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  1. Very interesting take on things! Thanks for taking the time to write this all up. I'd say that there's a pretty clear pattern where you favor magic damage and lack interest in stamina, which is a fairly common outlook. To address a few specific concerns, Aurabolt is getting a damage boost in 1.9 and Relm will pick up Life. Aside from that, the defensive benefits of stamina tend to be a bit more on the... invisible side. Sabin and Strago in particular are able to hit stamina levels high enough to act as a permanent built-in Shell and they will be virtually immune to status ailments - which is a bit more notable now since there's only one Ribbon left in the game. Strago really needs this since, as you mention, he lacks an ability that directly synergizes with stamina. Rather, the point of a stamina build with him is to run him as pure support (which he is more than capable of doing) rather than as a nuker. 1.9 also focuses heavily on the use of stamina for covering and countering, so purely tanky builds like Kirin Cyan and Unicorn Edgar (the latter of which was never really considered to be a significant build in development) will benefit from it.
  2. Quick summary of things that have changed on my end since the last RC: • The "Leader" battle with Cyan no longer interrupts his theme • Unchecked "can't run" from Mammoths • The Demonsbane now does holy damage in addition to being anti-undead • Fixed an error in the HasteX animation • The Healing Shiv no longer teaches Cure • Corrected a typo in the dialogue • Corrected the Blizzard animation • Adjusted the power of the Wind Slash/Aero sword procs
  3. Edgar Roni Figaro Hail to the King, Baby BASE STATS Vigor: 36 / Magic: 30 / Speed: 30 / Stamina: 24 HP: 72 / MP: 0 BatPwr: 48 / Def: 42 / M.Def: 24 / Blk%: 6 / M.Blk%: 6 EQUIPMENT Weapons: Spears, Swords --- Shield: Heavy Shields, Light Shields, Elemental Guards Head: Helmets, Hats Body: Heavy Armor, Medium Armor, Vests SKILLS (Tools) AutoCrossbow - physical attack vs. enemy group (Vigor); ignores row, can miss NoiseBlaster - sets Muddle on a group of foes Bio Blaster - poison damage (Magic) to a group of foes; sets Poison Drill - physical attack (Vigor); ignores defense, sets Sap Flash - non-elemental damage (Magic) to a group of foes; sets Blind Defibrillator - revives a fallen ally; Magic determines amount of HP restored Mana Battery - restores MP to an ally (Magic) Chainsaw - physical attack (Vigor); ignores defense, may instantly kill --- Jump (replaces Fight) - Fight (Vigor) + 100% damage (spears) or 50% (other weapons); ignores row ESPERS Siren - Magic+1/Speed+1 -------- 12 MP: sets Bserk on all foes Unicorn - HP+30/Stamina+1 --- 36 MP: restores HP to party (Stamina) and lifts most bad statuses Golem - HP+20/Vigor+1 -------- 56 MP: blocks physical hits for party (durability = caster's max HP) Palidor - Vigor+1/Speed+1 --- 24 MP: party attacks with Jump (Vigor) SPELLS Mute Bserk Slow SlowX Safe Haste Float Scan --- Cure 2 - Magic Remedy - Stamina
  4. 1.9 will change things up a lot for him since there will be a renewed focus on his ability to tank. Give a pure Unicorn build the Gungnir and a Shield and watch him go all SPARTAAAAAAAA on shit.
  5. A big thing with Locke that hasn't really been brought up is that the advent of quicksteal + Mug basically gives him a pseudo-AOE attack versus human mobs. Makes him super OP in certain parts of the game.
  6. Part of the changes to 1.9 was a bump to Aurabolt's power, which in turn should affect how much stamina helps it out.
  7. Just a thought I had for a potential New Game+ patch (which would be in the Unlockme) that swaps the level and EL caps (and re-adjusts the experience tables for both as necessary). Seems like it would be a fun way for a veteran player to run through. Thoughts?
  8. It would not carry over items from a previous playthrough, no.
  9. Strago himself can run crowd control even though he's slow; just focus more on attacks like Bad Breath instead of using him as a nuker.
  10. It's learnable from Zoneseek in 1.9, so she won't have it if you're playing 1.8.6.
  11. The espers were moved; the guy blocking off the auction house will tell you where to.
  12. We already have a plan for how it would work, story-wise. We've not discussed any of the specifics outside of the need-to-know circle.
  13. You need to use your only fast character to neutralize your opponents as much as possible. Relm knows Stop now, which should help.
  14. Monsters and bosses also have stamina, yes
  15. Fractional damage already considers stamina for defense.
  16. Gungho is Leeroy (yes, THAT Leeroy) in BNW. Those bonuses all sound nice, but ultimately they seem like a flavor thing that wouldn't be worth the PITA they would be to implement. Something like the esper equip bonuses is different because, one, they already functioned as equipment and thus weren't that difficult to implement, but addressed an existing flaw in the system where there was no functional difference between what esper was equipped outside of summon effect. Thus, even though the effects are minor, they have a major impact on gameplay; the same can't be said for what's being proposed here.
  17. We do not speak of the Advance version.
  18. Past version changelog: Esper equip bonuses were added in 1.8; they were the main feature. Since DoomGaze holds Relm's only real means of contributing offensively, we couldn't really make him superboss-level powerful. As far as specific design goes, he's the boss that most warrants shopping for both Diamond and Crystal gear to reduce the damage from his attacks. Intangir was never intended to be a hard enemy to kill; just a grinding post for magic points.
  19. The duplication issue seems to occur with even a minimal amount of rages, so that's a good sign.
  20. nATB was introduced into BNW proper some time ago.
  21. The only change I've publicly stated is an intention to maker the Floating Continent a multiple-party dungeon.
  22. It's cosmetic up until the point that the duplicates start bumping actual rages off of the list.
  23. @Synchysi
  24. I'm assuming it's a conflict with either Assassin's alphabetical rage patch (most likely) or D's rage menu hack. I've posted this in the thread on FF6Hacking so hopefully GrayShadows sees it and can offer some insight.