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  1. Bropedio has pushed out a patch that fixes a lot of the current RC27 issues. See the pinned messaged in Discord.
  2. This formula is a Synchsyi fix so it may take a bit to actually happen unless someone like Bropedio drops a fix on us. Nice find.
  3. Kaffe said all I was gonna say. I was memeing at you not shutting you down. I’ll look forward to your reply in another four months
  4. Probably a known issue and probably a vanilla issue.
  5. Just to clarify for those who can’t watch: this is using Meteo after it’s dead.
  6. Idk (Think has given us a lead to work with; I'll pass it along to Synchysi or someone else)
  7. Behemoths are currently Berserkable in RC25 and also there was a large no encounter section of the veldt. BTB has likely fixed them but posting for posterity. (Yep, already slated for fix in RC-26)
  8. Minor display bug that’s worth documenting but probably not fixing: A character will get their turn before the ATB bar is completely full as indicated via the new animation.
  9. There’s a lot of new stuff coming in. A lot. Trying to use a 1.9 save will likely softlock or generate all kinds of weird item combinations. It won’t be playable.
  10. 2.0 will not be compatible with save files from older versions.
  11. Changing a name just to change it is pretty unusual for BNW. There’s almost always a compelling reason for really anything that has been changed. It’s also not as simple as just changing it in the game. There’s a ton of documentation that has to be updated as well. As far as aesthetics go, there’s nothing to gain except confusion when changing just the name from Stamina to Spirit.
  12. Cranes is one of those fights that’s a little unfair if you’re not prepared for it ahead of time. Which a blind player won’t be obviously. It is fairly easy to mitigate the damage if you are prepared but the back attack damage bonus going away will help a lot.
  13. “Invincible enemies” Everything has a weakness. There aren’t any invincible enemies outside of scripted events. “Completely unpreventable” I have a hard time believing that to be the case. I don’t know your playstyle but almost everything can be mitigated even if only a little bit. “Party wipes and death by RNG” I’m not sure what you mean by death by rng. If you mean occasionally enemies doing a different attack you didn’t expect (condors are a nice culprit), then observe the enemy and see if you can do something to stop it. In the case of condors you need to kill them quickly. True party wipes are pretty rare. One big potential is Flare Star but only Atma uses this. Make sure you’re paying attention to what row characters are in. A lot of this is changing for 2.0 but a lot of what you’re listing as criticism I think is actually just you misunderstanding what’s actually happening in the game.