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  1. If you had to describe someone on this site with a single video, what would that video be? @Emmy @Stann
  2. Where are the forum rules

    Since when is Nowea popular?
  3. Interest check - 1.3 Tournament 2017

    That was the first tournament I'd ever done either.
  4. while I don't have any idea how I would go about doing such a thing, the way I'd like to handle trance would be instead if the gauge emptying totally at the end of a battle it would empty by half. So if you got a trance at the very end and never even used it, then you would still have half a bar.
  5. Me and Kyrios are planning to have a pow-wow tomorrow and hammer out what the characters should look like. We would appreciate any suggestions or input you for the characters beforehand.
  6. And LCM comes in with an excellent post about why "turn off stat growths" is a bad suggestion. It's lazy, it's boring, and doesn't help anyone except people who need perfect stats. Stuff like penalizing early leveling and ending up with characters with slightly below pat stats is very deep balance talk, and probably not something me or kyrios want to worry about at this stage. But it is something to keep in mind, I suppose.
  7. i think interesting things can be done with stat bonuses. Turning them off completely seems like a waste. Changing them so there aren't bad items to level up in might be a better option.
  8. Mighty Guard does both, Trance Aura does both as well as reraise, and Reis's wind does more or less the same thing (gives a defensive buff to the party). I guess I should state I am specifically talking about Protect/Shell, since my brain is stuck in disc 1 mode right now.
  9. Not when buffs dont really overlap, or if self buffs give more statuses or also heal hp.
  10. I think having party wide buffs that quickly expire is a better direction than having buffs last longer.
  11. Catering to completionists who min max unnecessarily isn't something I'm inclined to do. The "making stats actually meaningful" line intrigues me though, dare to elaborate?
  12. Buffs are typically going to be party wide, for this reason. I once tried putting Shell on my party during the BW2 fight, the first one ran out while I was casting the third. I went "fuck it" and left Garnet on standby ready to sling a cure.
  13. I don't undestand what everyone's deal with the level up stat items is.
  14. The pc versipn, unless someone has a legit reason to not mod that one.
  15. First of all, NOTHING is going to be done with Tetra Master. I'm not even going to fix the Rank bug. The most work im going to put into it is changing treasure chests that give you cards into something better. As for Quina, I'm giving Vivi Scan so that when you get Quina you can see the hp values, which should make it easier to work out Eat. Cook can also be used on full health enemies, so Quina going into trance means no more fucking around. As for differentiating between Eiko and Garnet, I have a few ideas for this. The very basic idea is to make Eiko very much a support character, like "uses rackets for damage" level of support. Basically the anti-Vivi, as Vivi doesnt do anything but fuck up the enemies, Eiko doesn't do anything but bolster the party. I'll have to look into what all can be done with abilities, but Dagger should basically be the middle ground between the other two.