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Let's Play FFVII NT - 5 - Reno is Wrecked Rudely

By Lockirby2, 10/23/18

This episode is mostly combat. The sewers and train graveyard are pretty laid-back, as the monsters there don't really hit me that hard. I take the time to Morph/Steal some goodies while I can. The Graviballs aren't fantastic Morph prizes (unless they work on a boss I fight before I get a Gravity Materia), but the Ethers I got are pretty nice. Those propeller guys are pretty brutal in comparison. I suppose it's warranted since the area they appear in is short. Tifa fared surprisingly well despite being in the front, which I don't entirely understand. Either Defense is more important than I gave it credit for on my last playthrough or the row mechanics have changed. I didn't see a mention of the latter in the documentation. Reno went down like a wet noodle because I had a Cross-Slash saved up and I chucked my Deadly Wastes that I got from the Air Busters. Arguably, I should have saved one for Rufus, but it would be proportionately less useful, and I may find a real Bio Materia by then for all I know. If Reno was given a gimmick, I have no clue what it is.


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