where his sprite usually is on the battlefield so he just never does the returning jump animation
  20. S.Figaro stuff during Locke's scenario is a known issue and has been since probably 1.5.
  21. A 4 day weekend seems like another fun time to do an atma weapon RTA. Or my community meme play through of 1.9. Just saying.
  22. I'm pretty sure I mentioned this to BTB way back, but I never did any out of bounds stuff with it. I just knew you could still move around during the dialogue box. This is probably as old as that cutscene.