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  1. Pirate ship passwords

    Ah alright thank you for the help.
  2. So i got to the bit in the ship where you put in the passwords and i put in hatsune miku as my password and fought the bone dragon boss. I went back and found i cannot enter any other passwords? Am i limited to only one or can i do the others later?
  3. Help me.

    Thank you that was the issue.
  4. Help me.

    I finished boosters tower and the subsequent part in marrymore. I went back to the castle got peach officially in party and told to go talk with mallows grandpa. I went to speak with frogfucious but nothing happens except the same repeating dialog as when you talk to him after mallow joins you earlier in the game. What do i do???
  5. Question about these rooms?

    Oh ok thanks for the answer :).
  6. what are these rooms for ive come across a few of them so far and this one is in booster pass. I jump around and there are no hidden blocks. What is their purpose?
  7. Installing onto a SNES Classic

    thank you Nitro I tried a different ROM and this time was successful with loading the game up. I appreciate the help.
  8. Installing onto a SNES Classic

    alright ill give that a shot.
  9. So I downloaded Lunar IPS, TUSH, and Hakchi2, as well as got a ROM for SMRPG and the patch file for the content mode of v9. I followed the instructions of how to patch games onto my SNES Classic but all I get is a black screen. I downloaded snes9x to test and see if it would work there and all i get is a black screen with the text shown in the attached image. Can someone please help me figure this out.