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  1. Dokapon Kingdom Randomizer

    This might be because you don't have Python 2.7 Installed, or some other sort of issue with the program. Sorry this has happened to you and I'm further sorry for such a late reply on my part. I'm not very active here.
  2. Dokapon Kingdom Randomizer

    I'll be uploading a new build to solve this issue, among others, and also because I've been porting stuff to Python 3 recently. Apologies for the late response, I'm not very active here. Thanks for reporting though!
  3. Version 2.1


    -DOKAPON KINGDOM RANDOMIZER- Github for the C# version: https://github.com/XKirby/Dokapon-Kingdom-Randomizer This Dokapon Kingdom Randomizer was made in Python 3. It will only be guarenteed to work on the Wii and PC versions of Dokapon Kingdom, and only if you extract the game's files. Dokapon Kingdom is a boardgame RPG similar to games like Mario Party in terms of friendship ruining gameplay, and just like those games it comes with a boatload of RNG-determined elements. You may be wondering what this does and why I made it in the first place. To answer both questions, here's the feature list: -Features- Randomizes Character Classes (Base Stats except HP, Level-Up Bonuses, Salaries, Inventory Capacity) Randomizes Monsters (Base Stats) Randomizes Equipment (Weapon, Shield, and Accessory Stats) Randomizes Magic (Offensive, Defensive, and Field Magic Stats) Randomizes Item Price Values Randomize Shop Items Randomize Drop Tables Allowing Exploitable variations of the above which is not recommend at all for serious play SERIOUSLY RANDOMIZE EVERYTHING which is not recommended at all and may lead to less (or more) enjoyable gameplay Included with the randomizer is a README.txt that has everything you need to know in order to make use of the randomizer. You'll obviously want to get a copy of the US version of Dokapon Kingdom for Wii with the following checksums: CRC-32: 23C95AFE MD-5: F092532905E0DBE12F3EFE6C18D887B8 SHA-256: 6ABA21343ACAD00703A67C557754BDCCC958BC5EB1408964118F240253B96523 As for the PC version, the Steam release of Dokapon Kingdom Connect is required. This entire randomizer was a learning experience to see if I could in fact randomize the game. Here's hoping you enjoy my efforts! -Known Issues- Enemy Magic and Abilities are randomized as well, even though I didn't randomize them intentionally. I'll have to figure out where I broke things and fix it later. FIXED! Class HP is not randomized. Don't ask me to randomize this. Don't play with bots. They can potentially crash the game. I tested a bit locally and they stopped crashing the game, but they're still too smart for me lol. I've had many people report softlocks due to this thing while in Chapter 3 because they couldn't buy the required Items. Please let me know if this is still an issue. I'm pretty sure I fixed this by now, but as always let me know.
  4. I made a randomizer for an already stupidly random game! If you played Dokapon Kingdom, you already know what to expect, only I made it more random. Things that can be randomized: Equipment Stats (Weapon, Shields, Accessories) Magic Stats (Offensive, Defensive, Field) Item Money Values Class Base Stats, Level Up Bonuses, Salaries, and Carrying Capacity Monster Base Stats and Drops Loot Space Drops Shops' Item Stocks There's also some toggles for SERIOUSLY RANDOMIZED stats, which I recommend avoiding unless you want the game to be completely unplayable. Your choice though. I made this in ~6 days, so it's not great, but it gets the job done. I also made it in Python 2.7, which is near end-of-life, so once I get it working, I'm not updating it more than I have to. I've already got a compiled build ready to upload whenever I'm allowed to. I've also attached screenshots for your (and my) enjoyment.
  5. Version 5.3 Hotfix 2


    This is a Python 3 script with a bunch of text files used for randomizing Mega Man Battle Network 3. I've taken some liberties to make it more interesting to use. Credit goes to Mountebank/Samfin, Dabomstew, Prof.9, Rockman.EXE, and potentially other people I don't know about/forgot for the original MMBN3 Randomizer I found on Github. Features Supports both Version White and Version Blue! Thanks, Hart-Hunt! The original randomizer featured randomizing of Numberman Code Prizes that give Battle Chips, Battle Chip Folders, Green Mystery Data, and Virus Formations. Those are still here! Lots of text files. They hold a bunch of data that you can mess around with to some extent. Just be sure to back things up in case something goes wrong. Various modifiers are asked of you right off the bat when opening the script. These include Battle Chip Damage and Enemy HP Multipliers and Variance Values, as well as a Custom Run seed and a "Chip Code Roulette" Mode! If a Run Seed is not supplied, it will generate one based on the current time. More details, including sourcecode, potentially newer builds, and other resources can be found at the program's Github page, located here. Known Issues/Caveats The rom must be a clean US copy of Mega Man Battle Network 3. Messing with the text files in ways you probably shouldn't mess with can lead to errors, crashing, corrupt ROMs, etc. I take no responsibility for any of this. ROM Checksums These checksums are from a clean, self-dumped MMBN3 White rom. If you're going to use this randomizer, you'll need a rom that has these checksums. CRC32: 0BE4410A MD5: 68817204A691449E655CBA739DBB0165 These checksums are from a clean MMBN3 Blue rom. If you're going to the use this randomizer, you'll need a rom that has these checksums. CRC32: C0C780F9 MD5: 6FE31DF0144759B34AD666BADAACC442 Open Mode Patches These patches can be used if you want to experience the game in a different way. Make sure to patch the rom with the correct patch BEFORE randomizing it! The features of these patches are listed below. A built-in Full Library code! This took a while to figure out. (This has been recently disabled.) Every area of the game should be open to the player right off the bat. You start the game with every email, access to the NaviCust and StyleChange menus, as well as some NCP programs and Key Items for access to various areas. Style Changes happen more frequently. You have 4 out of the 7 Savefile Stars unlocked right off the bat! No need to fight Serenade, the Omega Navis, or do the Time Trials unless you want to. Code for most of this new version of the Open Mode patch provided by NMarkro, a member of TeamBN. Thanks again! The Open Mode patches, either in combination with the Randomizer or not, can be used for various types of play. Here are a few ideas: Bingo Races Alpha or Serenade Races Time Trial Races or Practice
  6. MMBN3 White Randomizer

