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  1. So, many thanks to our friend Kaffe Myers for getting me hooked on a little utility called Livestreamer. For those of you who don't know, it's something you should definitely be wanting if you ever watch Twitch at all. I've since wrote a tutorial on setting it up. It's easy as hell to do and takes about two minutes. You'll be glad you did.
  2. I just don't like it since I think it's an outdated model that just doesn't really hold up well to modern scrutiny. The only real problem is that replacing it is simply beyond the limitations of the engine. To me, the most interesting random encounters in the game are the ones during scripted events where you have to fight several in a row without healing in between (Serpent Trench, Mine Cart Ride, 1337 River). I would be much more interested in a random encounter system where encounters in dungeons were far less common, but had the potential to "chain" together.
  3. Here's the official changelog for 1.8.7 1.9.0 (coming soon eventually): • Added new hacks which allow stamina to influence counter-attacks and the possibility of "true knight" characters taking hits for healthy allies (critically-wounded characters are still always protected) • Fixed a bug where stamina would not protect against status ailments set by enemy "special" attacks • Added a hack to condense the in-battle spell menu (removes all empty spaces) • Fucked around with the spells that each character learns again (highlights: Relm gets Life and Stop, Mog picks up Haste, Celes learns Demi much earlier now, and Warp is again pushed back to the WoR) • The Life spell now revives to 250~500 HP instead of 1/4 maxHP; Phoenix Downs now revive to 1 HP • Raised Cyan's base stamina; lowered the power of the Dragon and Eclipse bushidos to compensate • Raised the chances for the Dragon bushido to set Stone from 50% to 66% • Raised the power of the Aurabolt blitz and swapped the levels at which it and Mantra are learned • Edited the GP Toss formula to do 50% more damage (note: edited Katanasoul's stats to compensate) • Lowered the power of the Blackjack and Solitaire slot spins • Lowered the cost of several spells, including Demi, Rasp, Dispel, and SleepX • Lowered the hitrate of several magical attacks to help make magic evasion more useful • Reworked & rebalanced swords to offer more (and better) choices for vigor-built characters • Swords that consume MP for critical hits now respect the "1/2 MP costs" effect of the Gem/Soul Box • Spears now inherently possess the "may guard allies" property instead of random counter-attacks • Adjusted the properties of the Wind Slash and Aero procs from the Kazekiri and Mutsunokami • Removed the Kagenui's speed boost and slightly adjusted the boosts on Shadow's other weapons • Changed Setzer's dice to boost stamina instead of magic and vise-versa for his other weapons • The Morning Star and Kusarigama now ignore defense instead of being anti-undead • The Demonsbane is now anti-undead in addition to holy-elemental • Raised the proc rate of anti-undead weapons from 25% to 50% • Fixed a bug where using items on undead characters would randomly kill them • Renamed the Diva Brush to Dali Brush and the Magic Brush to Monet Brush • Changed the animation of several weapons; also swapped the animations of the two "Blizzard" attacks • Corrected the Stormfang menu description • The BatPwr of the Soul Sabre and Omega Weapon now display correctly in the item menu • The Soul Sabre/Blood Sword are no longer ignored by the "Optimize" routine; the Omega Weapon now is • Switched the Colosseum opponents/prizes for the Masamune and Kagenui (and a few others) • Celes now starts with an Iron Cutlass instead of a Mythril Bolo • Gogo can now use Throw even if Shadow is dead • Interceptor now sets Sap • Lowered Golem's defense from 192 to 128 • Made several changes to the Battle of Narshe • Made an important update to Atma Weapon's script • Fixed a bug in the Soul Fire script (Wrexsoul fight) • Enabled/disabled random encounters on a few maps for better consistency • Aquilas no longer have any MP as they do not use any attacks that use it • Phunbaba and Doom Gaze now give 10 spell points when defeated as other bosses do • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to run from all of the enemies in the New Mines • Rewrote Gau's tutorial to match how Leap now functions; also added a new line of dialogue for Gau • Added more screenshots, boxart with cart label, and enemy graphics to the unlockme image gallery ---
  4. Hey, if someone wants to make a marsh background that looks decent, we'll use it.
  5. Sky randoms would be kinda interesting.... though, quite frankly, I've never been the hugest fan of the random encounter system as a whole.
