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  1. That one actually has a fatal bug because it interferes with the battle dialog boxes. There's another that was made by LightPhoenix, but it unfortunately includes the same type of menu for SwordTech. And no idea as well if it would work with BNW.
  2. Hey Lockirby, I'm sorry for not seeing your last post here somehow until now, but thanks! I'll take it all into consideration for the next version and look into those bugs. And very glad to hear you enjoyed the latest playthrough! That bad party merging issue on the Floating Continent used to be an issue many versions ago I'd always encounter, but I re-coded/fixed it sometime back and haven't had it happen since, nor seen it in any streams, so that sucks there to hear it is still somehow happening >_< I'm not sure at all what causes it to happen on a fluke, because I'm sure the event code is sound. But I'll take another look into it, I'd like to be able to see it happen again firsthand though, I doubt party members matter but do you somehow remember still what 2 selected party members (besides fusoya & oboro) you had taken there? If it's not that, I suppose some previous event code thing could stick and cause it to do that, but I'd have no idea at all what. But damn, thought I had it fixed 100%. As for Eiko's Summons, I agree it's a huge hit to her previous self, but those four Espers you listed I still feel are pretty darn abusable, perhaps not game-breaking, but being able to have the party so easily Clear or Golem status basically all the time I can't see how it wouldn't be imbalanced. Reflect is also something I've always felt really crushes much of 'the challenge', even the Reflect Ring I've thought about removing in the past. Being able to have the whole party Reflected at all times by way of Summon again falls into the realm of imbalance imo. Ark I suppose would be the least of the imo imbalanced Espers of those four, but still it is one that comes close to being cheesable I'd imagine on bosses... perhaps not though. I'd love to have my mind changed about those ones, but I doubt it would happen. I did in the latest version give her access to a new Relic, the Call Beads, which changes her Summon skill to Call, which functions just like the Magicite item in Vanilla where it calls a random Esper minus a couple such as Odin. It's obviously not as fool proof as being able to call the intended Esper over and over, but with Call she has once again access to those Espers to summon, so pending luck you can technically call them more than once that way lol. I seem to recall there was a bug with putting a monsters' Magic Point drop to 100, I'm sure I've done that in the past and remember there was some issue of it rolling back over or something, but I'll take another look into it.
  3. The reasoning with those 2 Stamina Tabs being there is that the couple who was previously in the bed were using them to...have a bunch of Stamina.
  4. Sadly no, those kind of battles where Kefka is a regular character work differently than regular monsters, as you can assign them winnable items and experience or steal from them. I could never think of a clever way to go about it via event editing either, besides just giving the character some item no matter what after the battle. But since those Kefka battles have a timer so if it drags on a bit, it will end anyways, it wouldn't really be much of a reward then.
  5. So sorry for the trouble and the late response, the latest version of the mod available to download should take care of that freeze in the burning house.
  6. No, James is the White Mage and was there before SNES drunk's NPC, so he get's the honors lol. And no, not really... I mean we have Oboro's 'friend' smoke during one of his dreams, but that's about it. None of the main cast besides I guess Otis would be a smoker, but his thing is alcohol of course. Well I guess Oboro as well, but he has the highest speed and cigarettes and quickness don't mix!
  7. Thanks brother, I'll look into that AI quirk. I see here in his AI: FC 0D 03 03 ; If variable VAR003 is greater than or equal to 3 F1 44 ; Targeting: random ally AE ; PrimalRoar FC 09 36 00 ; If target self is not affected by status Dark F4 16 16 16 ; Rand. cmd.: Jump or Jump or Jump F8 03 00 ; Set VAR003 to 0 FE ; End If and reset targeting FC 0D 02 03 ; If variable VAR002 is greater than or equal to 3 F1 44 ; Targeting: random ally AE ; PrimalRoar FC 09 36 00 ; If target self is not affected by status Dark F4 16 16 16 ; Rand. cmd.: Jump or Jump or Jump F8 02 00 ; Set VAR002 to 0 FE ; End If and reset targeting It looks like maybe if Dark status is set on him, he'll do that? Like skip Jump and the clearing of the VAR, keep casting PrimalRoar... Did Avalon maybe use Havoc on him and set Dark status? Again I'll check it out firsthand here in a bit, just waking up! EDIT: Yeah that seems to be it, he has a rather quick buildup for VAR002 and VAR003, then if he has dark status applied will not Jump and reset the VAR... Could use a little work!
  8. No problemo at all, James actually saw the post here and said he'll work on it some more -- feedback is good! Ah yeah the HP healing does not take place in any towns either, or basically any place there is no random monster encounters. Just to give INNs a purpose still and to balance the whole thing out slightly. It's a risky feature to have without breaking the game lol.
  9. Ahh I see. I suppose it's just James (sprite artist) portraying Arc as having green eyes, which his character sprite has of course. I can offer no better explanation I'm afraid lol. There's not many pixels to work with there for the eyes, I'm sure it is nigh impossible having the white, green and black iris with such a small portrait to work with, this is probably as good as it can get factoring in the green colors. But I can pass this bit of feedback on to him, maybe he can tweak it somehow for a future update.
  10. Arc's eyes, you mean his portrait? I'm not entirely sure what you mean.
  11. You should be able heal small increments of health back like the Tintinabar did in the original on the overworld and many other places, the exception being 'places that are too hot or too cold, such as the caves of Fraust and the Underworld, as well as the Train. This effect is for the whole party. Check next time your HP isn't at max and take a step and re-check, should be gaining back little bit of HP. For Mr. Grimm, what I was going for there is basically that you beat him, and he is powerful enough to come back from...wherever Grim Reapers go if they get killed lol, and that's his spirit energy manifesting once again into Mr. Grimm.
  12. Version 2.0 of Return of the Dark Sorcerer has been released! Many aspects have been meticulously worked on since the last release almost two years ago, such as: sprites (character, monster/esper, and NPCs), character portraits, events, coding & gameplay changes, music, dialog, balancing, and bug fixes. If you've been holding off on playing RotDS, or are a return player, this latest version promises to entertain and is easily the best this amalgamation of a mod has ever looked, played, and read. Please take a look at the updated change log and readme for more details and well deserved credits. Thanks to all who were involved with this mammoth update, and we hope you have fun and keep us posted with feedback or any issues that may arise. DL:
  13. Icons on equip screen?

