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  1. Dokapon Kingdom Randomizer

    This Dokapon Kingdom Randomizer was made in Python 3. It will only be guarenteed to work on the Wii version of Dokapon Kingdom, and only if you extract the game's files from the ISO and either rebuild the ISO afterwards or run the file structure's included "main.dol" with Dolphin. Unlike my other randomizer, there's no fancy UI.
    Dokapon Kingdom is a boardgame RPG similar to games like Mario Party in terms of friendship ruining gameplay, and just like those games it comes with a boatload of RNG-determined elements. You may be wondering what this does and why I made it in the first place. To answer both questions, here's the feature list:
    Randomizes Character Classes (Base Stats except HP, Level-Up Bonuses, Salaries, Inventory Capacity) Randomizes Monsters (Base Stats) Randomizes Equipment (Weapon, Shield, and Accessory Stats) Randomizes Magic (Offensive, Defensive, and Field Magic Stats) Randomizes Item Price Values Randomize Shop Items Randomize Drop Tables Allowing Exploitable variations of the above which is not recommend at all for serious play SERIOUSLY RANDOMIZE EVERYTHING which is not recommended at all and may lead to less (or more) enjoyable gameplay Included with the randomizer is a README.txt that has everything you need to know in order to make use of the randomizer. You'll obviously want to get a copy of the US version of Dokapon Kingdom for Wii with the following checksums:
    CRC-32: 23C95AFE MD-5: F092532905E0DBE12F3EFE6C18D887B8 SHA-256: 6ABA21343ACAD00703A67C557754BDCCC958BC5EB1408964118F240253B96523 This entire randomizer was a learning experience to see if I could in fact randomize the game. Here's hoping you enjoy my efforts!
    -Known Issues-
    Enemy Magic and Abilities are randomized as well, even though I didn't randomize them intentionally. I'll have to figure out where I broke things and fix it later. FIXED! Class HP is not randomized. I COULD randomized it, but chose against it. Not really an issue unless you want to make it one. Don't play with bots. They can potentially crash the game. I've had many people report softlocks due to this thing while in Chapter 3 because they couldn't buy the required Items. Please let me know if this is still an issue.


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