  6. Gonna go ahead and close this thread since these patches are no longer relevant. If you need help, hop onto our Discord chat.
  7. Making Rune Edge early WoR is actually a pretty good idea. It's not like it sees much sue where it's at right now, anyhow. I'll put that in the "1.8.7" pile along with a Blackjack nerf. An earlier Mantra is a tougher sell... I agree it would be nice to have a healer other than Celes for Zozo, but healing is really the only thing she's bringing to the table there, anyway. Frankly, I'd be more keen on swapping Mantra and Aurabolt and maybe giving Aurabolt a little boost. If needed.
  8. I could probably lower the power a bit if it's warranted.
  9. Is Blackjack legit stronger than the other spins, or is it just easier to hit?
  10. Shadow Real Ultimate Power BASE STATS Vigor: 42 / Magic: 36 / Speed: 42 / Stamina: 36 HP: 24 / MP: 0 BatPwr: 24 / Def: 30 / M.Def: 30 / Blk%: 24 / M.Blk%: 24 EQUIPMENT Weapons: Ninja Daggers, Knives --- Shield: - Head: Light Helmets, Bandanas, Masks, HatsBody: Medium Armor, Light Armor, Vests SKILLS (Throw) Ninja Stars - physical attack (Vigor); ignores defense, may target multiple foes Knives - stronger physical attack (Vigor); ignores defense Scrolls - Fire, bolt, or water damage (Magic) to all foes (split damage; more effective vs. a single foe) Smoke Bomb - sets Image on a party member ESPERS Phantom - Vigor+1/Stamina+1 --- 12 MP: sets Vanish on party Fenrir - Speed+2 ---------------------- 24 MP: sets Image on party SPELLS Haste HasteX Float Warp Dispel --- Regen - Stamina Rerise (???)
  11. Setzer Gabbiani The Angel & The Gambler BASE STATS Vigor: 36 / Magic: 30 / Speed: 30 / Stamina: 24 HP: 60 / MP: 0 BatPwr: 24 / Def: 36 / M.Def: 24 / Blk%: 12 / M.Blk%: 12 EQUIPMENT Weapons: Casino Weapons (Dice/Darts/Cards), Knives --- Shield: Heavy Shields, Light Shields, Elemental Guards Head: Helmets, Bandanas, Hats Body: Heavy Armor, Medium Armor, Vests SKILLS (Slots) Solitaire (3 diamonds) - Magic damage to all foes; sets Blind Trifecta (3 chocobos) - Magic damage to all non-floating foes; may set Stop Blackjack (3 airships) - Magic damage to all foes; ignores defense, sets Sap Roulette (3 bars) - summons a random esper Jackpot (3 7's) - revives all fallen allies; Magic determines amount of HP restored Go Fish (losing spin) - restores HP to entire party (Magic) --- GP Toss (replaces Slots) - throw GP at one or multiple foes (Stamina); ignores defense, damage is reduced for each additional target ESPERS Shoat - Magic+2 --------------- 36 MP: sets Stone on all foes Seraph - HP+30/MP+15 --- 72 MP: sets Rerise on party Starlet - Stamina+2 -------- 80 MP: restores party's HP to max & lifts *all* bad statuses SPELLS Poison - Magic Bio - Magic Doom --- Cure 2 - Magic Cure 3 - Magic Rerise Remedy - Stamina Regen - Stamina RegenX - Stamina
  12. Terra Branford The Power of Love BASE STATS Vigor: 30 / Magic: 42 / Speed: 30 / Stamina: 30 HP: 60 / MP: 45 BatPwr: 36 / Def: 30 / M.Def: 36 / Blk%: 6 / M.Blk%: 12 EQUIPMENT Weapons: Swords, Maces, Thrown Weapons --- Shield: Heavy Shields, Light Shields, Elemental Guards Head: Helmets, Veils, Crowns, Hats Body: Heavy Armor, Medium Armor, Dresses, Robes, Vests SKILLS Morph - 50% bonus to all damage/healing output, double damage taken (Stamina reduces incoming damage penalty to a minimum of 25%) ESPERS Maduin - Magic+1/Stamina+1 ----- 24 MP: defense-ignoring wind damage (Magic) on all foes Unicorn - HP+30/Stamina+1 ------ 36 MP: restores HP to party (Stamina) and lifts most bad statuses Carbunkl - MP+25/Stamina+1 --- 12 MP: sets Rflect on party Bismark - Vigor+2 ------------------- 36 MP: water damage (Magic) on all foes Tritoch - Stamina+2 --------------- 64 MP: fire/ice/bolt damage (Magic) on all foes Phoenix - HP+30/MP+15 ------- 80 MP: revives all dead allies to max HP Ragnarok - MP+40 --------------- 99 MP: 9,999 damage to one foe SPELLS Fire (lv. 4) Fire 2 (lv. 10) Fire 3 (lv. 25) Ice 3 Bolt 3 Break Storm Ultima (All of Terra's black spells scale with Magic) --- Rasp - Magic Muddle (lv. 8) Imp (lv. 6) Bserk (lv. 15) Slow Shell Rflect Scan --- Cure (lv. 1) - Magic Cure 2 - Magic Cure 3 - Magic Life Life 2 (lv. 20) Remedy - Stamina Regen - Stamina RegenX (lv. 30) - Stamina
  13. Main balance discussion and suggestions should still go in the main thread; the character forums are meant more as a place for build crafting and general fanwankery.
