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  1. I see the problem. That will be fixed in the next release.
  2. I asked you about it in Discord the other day because the last I heard from testing of your patch, it wasn't working.
  3. I'm a helper.
  4. Vegetable stir-fry with extra Monsantos and chemtrails. Can post the (rather simple) recipe if anyone thinks it looks tasty.
  5. That may be something worth fixing.
  6. This would be something for @Synchysi to look at.
  7. I'd prefer to be stingy with stamina-based attacks. They're certainly not something everyone needs, or else the characters that do have them become much less unique and stamina builds end up universally better than others (which they already are in many cases).
  8. Edgar already has a stamina-based weapon; making it behave correctly with Jump is backburner'ed wishlist item.
  9. Mog Mascot with Attitude, Kupo! BASE STATS Vigor: 30 / Magic: 36 / Speed: 36 / Stamina: 30 HP: 120 / MP: 0 BatPwr: 24 / Def: 36 / M.Def: 36 / Blk%: 18 / M.Blk%: 18 EQUIPMENT Weapons: Spears, Rods, Maces, Thrown Weapons --- Shield: Heavy Shields, Light Shields, Elemental Guards Head: Helmets, Crowns, Hats Body: Heavy Armor, Medium Armor, Light Armor, Parkas, Robes, Vests SKILLS (Dance) Wind Song (plains) - focuses on healing (Stamina) and multi-target wind damage (Magic) Desert Aria (desert) - focuses on evasion with multi-target earth/wind damage (Magic) and some healing (Stamina) Forest Suite (forest) - focuses on status healing (Stamina) with assorted damage (Magic) Earth Blues (mountains) - focuses on single-target Earth damage (Magic) and Healing (Stamina) Dusk Requiem (caves) - focuses on fractional damage and instant death Love Sonata (town/factory) - focuses on restoring Mog's HP/MP with assorted damage (Magic) Water Rondo (river/underwater) - focuses on entirely on direct damage (Magic), mostly water and bolt/poison Snowman Jazz (snow) - focuses on heavy ice damage (Magic) with some evasion (Note: the "home" dance of the current terrain will always succeed; success of non-native dances is determined by Stamina) ---Jump (replaces Fight) - Fight (Vigor) + 100% damage (spears) or 50% (other weapons); ignores row ---X-Magic (replaces Magic) - cast two spells instead of one ESPERS Maduin - Magic+1/Stamina+1 --- 24 MP: defense-ignoring wind damage (Magic) on all foes Shoat - Magic+2 --------------------- 36 MP: sets Stone on all foes Palidor - Vigor+1/Speed+1 ----- 24 MP: party attacks with Jump (Vigor) Terrato - HP+60 ------------------- 64 MP: earth damage to all does (Magic) SPELLS Poison - Magic Bio - Magic Break - Magic Quake - Magic Doom Drain - Magic --- Rasp - Magic Muddle SleepX SlowX Haste Float
  10. Yes, he does. I'm guessing Strago was blind at the time.
  11. Actually, it's pretty common to hear people say that they lost interest in FF6 around the WoR. It seems like a frequent stopping point for a lot of players. The hard genre shift doesn't seem to resonate so well with people expecting a straight-up JRPG, and the character homogeneity really starts coming into play around then. God help you if you're a completionist. Anyway, glad you enjoyed it. Toss a vote in the MVP thread if you haven't already. Thanks for playing.
  12. The Mystery Egg does not affect rods.
  13. To address the Holy Lance in particular, random spellcasts on spears would be overpowered in the context of Brave New world because random casts will also inherit the damage multiplier from jump, which in the case of spears is 2 instead of 1. This is the equivalent damage boost of a MP-fueled auto-crit from a rod, which has the downside of requiring the user (invariably a squishy) to be in the front row. The Holy and Flare casts from the Apocalypse/Illumina had to be hard-coded to ignore multipliers or else they would have been severely overpowered.
  14. Counter chance and cover chance are tied to stamina, so... well, technically yes.
  15. Yeah, pretty much anything involving Palidor is just in *shrug* territory. The Chakra formula in the Printme was mentioned earlier; I will correct it in the next update.
  16. That's fine with me. @seibaby can make the necessary adjustments.
  17. Note for next version: Kaiser should turn into a save point.
  18. Were there any observed instances of slowdown in just regular BNW, or was it only with the randomizer applied?
  19. Holy shit, I thought this was an April Fool's joke.
  20. I suspect that this has no relation to BNW and would also occur on an unpatched ROM.
  21. The intended method is to rotate your party out frequently, mixing parties with high-level characters and low-level ones.