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  1. Unfortunately, I only did overworld stuff for ROTDS. I could probably learn how to create indoor maps as well, but anybody could arguably do just as good a job. It's a whole different ballgame because the indoor maps use multiple layers, and the tiles interact quite differently. Because Ebot's Rock's rooms are mostly on the same map, and it's randomly chosen whether the rooms have passageways between them, you couldn't just take one of the rooms and make it watery. You could add in another map for 2.0 with some of Madsiur's expansions, and we could make a new room (or set of rooms) on that map. Alternatively, we could make a clone of the original map. Then we could set the event code to have a 50% chance of sending the player to the flooded version of the map (which would presumably have the Serpent Trench palette and possibly a ripple effect), and a 50% chance of sending the player to the normal version of the map. I'm not sure if that would enhance the mazelike effect of the place, or come off as a lazy/transparent trick. It would certainly require less effort, and I don't think it would require applying expansions to duplicate a map (if you want to avoid that). PowerPanda from FF6Hacking was working on the scenario changes. I liked his thought process on it, so I suspect the result is good, although I haven't tried it.
  2. Yeah, I've always thought FFV wanted to have a separate passive ability slot, at the very least.
  3. This time I've played vanilla FFT, so I won't even have beginner's luck on my side.
  4. As long as you're respectful, you're more likely to set a reputation record in the other direction. And I'd encourage you to do so, if only so that you actually play the mods to begin with.
  5. I've never seen this game before watching it on your channel, but I'm not worried enough of spoilers to avoid watching it (similarly to your Pokemon series). Never thought I'd suddenly start watching a Digimon series, but I guess it happened.
  6. This game wasn't explicitly designed for an LLG, but it wasn't designed against it either. Many of these changes were made for good reasons, and reverting them to benefit LLG/NRB players does not make sense because LLG/NRB players probably constitute 1% of the mod's following, if that. Furthermore, I personally find these sorts of challenge runs more interesting when the developers *didn't* have a way to complete them in mind. Instead of just putting together the developers' clues on what to do like in most other games, you can make your own solution. Since both NRB and LLG are doable in BNW, I'd find those challenges to be less fun with twenty extra levels.
  7. Are there even people with animated avatars on this forum? I agree, I find them distracting when I try to read.
  8. We need to get BunkJuggs in here to create some new history, pronto!
  9. So are you Moogleboss, or are the names just a coincidence? I never knew you frequented ID if that's the case. EDIT: nm, you're obviously him.
  10. I suppose this is one of those cases where it's better to consider it the start of a new era rather than the end of an old one. At least PHD vs. 1.3 is safe.
  11. I'm glad I'm not the only person who is annoyed by this. At first, I didn't even realize that 2 was separate from 3. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if 3 also took me to the new content. If I'm on the Unread Content page, I'm probably looking for just the unread parts, not trying to navigate to the start of a thread.
  12. I sent $5.00. Good luck dn! It's a shame when such a talented person is hung out to dry like this.
  13. Oh, hey, it's Kyozo. Have you finished Tides of Faith yet?
  14. Good thing NG+ and ID are located on squares of the same colour.
  15. Woah, Nakar has an image now.