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  1. Yo! Sorry for the semi-late response, still getting rid of this holiday hangover heheh. Version 2.0 didn't make it in 2018 as was planned, but it's super close to being ready to release. I'm now basically just waiting on one final issue/bug to be addressed and corrected in the next few days hopefully, and that'll be all she wrote for this update. What's been/was taking forever was my buddy James White who does all the spritework for the portraits and monsters etc. took on the mammoth challenge of re-drawing or creating a new sprite all together every single monster sprite in the game that was not his work, such as the record keeper rips etc. But sadly he's unable to continue doing this due to a variety of not-so-good real life stuff. Hopefully someday he'll be able to finish them all, but it won't be for a long time if ever. He was able to bang out quite a few though! So that's good. Anyway, 2.0 is definitely gonna drop here soon and is quite a large update indeed!
  2. Sorry for the late response! At one point it did, but not on the current version sadly. It's been fixed, or rather implemented into the next huge 2.0 update to come out here sometime before next year lol.
  3. So very sorry to hear this terrible news, I can't even imagine. Stay strong man.
  4. Try with a unheadered ROM. Looking at the asm code/file, the header part is commented out with ; which means it won't be taken into account when patching. So I'd assume the ips patch is for unheadered. Cool patch btw!
  5. Team Nattak.
  6. Ahh, that certainly explains why I woke up today well within the 24 hour period and your stream was no longer streaming. Sorry to hear that man! Nice template btw.
  7. Gotcha. And yeah I hear ya, it sure does seem like it lol. What started out as a mostly graphical update has gone far beyond. It's definitely getting there, though, I promise, work has never ceased in the last almost year for this massive update. There's still some major code workings that are needed for one of the major new 'things', but the vast majority of the main work is finished. It's just a matter of having the time and drive to do it, in regards to my good buddy Madsiur (the assembly coder), as he is a very busy man. And after all's done it'll need to be tested again very thoroughly... Honestly it'll be a couple months off still I'd say. Can't rush these things.
  8. Cool man! Sorry for just tuning in here to read this. Gonna stream it?
  9. There's a thing on top of one of the train carts, before the train gets split in half where you can't go back, just walk on top of the train cart and you'll fall through a thing and then need to head back to the caboose and find a treasure, that for some odd reason teaches Avalon Cure.
  10. The 7z archive is not the actual patch, you'll have to open/unpack that 7z file with a utility like WinZip in order to get to/extract the contents inside, where you'll find the .ips patch for the mod that lunarips can recognize.
  11. It is found while in the Avalon's dream event. When your inside the castle, gotta go outside and walk on the balcony to a room to the south, where it resides inside a box.
  12. Get your MP3 RotDS soundtrack, here!: Regular OST: 3min songs (562 MB) Shorter OST: 2min songs + fade-out (378 MB)
  13. Ah thanks for the heads up, we recently did a server clean-up and these must've been moved. I'll get them working again asap. EDIT: fixed links.
  14. Madsiur did a nice thing and made a 2 minute per song version of the soundtrack, and hosted both versions of ff6hacking's server, first post updated.
  15. Since I have a lot of left over songs I did that didn't make it into the mod, I'm going to start making song replacement patches, which will eventually someday turn into a 'soundtrack B', but for now will just do a couple here and there, starting with the overworlds: Energy Breaker - The Prayer Bells do not Toll Replaces WoB Overworld (FFIV/DQ Alefgard Remix) FFIII - Dark World Replaces WoR Overworld (Underworld - Terranigma) Note that these patches do not change the in-game Music Player song titles.
  16. That it is, pushed it to the limit! It's actually quite rare to hear a song played more than once in the damn game -- the amount of game compared to 250 something songs was tough to manage, but I basically crammed them in wherever there was any possible reason to and managed to house them all.
