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  1. The multiple-party setup has nothing that affects warping, and while you cannot warp out of the Phoenix Cave in vanilla, we enabled it in Brave New World. And you can warp put of Kefka's Tower in either case.
  2. When 1.9.1 comes around, I'll probably add to it. I just haven't really fucked around much with alternate sprites since I was never really interested in the ones that put more clothes on Celes >.>
  3. It's because the dogs counter magic. I'd consider it a bug, but I'm too amused at the idea of an abused animal turning on its handler to fix it.
  4. The only dungeon I can think of where warping is disabled is Cyan's nightmare, and you can't leave it anyway...
  5. You don't have any Warp Whistles or the spell?
  6. Removing the ability to avoid random encounters altogether was a deliberate design decision because otherwise the game is just boss battles. The encounter rate itself is something that is currently being addressed:
  7. Yeah, this place is pretty much ID 2.0
  8. Just to clarify for anyone confused by the title, this was a hack that was intended to go into 1.9.0, but was removed because it wasn't working properly.
  9. Any familiarity with how Civilization games work at all is half the battle; beyond that it's just the subtleties of how 3 is different. I'd suggest giving the tutorial in vanilla Civ3 a quick whirl and you'll probably pick things up pretty quick. I also rewrote the Civilopedia from scratch to function as a help file, so there's also that.
  10. These will be great for any future testing. If you can grab some WoR saves, as well, that'd be super.
  11. Celes Chere Dog of the Empire BASE STATS Vigor: 36 / Magic: 36 / Speed: 36 / Stamina: 36 HP: 120 / MP: 30 BatPwr: 36 / Def: 42 / M.Def: 30 / Blk%: 12 / M.Blk%: 6 EQUIPMENT Weapons: Swords, Maces, Thrown Weapons --- Shield: Heavy Shields, Light Shields, Elemental Guards Head: Helmets, Veils, Crowns, Hats Body: Heavy Armor, Medium Armor, Dresses, Robes, Vests SKILLS Runic - nullify the next black, gray, or white spell cast by any character (friend or foe) and absorb its MP cost ??? - Stamina/HP ESPERS Ramuh - Vigor+2 ----------------------------- 48 MP: bolt damage (Magic) on all foes Siren - Magic+1/Speed+1 ---------------- 12 MP: sets Bserk on all foes Shiva - Magic+2 ----------------------------- 48 MP: ice damage (Magic) on all foes Phantom - Vigor+1/Stamina+1 ------- 12 MP: sets Vanish on party Seraph - HP+30/MP+15 ---------------- 72 MP: sets Rerise on party Alexandr - HP+60 ------------------------ 80 MP: holy damage (Magic) on all foes Crusader - Stamina+1/Speed+1 --- 99 MP: massive non-elemental damage (Magic) on all foes SPELLS Ice (lv. 6) Ice 2 Ice 3 (lv. 24) Bolt Bolt 2 Bolt 3 (lv. 30) Holy Merton Demi (lv. 18) Quartr (All of Celes's black spells except Demi/Quartr scale with Magic) --- Mute Sleep Slow (lv. 12) Safe (lv. 21) Haste Float Scan (lv. 9) Dispel --- Cure (lv. 1) - Magic Cure 2 (lv. 15) - Magic Life Rerise Remedy - Stamina Regen - Stamina
  12. If I can free up two bytes somewhere to slip a FB 02 into his script, that'll fix it.
  13. Download Brave New World Here (New to Brave New World? Want to know what it's all about? Check out the Readme here or our list of Frequently Asked Questions.) I don't normally do big update announcements like this for minor releases, but the community-driven nature of this update cycle has let to version 1.8 being a lot more spread out than we're used to, and 1.8.5 had a number of very significant bugs that needed patching. I want to thank everyone for their patience in dealing with the deluge of hotfix patches for the last few months while we got everything sorted out for a proper release, and I'd like to give an extra-special thanks to Seibaby for providing several new hacks for this update and earning his "Gold" BNW donor status. So, what's in the box for 1.8.6? Aside from the bugfixes, the major highlight is several new hacks concerning speed and/or theft. One of the biggest complaints we've had since the implementation of Think's nATB system was the significantly increased difficulty in escaping from fights. A rewriting of the ATB initialization code now allows your characters' speed to contribute much more significantly to getting first strike in battle, and a side effect of this makes running from unwanted fights much easier on average. Conversely, nATB also pushed speed to being a DPS god stat by removing the soft cap on its effectiveness, necessitating a rewrite of the speed code itself to lessen its effect at high levels and bring the slower characters a bit more up to par. Theft is addressed by allowing the speed of the "treasure hunter" to increase the odds of getting a rare steal rather than the old flat 1/8 chance as well as allowing successful theft attempts to qualify as a free action and thus give the "treasure hunter" a free turn immediately afterward. The other major hack to make it in allows Gau to Leap anywhere he finds enemies that he can rage, thus making it far less annoying to hunt down that one last rage that just won't fucking show up on the Veldt. While this does allow Gau early access to a few key rages at certain points of the game, it's largely a QoL change that will hopefully win over a few more fans to his camp. Finally, the addition of X-Fight to Shadow's Kagenui in the previous version proved... much more effective than I was counting on, in part by finally bringing to light the fact that the X-Fight damage penalty never stacked with the dual-wield damage penalty like it was supposed to. This turned Shadow into a one-man wrecking crew (even moreso than usual), at least for the players who were aware of the hotfix to fix the incorrect stats on the Kagenui, which otherwise had a whopping battle power of zero. As always, I'll close with a reminder to everyone that Brave New World is now available as a reproduction cartridge courtesy of our good friends at Retro Circuits. Feel free to contact them with questions about their products or even just to chat; they're great folks and I'm glad to have the pleasure of dealing with them. What's new in 1.8.6: (Oh, and if liking things on Facebook is your bag, baby, then by all means go nuts.)
  14. Ok, apparently the link has been broken for awhile because I keep moving shit around on my site. It's good now.
  15. So, as anyone who's been in chat lately is more than aware, I've been writing a tutorial for buying, setting up, and configuring a Retropie from start to finish. If this is something that you've been thinking about doing, it's easier now than ever before with a step-by-step guide: Thanks to everyone who's put up with me yammering on about this for the last few weeks - I hope that y'all find it helpful!
  16. Yeah, just toss it back on and let's ship it out.
  17. Hmm... I didn't think disabling throw procs on jump was part of that hack. The blind jump hack was pretty recent, but we disabled throw on jumping AGES ago... unless I guess that wasn't the actual problem.
  18. Did you just remove D's hack or did you end up modifying it?
  19. I simply don't have any interest in further delaying 1.9 over something so trivial. If removing D's hack will result in the desired behavior, I say let's test it real quick and be done with it. If not, I really have no qualms putting it on hold and dealing with it whenever someone figured out how to make the Atma/Omega Weapon respect Jump.
  20. Yeah, removing that hack entirely instead of modifying it would (in theory - unless there's something that Synchysi knows that I don't) result in that behavior.
  21. Are you going to modify it to retain disabling boomerang throws on jump or something?
  22. Yeah, that's a known issue. Animation errors like that are a royal cumtwat to track down since they're some weird combination of spell index, enemy sprite, and fucking voodoo.