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Let's Play FFVII NT - 4 - I Accidentally Fight a Boss Without Saving

By Lockirby2, 10/23/18

In this video, I complete Wall Market and jump down into the sewers. This is a case where my commentary style doesn't work particularly well; I'm sure some people would have a lot of funny things to say in Wall Market, but I am not one of them. To that end, I set up some skip icons in the video to allow you to skip some of the parts that you might find boring (you'll have to do it manually since YouTube doesn't allow us to use annotations anymore). The video is your burrito! Those Houses are really powerful at this point. I guess it's a metaphor for vandalism being a poor decision. Scotch and his lackeys are weak and easy, so I can use my newly acquired Morph Materia to get some great loot from them. Aps' new gimmick is that Tifa doesn't join the fight. This is more of a blessing than a curse. The idea of keeping a frail front row fighter alive through MT physical attacks every single turn doesn't sound super appealing. I suppose that I could always have done a 180 and avoided using magical attacks, as he only uses the tsunami when attacked magically (or at least that's how it worked in vanilla). However, with Cloud and Aeris I decided to take the devil I knew over the devil I didn't. If Aeris defends before every tsunami that hits her from behind, she'll be healed by the Geo-Stance, so you don't even really need to spend any resources healing her if you do everything right.


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