  17. I seem to recall this happening to me before, with my hack, and thinking wtf is this, but it turned out to not be a real issue per se, was some corrupted save data or using outside saves or something. The quaking is a carry-over from the Tzen house collapsing event I believe. I'm not sure though if this is the same exact case. From briefly testing here on the latest BNW from the start of the WoR I'm not seeing it, seems okay... Sines, did you have one consistent save data throughout your entire 1.8.5 playthrough? Also, did you complete Daryl's Tomb? If not the option for the Ancient Castle won't be there as it comes later on once you have the airship. From your post it sounds like you did not.
  18. Best damn theory I've heard in a while. I didn't see anything there in the event code at the freezing part though that would indicate this, but maybe it happens before or right after or something I did in the entrance event, I didn't do a super thorough investigation after it didn't happen on a new playthrough.
  19. Woot! Good to hear. I'm still a bit concerned about it possibly freezing, but it seems okay here for me ten times out of ten with my fresh new playthrough, so I'll try and stop dwelling on it lol. The freeze was right after he moves the first statue, after the Zemus battle, when he begins to walk up to the second one to move it. I assume that's where it was freezing for you as well...?
  20. Ah I see...damn, I'm not sure what's going on then. It seems a bit random for me, but like I say once I do a save at that place before Omega, then restart the game it seems to run fine, also on zsnes here. Not too sure, atm I'm doing a complete fresh speed-playthrough with cheats to get there and see if it does it at all, but it sounds like it just might sense you've done the same thing sounds like, a new fresh playthrough I mean, not cheats lol. I'll continue to look into this here, the event code there checks out and looks okay...I thought maybe one of those energy particles that swirl out/around the statues might be blocking him depending on when he walks up to it, but no they shouldn't and appear to not be the reason. =/ Edit: on my fresh new playthrough I'm not getting the freeze, trying different things to trigger it but it's not happening so far.
  21. From my testing here, it does seem to be save-related, seems to happen with old(er) save data, possibly from an earlier version, but once I update the save data (by saving, exiting and re-loading) then doing the event, it runs fine. From looking at the code there's nothing wrong, though I'm not sure why it would freeze there at all... But try (hopefully if you haven't already) to just re-fresh your .srm save data and then run the event, doing that is working for me here and the event continues. Might you have updated versions at all during your new playthrough perhaps? Or use save data from a previous version/playthrough?
  22. Sadly, no, it's an event freeze looks like... I did do some event work around there in one of the previous releases but I'm sure I tested it, like more than once. Some mistake, I'll look into it now. Edit: I'm not too sure now what the issue is, I had it freeze there the first time after seeing this thread, but now I can't seem to trigger it. I'll continue to look into this, I thought maybe I overwrote event data somewhere/somehow, but I'm just not sure. fml there it goes again, okay will report back once I figure this out...It seems like if I do a save state before that whole event and load from that, the freeze does not happen. But if I go from the legit save point before the event or just no save at all it does, which makes no sense. Or actually no, just tried from the closest real save this time and no freeze, still not sure wtf this could be.
  23. Hello and welcome one and all to this board! I've been neglecting popping its cherry since the birth of this site and thought I'd do a welcome thread here at least for any folks who've previously played this hack, or are interested in trying it out, have any questions or just passing by. More well-thought-out threads to come! Have a nice day!
  24. Version 1.8.3


    Return of the Dark Sorcerer is a Final Fantasy VI hack that's been in development for around five years and has had many different hands on to help get it to where it is today. This hack promises to showcase some of the more challenging aspects of FFVI hacking, as well as plenty of fun and exciting new content -- from an all new cast of playable characters with customized movesets, a radically changed story with many new and edited events, a new soundtrack, increase in difficulty, new overworld maps, lots of new battle scripts for monsters & bosses, a difficulty selection, a font change option, assembly changes, and tons of spritework.It is a highly personalized modification of the original game and therefore naturally won't appeal to everyone. It's not a sequel or a prequel or a remake to FFVI, it is just a massive mod and customization of FFVI. If you go into it thinking like this I am sure you will have a much more enjoyable experience than expecting some high quality re-take on the game and coming out feeling disappointed. That being said, a lot of time and love has gone into this project and I couldn't be happier with how it has turned out thus far.