    Ah yes, it's a patch called FF6j Relic indicators, which adopts the feature from FF6j. The two swords icon shows that the character can dual-wield weapons (Genji Glove effect). The fist icon is to show that the character is 'two-hand damage' (Gauntlet effect). Annnd, there is a third one I believe also, which was a plate of armor icon, for the Merit Award...but I don't believe any such Relic exists in RotDS to see it! I will definitely add this to the School of Learning doc, thanks!
  14. OK cool I'll PM you in the near future about the PSP testing. No it's not that delaying the update, there's a bunch of other work that's been lagging the release for some time now, basically now it's just a bunch of monster sprites being sprited still.
  15. I think I may have gotten this fixed up, it was something with the ROM's internal header I believe, or I dreamed this. But I remember someone alerting me to this and I was able to fix it, I think. Will have to wait and see when 2.0 comes out sometime before this year is done lol... or perhaps I'll get in touch with you beforehand to see if it is indeed fixed, if you wouldn't mind testing.
  16. Hello! RotDS 2.0 is definitely still in the works, it's just taking much longer than first thought. Everything that is going into it is good to go, there's mainly one bug left to correct and Madsiur will have time to do it in May, once the school semester has ended. It's a purely cosmetic bug, but is quite an eyesore under certain circumstance. In the meantime things are being tested and polished up here and there as much as possible. Thanks for the kind words about the hack.
  17. Yo! Sorry for the semi-late response, still getting rid of this holiday hangover heheh. Version 2.0 didn't make it in 2018 as was planned, but it's super close to being ready to release. I'm now basically just waiting on one final issue/bug to be addressed and corrected in the next few days hopefully, and that'll be all she wrote for this update. What's been/was taking forever was my buddy James White who does all the spritework for the portraits and monsters etc. took on the mammoth challenge of re-drawing or creating a new sprite all together every single monster sprite in the game that was not his work, such as the record keeper rips etc. But sadly he's unable to continue doing this due to a variety of not-so-good real life stuff. Hopefully someday he'll be able to finish them all, but it won't be for a long time if ever. He was able to bang out quite a few though! So that's good. Anyway, 2.0 is definitely gonna drop here soon and is quite a large update indeed!
  18. Sorry for the late response! At one point it did, but not on the current version sadly. It's been fixed, or rather implemented into the next huge 2.0 update to come out here sometime before next year lol.
  19. I'm sorry..

    So very sorry to hear this terrible news, I can't even imagine. Stay strong man.
  20. Elemental mixing patch

    Try with a unheadered ROM. Looking at the asm code/file, the header part is commented out with ; which means it won't be taken into account when patching. So I'd assume the ips patch is for unheadered. Cool patch btw!
  21. NG+ Member Pictures

    Team Nattak.
  22. Here's a custom Streaming template!

    Ahh, that certainly explains why I woke up today well within the 24 hour period and your stream was no longer streaming. Sorry to hear that man! Nice template btw.
  23. Gotcha. And yeah I hear ya, it sure does seem like it lol. What started out as a mostly graphical update has gone far beyond. It's definitely getting there, though, I promise, work has never ceased in the last almost year for this massive update. There's still some major code workings that are needed for one of the major new 'things', but the vast majority of the main work is finished. It's just a matter of having the time and drive to do it, in regards to my good buddy Madsiur (the assembly coder), as he is a very busy man. And after all's done it'll need to be tested again very thoroughly... Honestly it'll be a couple months off still I'd say. Can't rush these things.
  24. Cool man! Sorry for just tuning in here to read this. Gonna stream it?
  25. Avalon and Cure

    There's a thing on top of one of the train carts, before the train gets split in half where you can't go back, just walk on top of the train cart and you'll fall through a thing and then need to head back to the caboose and find a treasure, that for some odd reason teaches Avalon Cure.