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  1. Haha awe, fly Dante is adorable. Yeah I suppose I lucked out on fly Dante not causing problems. The Fiends in general tend to have specially rigged animations that can lead to issues when you try to use them elsewhere, too. Ah, yeah, I'm guessing it's because you were Muted. There's a known glitch right now where Mute can allow demons to use items. I haven't gotten around to fixing it yet.
  2. Version 1.1


    Difficulty & Rebalance For Chrono Trigger.
  3. Yeah I heard about that. Probably not much I can do with it right now, but I'm curious to see where it goes.
  4. Mother Harlot is one of the toughest bosses (for her position in the game) right now. Though she's skippable so you have options on how to respond to that. She also seems to be a favorite boss of some people, so I'm not sure if it's a bad thing.
  5. Huh. Well that's good to know!
  6. No prob. I updated the link, though I don't think the site can show a preview for unlisted videos. This could be a possibility. I took care not to directly increase the prevalence of unavoidable insta-death, but there's still what was already in vanilla, and the increased difficulty (enemy party size, enemy HP, etc.) can still indirectly make it more of an issue. Although, if we're talking about the early game, crits and focusing down the MC can just as readily lead to unavoidable deaths. It's just sorta ingrained in the MC death = game over system. And while I didn't want to make this situation any worse, I'm hesitant to do anything to make it more lenient... just for the more fanatical players out there. I can give it some thought, though. Maybe if I can come up with some alternate effects for these skills that don't feel like they strictly make the game easier, then I'd be interested. Glad you enjoyed it! Any of the people you got to play are invited to share their thoughts here as well! The tools I used are just PCSX2Dis for a debugger, a hex editor, and Cheat Engine for making changes mid-game. Nothing fancy, really. My documentation is pretty disorganized, but I could see what I can whip up when I have the time. It'd be a bit of work, but it's certainly possible to do. I don't really have a log of expected levels, but that sounds pretty close. Are you having trouble with him? Technically, Hardtype adds new demons to the game already, but I assume you mean new demon models? It'd be pretty exciting if models from DDS and such could be imported into Nocturne and used in-game.
  7. Nesouk is in the process of doing a Lets Play series for this hack I figured I would post a link to it here, as well, since the content is relevant. Go check it out!
  8. I've updated the patch to v1.5.1 to hopefully improve its compatibility. Enough people have had issues with v1.5 to make me think something is wrong with the patch. Please let me know if this fixes the issue.
  9. Ikebukuro Underpass could definitely use some toning down. It was the hardest area in vanilla and that just gets amplified here. I have given it one round of toning down, but it's still pretty brutal. Ose Yeah the general concensus seems to be that Ose is too easy right now. Daisoujou, too. Both these guys could use some tuning up. Maybe Mizuchi, too, though I'm not as bothered by him being a bit weak... White Rider (No Stone Gaze) Eh, I kinda like how Stone Gaze is useful here. I even added the Medusa Eye item (which can be acquired at Rag's Jewelry) to make it so you don't even have to learn the skill. This is more or less the intended way to do the fight, though it can still be beaten without it.
  10. Hey, thanks for the love, guys! Ah, yeah, that's something that I'm going to need to decide on how to address. There's currently two versions: Hardtype (older, far less features, but complete) and In the Lap of the Gods (newer, more features, but only 6 stages). The version available on the Mods page right now is Hardtype. In addition, I have an updated 1-stage demo that I'd like to release pretty soon which demonstrates the revised "morale" system, town supplies, and enemies spawning on towns. That way, I can at least collect some feedback on it during this time that I'm not able to work on it.
  11. That is the correct file size. A checksum failure indicates that the contents of the file are different from what's expected, not necessarily the size. The original image that was used to create this patch is called SMTNOCTURNE.MDF. At one time, this seemed to be the most popular image, but it kinda seems like it has fallen out of favor recently... I'm going to have to investigate the differences between the vanilla images and see what I can do to make a more broadly compatible patch. If xdelt3 will let you, you could try just patching it anyway. I doubt the images would be different in any way that would affect my changes.
  12. Approximately zero creativity would go into making this type of mod, so there isn't much incentive to make one. Pretty much the only reason to make one would be if you really wanted to play it yourself: enough so to actually do it. That's not really the case. The amount of time it could theoretically take may not be too bad (hard to say), but all of that time would be spent working on assembly, which is the most intensive part of modding, and few modders would have the necessary skills to make those kind of changes to a PS2 game. So among those few modders, you'd have to find someone who wants to put in a fair amount of high intensity effort into an entirely mundane pursuit. And putting effort into mundane pursuits is what paying jobs are for.
  13. "Thanks for sharing your thoughts! It was pretty satisfying to see players use the new mechanics strategically (such as cheap demon swaps and Heat Riser), and they honestly played a bigger role than I expected them to. For future versions, I'd like to take these concepts even further. I've noticed the same thing with XP coming being a bit excessive, and player's usually being higher level than what I planned for. I hadn't noticed the money issue, though. Prices are already 1/3 less expensive than they were in vanilla's Hard mode, so I'm not sure how much further I'd want to take that. But maybe dropping some macca into a few Cache Cubes would help the issue. In general, looting cubes and chests are pretty unsatisfying as-is due mostly to this game having no equipment, so they can use all the help they can get. For bosses, there is certainly room for improvement. One day, I'll probably make an effort to free myself from some of the AI shackles that bind my current options with them. In addition to that problem, there are also just SO MANY bosses in this game that coming up with good ideas for all of them is legitimately difficult, and I kinda just got tired of trying to come up with good ideas for them by the end. For these reasons, I'd say bigger and better things can be expected from bosses in a future version (eventually). The same goes for Full Kagutsuchi Encounters. I've already removed the AI limitations on those, but haven't done anything with that expanded freedom quite yet. I would say FKEs are in an even worse state than bosses. As for the lack of bosses with skills like Dervish... that's basically just because 90% of the bosses were already made by the time I started adding new skills. Going back and looking for opportunities to add those in is a good idea, though. As to having a boss that kills pivotal demons (like Satan's Retribution) isn't that basically what Baal does now? Very true that healing mechanics are very lackluster in this game and SMT in general. I considered doing something more drastic with healing skills for awhile, but ultimately didn't pull the trigger. I'll have to revisit the idea again at some point. MP design has issues, too. Both in this game and in 99% of JRPGs. That one is a lot more challenging to address."
  14. LunaticScreamer's Lets Play Series Ccmoose's Lets Play Series Praetarius's Single Character Challenge Run Casp O'saurus's Review If there are any other series that you feel should be added here, post below with a link and I'll add it if it meets some very basic standards. I also want to thank the people who went through the effort of making and posting these videos. They will help greatly with tweaking and re-balancing the hack in future versions, and also just give me the warm fuzzy feelings
  15. My own assorted development videos: GrandBenja's Boss Fight Series: Isak Haha's Boss Fight Series http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbgWO3BrM1g&list=PLoX1WgoRelsxwq5UnCp6QZvSpnwJdmefJ PG's Stream Vods Nesouk Kefka's Boss Fight Series (In-Progress) If there are any other series that you feel should be added here, post below with a link and I'll add it if it meets some very basic standards. I also want to thank the people who went through the effort of making and posting these videos. They will help greatly with tweaking and re-balancing the hack in future versions, and also just give me the warm fuzzy feelings.