  14. Download Brave New World Here (New to Brave New World? Want to know what it's all about? Check out the Readme here or our list of Frequently Asked Questions.) (NOTE: for current bugs in 1.8.5, see this post for fixes) Nine months ago today, Synchysi and I released what was "very definitely the final update to Brave New World until 2.0, no seriously we mean it this time". It was chock full of new features that were initially slated for 2.0 and it marked the completion of our changes to the game's vanilla content - all development henceforth would focus on expansion. And... well, we actually meant it. In the months following the release of 1.7, we quietly gathered bug reports for a final minor update. It wasn't until the discovery of an actually significant bug - an overflow error in the physical damage formula that was causing high-vigor characters to do much more damage than they should - that we began working on what would eventually become 1.8. In addition to the aforementioned bugs, the primary feature of this update was a new system suggested by Nowea (and pushed by Mishrak) to allow espers to provide on-equip bonuses just like equipment does to address the fact that 1.7's EL Bank had created an environment where players had little reason to care *which* esper anyone had equipped so long as they had one on. This system was coded by Think, who has thus far contributed more to Brave New World than anyone who isn't named BTB or Synchysi. He also fixed the above-mentioned overflow error and provided us with several other patches for this update. Not to be outdone, our friend and colleague DN provided us with a myriad of hacks for the game's interface, something which we hadn't done much of in the past due to the Lovecraftian nature of menu hacking. The most notable of these is a vast improvement to the way that status buffs are displayed in battle so that boss battles are no longer a random clusterfuck of glowing characters. It also allows the Scan spell to report enemy statuses since it was otherwise a completely useless spell (and still kind of is). Last but not least, seasoned FF6 hacking veteran Seibaby contributes his "Smart Cover" patch to the mix, which provides an elegant solution to our longest-running (and by far most aggravating) known issue of the "protect weakened allies" feature also blocking curative strikes. It does this by simply preventing the function from activating on any attack originating from the same team. My sincerest gratitude goes to him for finally hunting down this white whale for us and giving it a serious ass-spearing. And, of course, thank you so very much to everyone who beta tested this release and provided feedback. Satarack, Mishrak, and Yuyu: you guys have been invaluable in making this update happen and preventing me from having to playtest my own work. It cannot be understated just how amazing it is to me that every time I have something new on the horizon, I have wonderful people like you who are practically champing at the bit to let me Tom Sawyer my work off on you. More so than any other release before it, 1.8 is truly a product of the community surrounding it - all Synchysi and I really provided for this one was a pot with a stone in it. As for my own hand in this update, it was per usual largely the result of watching players LP Brave New World on Twitch and Youtube. I've tweaked the late-game experience curve given the tendency of players to unintentionally (and also very intentionally) overlevel their characters. While 1.7 was strongly focused on quality-of-life changes and making the mod more accessible to newer players, there are those who I feel run a little too far in that direction. Brave New World is adamantly *not* a difficulty hack, but it does require the player to pay attention; powerleveling your characters to the point where you can just phone in the rest of the game while you hold "A" to ROFLstomp everything runs contrary to the experience we aim to provide. Finally, a reminder to everyone that Brave New World is now available as a reproduction cartridge courtesy of our good friends at Retro Circuits. Feel free to contact them with questions about their products or even just to chat; they're great folks and I'm glad to have the pleasure of dealing with them. And that's about it, now and for a very long while ahead of us. Thank you all for your support throughout all of these years and for making Brave New World what it is today. What's new in 1.8.5: (See below post) What's new in 1.8.4: What's new in 1.8.3: What's new in 1.8.2: What's new in 1.8.1: What's new in 1.8.0: (Oh, and if liking things on Facebook is your bag, baby, then by all means go nuts.)
