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  1. Ask and ye shall receive
  2. So... it sounds like you tried a challenge run meant for vanilla and it didn't really go as expected. That's kind of what I'm getting from this whole post.
  3. All, As many of you who know me are aware, I live in a city that is presently taking it up the ass from mother nature with no lube and minimal reacharound. For those of you unfamiliar with how hurricanes work, a second landfall is very uncommon, while a THIRD is basically nature saying "fuck this city in particular". This thread is for anyone wishing to donate to relief, but isn't quite sure where to donate to. J.J. Watts, a local sportsball player and all-around nice guy has set up a fundraiser page to collect donations, and that is where I suggest sending your money if you want to see it go towards ongoing relief in the affected areas instead of just the initial impact. Thank you all.
  4. So, in ye olden days of ID Chat, we just exercised some common sense and labeled any potentially NSFW links when we posted them; something that automatic embedding would undo. Obviously, there is some onus on the incoming user to prevent this since it's a feature that can be disabled on their end (as it is on mine). My opinion is biased by the fact that I loathe automatic embedding and honestly can't see why anyone wants it at all.
  5. If anyone needs access to the dialogue source, let me know.
  6. Tying stamina to both cover and counter was another very deliberate balance decision so as to provide meaningful synergy with stamina and vigor since the two often come from the same source (i.e. Phantom, Genji equipment).
  7. Stamina has always been magic damage only.
  8. Vigor being physical defense was a deliberate choice I made as a key balance point for heavy vigor builds (i.e. Cyan) to make them a little better suited to being in the front row.
  9. I'll just lock this thread to keep things tidy.
  10. The Drill is bought in Figaro Castle, not South Figaro But yes, it's helpful to keep questions all in one place like Funnyman said.
  11. The Rage Belt acts like a Power Glove for Gau, and for Umaro it also enables his "character toss" attack. The Mystery Egg is a mystery.
  12. Also, in response to @pogeymanz in particular... You make a good point(s), although I interpret these points to be "don't throw in something halfassed just because I want to see it happen" and "don't destroy the freeform build system that currently defines BNW". I assure you that I never add things to this mod without giving them an approrpiate (and often quite extensive) amount of consideration and that this notion will be kept very firmly in mind throughout.
  13. Thanks to everyone who's posted, both for and against. Just reminding y'all that this is something that's still firmly in "hey, wouldn't it be neat if..." phase, so everything I've posted is purely a rough draft any and all feedback is appreciated. That said, a couple of general notes. One, again, these ideas aren't set in stone. I only finished up this rough draft to give D and Seibaby a starting point as to the sort of things they may want to look into coding in for class bonuses. The prevalence of existing effects is simply due to the fact that I didn't want to bury them under a pile of new mechanics and so I only kept the best new ideas I had (which I then used fairly liberally). Feel free to suggest new ones and the list will evolve as necessary. Two, the actual requirements for getting class are also not set in stone. This hasn't been coded yet and the real deciding factor will be what is and isn't possible. A progressive class system like Sword of Mana/SD3 has would be awesome, but I'm not going to break the bank with a single change like this. Ditto goes for explaining the class-system in game - there likely just will not be any real-estate for it. Again, feel free to pitch ideas. Three... seriously, who in the hell is going to build a Carbunkl Terra? >.>
  14. He would have been a tad bit less impressive with 1.8.6 since 1.8.5 had a bug that wasn't properly applying the X-Fight penalty on top of the DW penalty. Still, glad you enjoyed yourself.
  15. True. Don't look at me, though, that's pure vanilla coding.
  16. Since I haven't posted it in awhile, the changelog has been updated.
  17. All right, I sent a new ROM off to Synchysi. Changes: -Gray magic has been resorted -Zephyr Cape now sets Haste on low HP instead of Safe/Shell -Celes now learns Demi at level 18 instead of Life -Relm now learns Life naturally when you first acquire her instead of from Ifrit -Ramuh now teaches Life, Kirin now teaches Demi, Ifrit now teaches Drain (back to the way it currently is in 1.8.6) -Setzer and Shadow can learn just regular Cure from the Healing Shiv -Gau now has a new line if you take him to the IMTRF -The Dragon bushido now has a 2/3 chance of setting stone instead of 1/2 -Aquilas no longer have MP (this was an incorrect setting) In addition, Seibaby is currently looking into having cover no longer work for enemy counter-attacks and I am hoping to get the compact in-battle spell menu into the next RC.
  18. So, I'm in the process of reordering most of the grey magic spells since the condensed spell list in battle is looking to be a thing. This means a few things. One, it means that anyone who has actually gotten far enough into the RC to get spells will have to go back to before that or else you're going to have a lot of wrong spells. Two, it means that I have to do a lot of moving stuff around and need everyone to double-check my work. -Make sure everyone learns the spells they're supposed to -Cast every grey spell to make sure they're working properly and have the right animations, cost the correct amount of MP, etc. -Make sure the in-battle spell display looks like it should -Make sure the Float spell works out of battle like it should -Make sure the Safety Glove and Zephyr Cape (which now sets Haste on low HP) have the correct effects.
  19. I can't seem to access a lot of the older threads on my forum. It's like everything past the first page just isn't there.
  21. There's levels of cracked. And Ragnarok Terra is an 11. And I said, "dude, why don't you just go up to 10 and make 10 more cracked?" And Ragnarok Terra was like: