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  1. So, just an update... 1.8.5 is currently going through some testing. We're looking at a proper release tomorrow if everything checks out.
  2. It wasn't possible to know that on ID and it's not possible here now, either.
  4. At this point I would say to go ahead and wait. The 4th anniversary of BNW's release is coming up soon and I'm really hoping to have 1.8.5 out before then.
  5. You should be able to switch votes. I'll bug Ninjas about it.
  6. I'll ask around and see if anyone knows anything.
  7. What city is that in? Kinda looks like the one here in Texas.
  8. You were going to post something here about the LoZ randomizer, Crimson?
  9. Not sure if typo...
  10. I feel like there should be a "beta" tag and/or section of the downloads section.
  11. See, if it was me, the question would be "if I was a spammer, I would..." and the correct answer would be "kill myself".
  12. I edited the posts in this thread with the black theme in mind: I imagine it would look quite terrible with a lighter theme.
  13. I'd like to know more. Check out the Readme here. Where can I download Brave New World? Right here. I'm having a problem getting something to work. Click on the "chat" link above to join our Discord. Someone is always around and willing to lend a hand. Wait, I thought you said this wasn't a hardtype mod? This is definitely a hardtype mod. This depends on how "hard-type" is defined. In the classic sense, i.e. the commercial hard-type of Final Fantasy IV, it is. However, in the context of ROMhacks, where the term "hard-type" is closely associated with "kaizo"-style hacks (i.e. fake difficulty for the purposes of self-induced schadenfreude) or simply real difficulty sufficient to render it a niche product, Brave New World deliberately seeks to avoid this label. Many ROMhacks are designed with the focus primarily - and often solely - on the difficulty, whereas Brave New World's main focus is on the characters and mechanics. The design philosophy is that the fun of games such as this is the development of your characters and the choices the player makes in doing so, and the purpose of the difficulty is simply a means to an end: an incentive to develop your characters to overcome a challenge that simply wasn't there in the original game. I disagree with (X) aspect of the mod's design and think it should be changed. Tell us. Much of Brave New World's development over the last several years has been the direct result of player feedback, and we take all feedback - constructive or otherwise - into consideration whether or not we agree with it. How can I contribute/give back to the authors of this mod? Honestly, the greatest thing that has come out of this project is the absolutely amazing community that has grown around it. Simply being a part of it gives back far much more than we can possibly explain and is all we'd ever ask of anyone. If you liked Brave New World, please feel free to stick around any maybe try out some of the other mods hosted here. No, really, I'd like to donate something. That said, I cannot in good conscience turn down any willing donations toward my help my broke-ass girlfriend send her cats to the vet fund. Any money sent to this link will go directly towards helping a furry animal in need.
  14. Here's the official changelog and documentation for 1.8.5 (NOW AVAILABLE!): • Added several minor menu hacks to show the names of blitzes in the menu screen, correct a display bug for max HP/MP in the party creation screen, and allow easy switching between the equip and relic menus by pressing the "Y" button • Made the Colosseum function more like a trading post by nerfing the only two opponents of any real difficulty (Siegfried and WEAPON) and changed many trades to improve end-game equipment availability; also improved the readability of the "prize" menu by marking all invalid trades with dashes • Overhauled enemy status resistances (again) and removed the "immunity to fractional damage" flag from all randomly-occurring enemies previously flagged as minibosses (i.e. Dante/Virgil); also rewrote the scripts for two bosses (Phunbaba and the Battle on the Bridge) impacted by this overhaul • Corrected an oversight in Final Kefka's script that allowed him to potentially use two devastating party-wide attacks in quick succession; also lowered the inappropriately-high damage dealt by one portion of the first tier of the final tower of bosses • Lowered the defense/m.def of several end-game bosses to shorten the length of the fights, as well as to reduce the dearth of high-defense enemies in the late game which was causing an over-emphasis on defense-ignoring attacks (and thus weakening character builds that don't rely on them) • Edited the battle scripts of several early-game enemies to give players more/better opportunities to learn how counter-attacks work in the mod (this lesson was previously confined mostly to Mt. Koltz) • Addressed the tendency of players to overlevel while cash-grinding in the early game by lowering exp. gains from certain enemies and increasing the availability of GP (both from enemies and from chests) • Swapped Cyan's and Sabin's base magic power (NOTE: this change requires a restart or save editing) • Swapped the summons on Odin and Crusader (thus making Odin a stamina-based attack) • The Siren summon now sets Bserk on all enemies (instead of dealing MP damage) • The Mute spell now targets all enemies (instead of only one) • Halved the power of the Osmose spell • Raised the power of the Bio and Storm spells • Raised the power of the Dispatch bushido • The Fire Dance blitz no longer ignores defense • The Aurabolt blitz now sets blind • Desperation attacks now set Slow in addition to Sap • Changed Discord back to being a lore (replacing Grav Bomb) • Swapped the 7/16 (Moonlight) and 5/16 (Specter) steps on the Love Sonata dance • The Specter dance step now sets Muddle and Mute as advertised (it was only setting Muddle before) • Changed the attacks on several rages, most notably the ones with healing moves: Adamiantite 2/3 attack swapped with 1/3 (Cyclonic) Allosaurus 2/3 attack swapped with 1/3 (Attack 3x) Chickenlip 2/3 attack changed to Net Gargoyle 2/3 attack changed to Holy Wind (was 1/3); 1/3 attack changed to Quake Griffin 2/3 attack changed to Razor Leaf; 1/3 attack changed to Harvester (was 2/3) Kudzu 1/3 attack changed to Bio Mesosaur 2/3 attack swapped with 1/3 (Sun Bath) Peeper 2/3 attack swapped with 1/3 (Rock) Rhinotaur 2/3 attack swapped with 1/3 (Cure 2); raised 1/3 attack bonus to 3x damage Spike 2/3 attack changed to Lode Stone; raised 1/3 attack bonus to 3x damage Tumbleweed 2/3 attack swapped with 1/3 (Harvester) • Overhauled the stat boosts on end-game swords to focus on the store-bought ones, Apocalypse/Illumina, and Zantetsuken for this purpose while specifically excluding the Excalibur and Atma/Omega Weapon • Raised the power of all spears except for Gungnir, which is now the second-strongest spear (Longinus is now the strongest) but now has a +50% HP bonus (and is the "only" item in the mod to offer it) • Reworked Shadow's knives to be more desirable for fighting by adding the "X-Fight" property to the Kagenui and more desirable as stat sticks by adding stamina boosts to them • Lowered the price of Shadow's weakest buyable knife (now renamed to Kunai) to promote it as an ideal single-target damage alternative to Shuriken (which are also cheaper now) • Changed Stormfang's random cast to Bolt so that the "vigor" claws now all cast direct damage spells • The random cast on the Quartrstaff will now multi-target (only) on MP-fueled critical hits, while the Doomstick will cast X-Zone instead of Doom (again, only on attacks that use MP for a critical hit) • Removed the evasion/magic evasion boosts from WoB rods and all brushes and added physical evasion to the Punisher (it now offers both). • The Dragoon Seal and Radiant Gown now increase the random spellcast rate of swords and paintbrushes, respectively; the Radiant Gown in turn no longer boosts MP or blocks fire damage • Raised the evasion/magic evasion of the Royal Jacket and Radiant Gown (respectively) • Lowered the stat boosts on the Moogle Hide and the elemental shields • Lowered the speed penalties on the Snow Muffler and Kusarigama • Fixed a bug with Setzer's (not fixed) Dice where three would be thrown if they were held in the left hand with another weapon or nothing in the right hand • Fixed a bug where the Ragnarok equip bonus was not working properly • Equipping Seraph now blocks Zombie as every other form of instant death protection does • The Tentacles (Figaro basement boss) are now listed in the correct order in the battle screen • It should no longer be possible to be blinded during the "Save Terra from the Guards!" sequence • Made several dialogue changes/additions, primarily in the form of advice to the player • Several other minor/insignificant changes ---
  15. Version 1.9.0


    By far my most ambitious project to date, Brave New World began as a joint effort between myself and a coder by the name of Synchysi to completely overhaul perhaps one of the most beloved entries in the long-running Final Fantasy series. It's since grown into a massive community project that's exceeded every expectation I could have possibly dreamed of. The end result is the product of hundreds upon thousands of man-hours from dedicated fans and something I am extremely proud to have been a part of. Brave New World features... Individualized spell lists and multiple stat growth options for each character Re-coded formulas that promote diversity and allow stats to function as they should Completely rebalanced equipment, items, spells, and skills - and brand-new enemies to use them on Fixes for all major (and most minor) bugs along with a vast multitude of quality-of-life enhancements A new script that builds on existing characterization while remaining true to the spirit of the original ...much more! But even though much has changed, I think one player who blogged about our mod put it best when he wrote, "...the goal seems to be to celebrate what makes FFVI the game it is, rather than undoing it and making an entirely new game out of it." Beyond all else, Brave New World is everything I feel that Final Fantasy VI could have been had Squaresoft had all of the time and resources available to them that we have today. And now, thanks to the efforts of the amazing community that has grown around this mod, it finally has the chance to be exactly that. (If you're looking for my modder's resources for FF6, go here.)