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  1. I love you guys thank you I have so many questions for hacking the game but feel like this is not the place to do it, y'know? I really want to learn how to use the tools i've been given, to put a project together that I can be proud to share with everybody.
  2. *without years in between threads I can't find anywhere else.
  3. Just 1 chest left!

    Dude, thank you so much. I had been jumping everywhere, but it seems that the whole time I was, I was simply missing that one spot, lol
  4. Doom Mode and one small question

    Cool! I think I get what you're saying. I'll post updates as they come!
  5. Just 1 chest left!

    Gomez, how in the heck did you get the chest at the front of Lands End above the three wolves?
  6. Doom Mode and one small question

    Doomsday! I hoped you'd answer this one. Thanks again! One more thing: how much programming do I have to know to work with Lazy Shell Editor? I really, really want to make my own hack that everybody plays. I even have someone willing to do custom sprite work since I helped them with testing and working on BitDungeon3; i have a ton of ideas that I want to kick around, none as large as this masterpiece, but definitely the makings of a fun romhack!
  7. I am having a problem loading some of the posts so I can't see if my answer lies in some of them: I heard from someone that there's a harder than hard mode coming out. I'm pretty sure I can guess what it means in terms of boss health, etc. But I was wondering if we the players will have anything new to expect in terms or level cap, new items, or perhaps new equips? As for the other question: does damage have a hard cap at 30k or does it just not show past that?
  8. Just 1 chest left!

    Brilliant! 😂
  9. A few questions.

    Man you saved my bacon again. This was the one that boggled my mind. Having no idea how the game is programmed, I was curious in the beginning if certain weapons like Mallow's staves were just made to scale with M. Attack, instead of Attack so I thought I would ask. Thanks again man. 1. Oh man, so the version I've watched my friends get wrecked on is Normal difficulty? Damn dude I thought Content was Normal and that the Normal version was hard mode. I hope that I'm prepared by the time that they do come out~ That being said, are there noticable differences between the two currently? Should I just drop C halfway through in favor of the Normal version? 3. I actually made it home last night early and beat it before bedtime. While I do like the idea of Rosalina stepping in in terms of story, it did take a little of the bite away, however I was OP as Hell by that point so the point is sorta moot. Thanks to both of you for giving me some much needed insight! I guess now the only thing for me to do now is fight and defeat the super bosses to complete the game!
  10. So sorry for my lack of description on the title, but I really am bad with these things. I have a few questions regarding the game. 1. While i'm currently playing the content version, is the true version massively more difficult? I want to give it a go but dont wanna waste my time. 2. As far as damage goes, do any weapons scale with Magic Attack, or is it all just Attack scaled? 3. Does the endgame have a flag that is triggered by beating Smithy, or can I start it after I enter The Factory? I actually have a few more questions, but instead of inundating you with them I'll just edit this post or reply to it, if that's okay to do here.
  11. Timed Block Issue?

    It seems like it would, what with the yellow flash and all. Seems like you're just the de facto source of SMRPG:A when DK himself isn't around, huh?
  12. Timed Block Issue?

    Damn, here I am tiring my thumbs out for nothing. EDIT: I am sorry I questioned you, lmfao. I had no clue whatsoever just who I was talking to here.
  13. Timed Block Issue?

    Waiiiit a sec. Doesn't Mallow's Shocker have two?
  14. Timed Block Issue?

    Jesus am I happy to know i'm not completely insane. I wondered when I had to block. Just to add to this, I would like to not make a new post if I could keep from it. But Bowser's Fire Breath is giving me a bunch of issue. Is it just a garbage attack? I can never get it past his first timing. PS: Nice to meet all of you! I'm CoobyPls and it's awesome to have finally found a good forum for my favorite fangames~