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  1. Vagrant Story Zenith

    After jumping the river in TCW, I proceeded as normal to the scene with Guildenenstern and Sydney, then went back to AMB1 for the sake of map completion and ran into problems. Upon entering The Battle's Beginning, the doors locked as normal and the cutscene played as if to show the Wyvern but the Wyvern didn't appear so I couldn't leave. I reloaded and went into AMB1 from where you come out after the Ogre. When entering Traitor's Parting from behind, the same thing happened with no Ogre appearing and Ashley was rooted to the spot and couldn't do anything except reset. The soldiers in TCW appeared as normal and the cloudstone across the river activated though. For the sake of finding out more on how far you can go with sequence breaking, I will continue and keep you posted.
  2. Vagrant Story Zenith

    Loving the mod. So much so that I've completed my first play-through with it and am on my way through a second. I'm particularly liking the quicken spell, it's let me clear a few gaps that shouldn't be crossed, at least not at the time I'm crossing. So far, it has allowed me to cross the gap that forms in the room with the first ghost, the gap in the room with the cloudstone before fighting the dragon and the river in the town straight after fighting Duane. The second gap I mentioned, after going through and beating the dragon, I went back to where you fight the Golem as I hadn't done that and he wasn't there. I'm just wondering if this will break anything. It seems fine so far though.
  3. Vagrant Story Zenith

    Ah, I was using a .ISO. I've now acquired a .bin and it works. Thank you for your help.
  4. Vagrant Story Zenith

    I'm running into a problem patching the game. When I select the ISO and ppf in ppf-o-matic and click Apply, it says it can't open the specified image file. I also tried with another rom that had 2 files; .mdf and .mds which worked fine as the vanilla game but when I applied the patch it would crash when starting a new game or loading an existing save. If you need to know I'm playing with ePSXe, I have the latest version of the mod and ppf-o-matic. Edit: I've also tried using ePSXe's ppf auto-load to no avail.