  15. While I have not played it, we do have a FF7 mod on this site that I have seen compared to Brave New World. You might hop onto our Discord and ask for some opinions on it, if you're interested. Anyway, glad you enjoyed the mod. Thanks for playing.
  16. Setzer's Dice is a known bug with 1.8.5 - there is a hotfix patch for it linked in several threads here, and it will be fixed in 1.8.6 soon. The only fight in BNW that was intended as a gear-check fight is MagiMaster, for obvious reasons. As for the dragons, I did make the primary elementals more powerful because their elements are easier to negate with equipment, but I didn't necessarily intend for said equipment to be required in order to take them out. As for the red dragon specifically, I do intend the Phoenix Cave to be done in the mid to late-WoR, so it can definitely be a hard fight if you go there sooner. Same goes for the Silver Dragon at Narshe. Boss HP has been an ongoing thing that continues to be addressed in each update as seen fit according to player feedback; Hidon in particular was recently addressed by lowering his magic defense. Keeping the original script is the sort of thing that just isn't going to happen unless someone goes to the effort of re-translating BNW. I will gladly give the source dialogue to anyone who feels like undertaking it. Changing the in-game logo is not easy for technical reasons that I can't explain really well since that's not my department. Same problem as above for displaying more information on Gau's rages; there *are* hacks that try to do this, but screen real estate is at a premium and there isn't sufficient space to display all of the relevant data. When faced with the decision to give the player some information or none, I will tend towards the latter so that anyone so inclined can get the full picture from the Printme. For weapon descriptions in the equip menu, again there's just nowhere to put them.
  17. You went all-out offensive so you really didn't notice. Turtling against him... does not end well >.>
  18. Here's the official changelog for 1.8.6 (COMING SOON): • Added new hacks to lessen the effect of speed granting faster characters more turns over time and to increase its effect on the likelihood of getting first strike • Added new hacks to allow speed to influence the likelihood of getting rare steals and for successful steal attempts to be treated as "free" actions • Added a new hack allowing Gau to Leap on rageable formations outside of the Veldt and removed the scripting behavior where all "dog"-type enemies would forcibly target him • Fixed a bug with the "Y-Equip Relics" hack where stat previews for changing equipment would display incorrectly after switching between menus • Fixed a bug where the Quartrstaff and Doomstick would crash the game when using MP for critical hits • Fixed a bug with Setzer's Dice where the animation would display incorrectly and also crash the game • Fixed a bug with X-Fight where the X-Fight penalty and the dual-wield penalty were not stacking • The Kagenui now has the correct stats • Fixed the incorrect attack priorities on the Tumbleweed rage • Fixed the Raiden summon (only accessible via Slots) to be identical to Odin • Made a small change to Tiamat's script • Added a(nother) hint about fighting Phunbaba to Terra's dialogue • Adjusted the encounters near WoR Albrook to prevent solo Celes from getting into unfair fights
  19. In all fairness, X-Mog was conceived more as a status-setter than a damage-dealer.
  20. Those are .zip archives. Use WinRAR to extract them.
  21. Ultimately, it's a QoL thing since the first time any rage is available doesn't change whether or not you're forced to backtrack to the Veldt in order to get it. I wouldn't put any rages in Kefka's Tower since that's too late in the game to give the player new attacks. Something like Ultima is fine because it's a singular attack, not a whole plethora of them.
  22. Yeah, it does that sometimes. Consider it a feature. Because it *rocks* you
  23. Developer's note: Seibaby is no longer allowed to name his own hacks.