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  1. The Beyond Chaos Discord also thought it was an April Fool's joke.
  2. I don't think this would really help this problem (even if we consider this to be a problem worth fixing). For maybe half the game total, you can park the airship right next to where you want to enter. Other overworld travels tend to be short, unnecessary to repeat, and/or skippable by chocobo. This might make it less tedious to return to the Veldt to farm Rages at some points though.
  3. I choose to blame the unintelligible lyrics on Google's poor translation services.
  4. Thanks for the gift @Polaris! The image is great and unique, and it fit nicely on my Desktop after I tweaked a couple settings on Windows. There are quite a few nice little details in this picture. No worries about it being a bit late, as I was visiting relatives without internet for the last few days. If you're going to change something, maybe you could move Goddess away from the rubble? It's a bit hard to see her down there. Other than that, it looks perfect.
  5. It really depends on your playstyle. A 100 000 GP pricetag won't discourage everybody from respeccing often, but it would discourage many, including me. And I don't think that anybody will grind 400 000 GP before every dungeon to respec for that dungeon/boss, which is the main issue that this system is trying to eliminate. I don't think you are pigeonholed into choosing between repeccing/ignoring characters either; a character with no Esper levels whatsoever is perfectly viable in BNW, and a poorly built character for a particular part of the game is more viable than that. It's not like older games like Dragon Warrior where the only options are grind or fail.
  6. My affront to humanity gift is for @Kaffe Myers. Unenjoy!
  7. Could you alleviate the pressure to immediately draw 100 of everything by limiting the number of spells that you can draw from each enemy? Grinders gonna grind, but at least this way it's more like EXP in that it will build up slowly over the course of a dungeon if you're not explicitly grinding. Of course, it would probably have the issue of making the player even more reluctant to actually cast things.
  8. I, for one, would ignore any paragraphs written, unless I didn't have any ideas. Half the fun is trying to piece together what somebody might want, even if it's harder and I might make a mistake.
  9. Well, one year I made an LP for somebody. So "I can play video games" is enough, if you want to do something like that. I'm in.
  10. Hello GrayShadows!
  11. Unfortunately, I only did overworld stuff for ROTDS. I could probably learn how to create indoor maps as well, but anybody could arguably do just as good a job. It's a whole different ballgame because the indoor maps use multiple layers, and the tiles interact quite differently. Because Ebot's Rock's rooms are mostly on the same map, and it's randomly chosen whether the rooms have passageways between them, you couldn't just take one of the rooms and make it watery. You could add in another map for 2.0 with some of Madsiur's expansions, and we could make a new room (or set of rooms) on that map. Alternatively, we could make a clone of the original map. Then we could set the event code to have a 50% chance of sending the player to the flooded version of the map (which would presumably have the Serpent Trench palette and possibly a ripple effect), and a 50% chance of sending the player to the normal version of the map. I'm not sure if that would enhance the mazelike effect of the place, or come off as a lazy/transparent trick. It would certainly require less effort, and I don't think it would require applying expansions to duplicate a map (if you want to avoid that). PowerPanda from FF6Hacking was working on the scenario changes. I liked his thought process on it, so I suspect the result is good, although I haven't tried it.
  12. Yeah, I've always thought FFV wanted to have a separate passive ability slot, at the very least.
  13. This time I've played vanilla FFT, so I won't even have beginner's luck on my side.
  14. As long as you're respectful, you're more likely to set a reputation record in the other direction. And I'd encourage you to do so, if only so that you actually play the mods to begin with.
  15. I've never seen this game before watching it on your channel, but I'm not worried enough of spoilers to avoid watching it (similarly to your Pokemon series). Never thought I'd suddenly start watching a Digimon series, but I guess it happened.