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  1. Version 1.1


    A hardtype hack that drastically increases the difficulty of the original game, as well as altering various aspects for the sake of balance, customization, and/or fun. A key part of the rebalance in this hack is making most Dual Techs and Triple Techs significantly stronger than in the original game, compared to Single Techs
  2. One more update please

    Yeah, I can add something of that nature to the next update.
  3. Double warcry

    Yep, like GrandBenja said. It's still possible for certain other enemies (and bosses) to waste their turns on hitting the limit, though. There is not natively a way for normal enemies to check how many stacks of a buff/debuff are present (they can only check whether at least 1 stack is present). But I'll probably be adding that functionality in a future version.
  4. Yeah, I didn't notice any significant improvements in the DX11. Huh, strange. Even with widescreen turned on, it removed the jitters for me. Guess it must be a GFX card or driver difference. I assume you'd also need the ws hack to fix the jitters in vanilla Nocturne? (using the same settings) Sounds like the Tips for PCSX2 section is going to get complicated!
  5. Hmm I was trying some things out, and Hardtype seems to look and work great in the current PCSX2 v1.5.0 using all default settings with OpenGL Hardware for the graphics plugin. No disk swapping or anything else required. Too bad its not a stable build, but that might still be the best option available.
  6. Setting interlacing to auto has always fixed the flickering for me. But yeah, the transparency is a whole other issue. Is there a particular reason for your interlace and CRC settings? I hate what PCSX2's transparency hacks do to the map (making doors invisible or something, don't exactly recall). Between that and no HD in software mode, there's no great option for me, and I typically just deal with the transparency glitches. Having the ability to enable the transparency hacks for Hardtype is certainly a good addition to have, though! So thanks again. I'll have to include those in future releases, and see if there's any other PCSX2 improvements that can be made. What did you do for the pnach?
  7. Thanks for the info! Though I tried the settings on my own machine and now I'm quite certain I will never sleep again.
  8. the_E_y_Es' Longplay

    You sir, are the GRRM of Nocturne Hardtype LPs.
  9. I could have squads that wait longer than others, and give those more armaments. I wouldn't really want them to wait forever. Mainly due to the fact that the enemy can only deploy 10 squads at once. Which will kinda suck in the game's larger maps... Yeah, that's definitely a possibility... One problem right now is that you'd wind up needing to use a card in almost every fight just to keep up with what you get from towns. To support a 1 card limit, I might need to make it so only some towns give tarot cards. Which could also serve as an extra perk for temples: always giving cards.
  10. Glad to be providing something to play again! Yeah, even for the first stage it might still be a bit too easy. The money flow is pretty high, too. I could have had a good 40 Cures or so after that stage. How about enemies starting towns, getting immediate liberation money, and the temple healing?
  11. Thanks! No Worries. I also added a YT link of the vod for anyone who is interested.
  12. Alrighty, the stream will begin momentarily.
  13. This evening (probably within the next hour) I'll be streaming the new Sharom demo for this hack. The biggest new features for this demo are: -The Supply System: Player deployment is restricted based on supplies secured from towns. -The Attrition System: Player vs. Enemy performance is based on armaments secured from towns. There's a lot of smaller changes, but those are the biggies. So stop by and check it out! I'll post here again just before going live, and post the demo for download later tonight (probably). UPDATE: DOWNLOAD DEMO HERE OR WATCH THE VOD ON YOUTUBE:
  14. Potential bugs and glitches

    Haha awe, fly Dante is adorable. Yeah I suppose I lucked out on fly Dante not causing problems. The Fiends in general tend to have specially rigged animations that can lead to issues when you try to use them elsewhere, too. Ah, yeah, I'm guessing it's because you were Muted. There's a known glitch right now where Mute can allow demons to use items. I haven't gotten around to fixing it yet.