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  1. Short answer: no Long answer: an angry rant about how the "extra content" on the GBA is garbage Glad you enjoyed the mod, though.
  2. Ebot's Rock Booty

    21 pieces of ass
  3. esper points in WOR

    Fanatics Tower is your best bet there. And WoR rejoin levels are static, not averaged. This removes the incentive to delay getting characters back so they rejoin at a higher level.
  4. No, they're intentionally omitted from the Printme. The Imperial is never meant to actually be used and the Club is technically a hidden item.
  5. Yeah, that's definitely an overleveled main crew - and one hell of an oddball team to take to final Kefka. You can guy plenty of stuff for Shadow to throw in Jidoor, especially in the WoR. Did you overlook it or just not think Ninjatos were worth it?
  6. Download Brave New World Here (New to Brave New World? Check out this thread for a brief explanation of what it does or dive straight into the Readme.) Hi there, everybody! First and foremost, a Happy New Year to you all. May your 2020 be pleasant and free of C.H.U.D.s (or full of C.H.U.D.s if that happens to be your thing. I don't judge.) Eight years ago, Synchysi and I started working on a little project together that would go on to become one of the greatest community efforts I've ever had the pleasure to be a part of, as well as the basis for a vast portion of my online presence. And today, I'm happy to bring you all at long last the largest update that project has ever seen. Anyone who's followed Brave New World for awhile knows that "...this is the LAST update before 2.0." has become something of a meme, and after a year-long beta cycle and nearly two years of total development, that fabled update is finally here. 2.0 features a complete re-(re-)write of enemy AI - culminating in what I consider to be the best boss fight I've ever designed - and a host of quality-of-life and other enhancements contributed in part by pretty much the entire Final Fantasy VI hacking community. A special thanks goes out to relative newcomer Bropedio, who showed up on our doorstep six months ago and without whom this release just wouldn't have happened. And of course, thanks to each and every one of you who has played through previous versions of Brave New World, all of which I consider to be trash in comparison to what we have now (seriously, 90% of me watching a 1.9 stream in the last two years has just been me apologizing and saying "that's been fixed".) And... that's about it. I've been working on this for too long and am welcoming the opportunity to take a break and move on to other projects. I hope everyone enjoys what we've put together, and I'm sorry it took this long to make happen. Hopefully, it's worth the wait. (In other news... would you like to own Brave New World as a repro cart? How about a box to stick it in? Tell 'em BTB sent ya!) What's new in 2.0:
  7. The version doesn't matter - BNW will force-convert any version of FF6US into the correct one.
  8. It's in beta. And the hint is actually now clearer than what was posted above.
  9. Ah, all right, was just worried I'd missed something in Clean New World. Well, glad you enjoyed it.
  10. Just to clarify... one thing in Clean New World that should have been patched but wasn't or just one complaint about the translation in general?
  11. Thank you!

    My current project is Heroes of Might & Magic III, so if that sort of game is your thing...
  12. 1. Not in the game 2. Kefka's Tower 3. Longinus (White-D drop) and Gungnir (Colosseum trade) (Counting is hard). No/Yes/Yes/No 4. Depends on what you're grinding for. 5. No 6. Undead characters are immune to all statuses and absorb dark damage 7. Stamina and (current) HP
  13. Thank you!

    Glad you enjoyed yourself. Makes spending so long working on this thing worth it o/
  14. If anyone feels like helping test the bugfix patch (see changelog above), it's pinned in our Discord server.
  15. Simply put, you can't take Brave New World and apply vanilla's script to it. A lot has changed/removed/added to the point where much demand to be rewritten simply to be factually correct and actually work. So making a "vanilla-style" script means taking Brave New World's script and making it LOOK like the vanilla script.
  16. Yeah, I've tried to get in touch with Katy but she hasn't been responding.
  17. There was absolutely no reason to drag out the Whelk fight, especially considering that the thing he was meant to teach (the active battle system) was coded out of Brave New World.
  18. Given that the colosseum is uncontrollable, I've deliberately scaled back on the difficulty there since it's mostly fake difficulty.
  19. Final Fantasy 6 Brave New World 2.0

    The translation patch just goes on top of the base one, so you'd have to make a new one. Since it's just dialogue and names, there's no problem with switching up on an existing save file. I personally frown on the vanilla patch because it's something I spent 9 years writing made deliberately bland for people who like to bitch. It's literally BNW with a personality-ectomy misrepresented as something closer to the vanilla translation, whereas the only thing it has in common with Ted Woolsey's script is... well, just being bland. I hate the damn thing and I hate seeing someone who falls outside of the very specific target audience being made to believe that it's their best option for playing through the game.