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  1. Well, at that point you probably want to talk to @thzfunnymzn
  2. The recent re-release (or something to that effect) of Civilization III on Steam or some shit has prompted me to blow the dust off of one of my earliest modding projects and clean it up for an official release. If you've ever played Brave New World, you know what to expect with what I've done to the game. I would ask anyone who plays to please read through all of the in-game help files, not just because that's how you find out what all is different in the mod, but because A) I need feedback on how helpful it is, and B) there's probably a mistake in there I missed, and even more probably a lot more than that. Please check all of the links in particular and make sure that they resolve to valid pages (I did mention that I re-wrote the entire in-game help system from scratch, right?). Thanks to everyone who checks this out.
  3. Download Brave New World Here (New to Brave New World? Want to know what it's all about? Check out the Readme here or our list of Frequently Asked Questions.) It's that time again, my friends! After a beta cycle that went on much longer than we were expecting, Brave New World 1.9.0 is officially released today. The major features of this update include tying the game's cover and counter-attack mehcanics to stamina (the 'ol tank & spank) courtesy of Seibaby and one of the holy grails of FF6 modding in the form of GrayShadow's in-battle spell patch. There's also a lot more goodies in the Unlockme, including boxart courtesy of Shane at RetroGameCases and a little something special to snap into from our good friend Bauglir. As always, many of the changes in this update are largely inspired by the feedback I get from players who stream on Twitch or post videos on Youtube. I take something away from every playthrough I watch, and more and more with each passing update, Brave New World truly is the work of the amazing community that surrounds it. I can honestly say that the humble project Synchysi and I began work on over six years ago would never be what it is today without all of you, and for that and much else I am eternally grateful. I don't know what the future holds for this mod, but I am certain that you all will be a huge part of it. What's new in 1.9.0: Brave New World is now available as a reproduction cartridge courtesy of our good friends at Retro Circuits. And if liking things on Facebook is your bag, baby, then by all means go nuts.
  4. Any "rage"-type status will prevent covering, including dance. I suppose the dance part can be revisited if it's a big deal.
  5. Cover does weird things with layering.
  6. Glad you enjoyed it. A LOT of our players are Canadian, so Narshe is sort of my little shout-out to them.
  7. Yeah, point any of those out to me and I'll fix 'em.
  8. It's a semi-softlock... it'll resolve itself if you hold frameskip for about a minute or so. I thought that was something I'd dealt with all instances of in the past... apparently not.
  9. There are experience "humps" at 10, 20, and 30 to keep you from overleveling too much. Expected levels for fighting Atma Weapon are very early 20's at the highest, so you're good.
  10. MagiMaster responds to any non-elemental damage with Overkill+Elixir. In his second phase, he will start using Overkill to counter *any* damage.
  11. Vanish isn't a standard spell in BNW, so cannot be runic'ed.
  12. The BNWCP is updated for every release and is included with the download of the mod in the "Unlockme" archive.
  13. It's a space-saving technique I used in the dialogue bank, as well as in intentional Easter Egg.
  14. For anyone who doesn't check that section of the site, I put this up the other day in response to some of the questions that I'm commonly asked as a modder. I also talk a bit about game design near the end.
  15. I am completely unfamiliar with that hack, so I have no idea.
  16. Note to self: can probably re-check the "hide opponent" flag for the version of the Kagenui that you have to bet to get Shadow. Also should consider adding a ghost merchant to Cyan's Nightmare.
  17. I just realized that Stray has the wrong spell list - it teaches Mute instead of Sleep. Will fix that in the next version.
  18. Well, one of the biggest reasons that I've resisted expanding the ROM thus far is knowing that the second I get a metric fuckton of free space in the AI bank, I will immediately fill it all up. And if I don't have enough good ideas (I have a list of notes), I'll just fill it with crap instead.
  19. My opinion is that it's probably very easily doable, the question is more is it something worth being done.
  20. 1. Not really. Aside from the fact that the spell index is full, part of balancing out the eight elements is the differences in availability. Having access to water damage, for example, is part of what makes Strago and Shadow so unique amongst other mages. 2. Initially, in order to make the Life spell preferable to Phoenix Downs, I widened the gap of effectiveness to 1/16 max HP for Phoenix Downs and 1/4 maxHP for Life (both were 1/8 in vanilla, rendering the Life spell fairly useless). I ultimately found that 1/4 maxHP still wasn't really having the desired effect since it still wasn't enough for a lot of characters to be able to survive a single hit after getting back on their feet, resulting in my request to switch it over to a set amount of HP. As for Phoenix Downs, the change to 1 HP was mostly symbolic since there's no effective difference between 1 HP and 1/16 maxHP because neither will allow anyone to take a single hit in pretty much any situation. 3. Possible? Probably. This isn't a question anyone has ever asked before, and I really don't have an opinion on it. 4. I think my only objection to that would be that giving them a value makes the ones you find sellable for lots of cash. Also, they currently fill a "rare expendable" role that very much needs filling. As far as late-game cash sinks go, the intent was for that to fall back on Potions and Ninjatos. 5. There's really not much I can envision to spice up what is essentially the game's "tutorial" phase without going massively off of the rails of what the mod aims to do.
  21. When Celes's turn comes up, pay close attention to what she can do.
  22. Yeah, I do need to ask right around where you're at in the game, since pretty much everything up until the Battle of Narshe is tutorial mode and there's not a whole lot you can do to keep an RPG consistently mechanically interesting throughout a period like that. In any case, I think a lot of what you've said can just be boiled down to scope. There's a lot of interesting things that I can imagine for a combat system and a lot of flaws I can easily see, but the ultimate question is what all can actually be done while working within the confines of the engine we're working with or without turning FF6 into a completely different game. Good points, nonetheless.