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  1. Version 9 Guide/Help

    Lol, Frog Gandi made me laugh. I've taken his advice, but now he's pointing me to 2 bosses in the Sea that I can't beat. I've played through the main game and beaten Smithy. I beat the solo bosses for each char. Of the super bosses, I've beaten General Guy,, Ultima, Shiva, Ozma, Yiazmat (and Long Gui), the 3 fairy pokemon, the 2 pokemon in Nimbus, and that's all I can remember. I figured I needed to upgrade armor to get further, but maybe I just need to get good, haha!
  2. Version 9 Guide/Help

    Hey all, I just started playing this mod 2 weeks ago and I think it's AWESOME. You can really see the hard work that's been put into the 9 different versions and it really is top of the line. Anyway, I noticed Version 9 has some significant differences from what's in this Version 8 guide: Has anyone made a Version 9 guide? Has anyone compiled a list of the Version 9 bosses/locations? Is there still a way to upgrade armor in Version 9? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!