    I believe that's probably what it does, though I'm unsure if the story will reflect the changes in its text. Also, I might have to fix a potential bug with the Tutorial's Folders when using Chip Code Roulette Mode 3, the Pseudo Random one. That one is the least-tested and I just realized the tutorial requires two chips to have the same code, so I might have to add some extra code just so the Tutorial folder is functional. EDIT: The Tutorial Folders are still functional, I actually left their Chip Codes untouched by the Roulette Modes. EDIT 2: The All Star mode had a bug where it would not make every letter of every chip the Asterisk symbol. This has been addressed and I've updated the files. Also, I've found out that the Chip Traders and Blue/Purple Mystery Data are not changed at all within the randomizer itself, and I have no idea where to start looking for their offsets. If anything, I'd rather leave them alone for now though, as you basically get every chip just by playing the game anyway. Expect to have some abnormal codes if you're playing any of the new Chip Code Roulette Modes though. This was due to the All Star mode bug mentioned above. NOW it's fixed. EDIT 3: The Chips the game requires you to have are read correctly in the other modes, even though their codes are different. I tested it live on stream using All Star mode, so it should work with the other modes just as well.
  7. MMBN3 White Randomizer

    Just updated the randomizer again today, with a rather interesting feature: Chip Code Roulette Modes. Basically, there's a value you can type in now, ranging from 0 to 3, that will change how the game generates Battle Chip Codes, including those found in folders in the game. This includes the Tutorial Folders as well! The 4 different modes are as followed: Mode 0 is Normal Chip Codes mode. The game's built-in codes will be used. Mode 1 is All Stars mode. The game will turn every chip into a * Chip (the Asterisk symbol)! This also means some PAs will break, but it's a trade-off that's worth experimenting with. Mode 2 is Simplified Chip Codes mode. The game will only use ABCDE* for every chip. All Folders in the game will generate with all A chips for easier play. Mode 3 is Pseudo Random Chip Codes Mode. All chips are generated with 5 random codes (split into categories of 5 letters each) and *. NONE OF THIS HAS BEEN TESTED FOR STORY PROGRESSION. You have been warned. The game requires 4 chips from the player (LongSword E, wind *, Yoyo L?, IceBall M), and although the randomizer gives them to you on Mode 0, I can't say for sure if the other modes will give you the correct chips. Please let me know if these work, and I'll do my own seperate testing on the side.
  8. MMBN3 White Randomizer

    After thorough testing of that bitflag (due to various accidental mistakes I made), I can safely say that it is indeed the Element bitflag. This means Viruses and Navis can only have 4k HP maximum. I left the possibility to multiply it higher in anyway in case it works out somehow, though it'll only attempt to work on Navis without any element. The hardcap of HP for everything is now 4,000 HP (Element-less Navis at 9,000, though this might result in weird circumstances). Chip and P.A. Damage still have no maximum, though I might program one in if push comes to shove. Besides that, you should be good to go use this for everything except races, as the seed is chosen automatically. I MIGHT fix this, but no guarentees. EDIT: Added a Seed input box, and it now saves the seed to a new text file for you whether your type one in or not. Feel free to have fun with races now! Just make sure to share modifiers between your racing rivals.
  9. MMBN3 White Randomizer

    I fixed the Jelly crash! It was caused by me changing the Jelly virus' HP values. Strangely enough, there's a bitflag in their HP value that determines something I'm unaware of. I added a hardcoded check to prevent further issues. EDIT: This bitflag was on a lot of enemies, including 4 of the boss Navis. This leads me to believe that it might be the enemy Element flag, which also means that enemies can realistically only hold 4000 HP. I set it up to allow up to 9000 as a hard cap for HP and 4000 for enemies that have this bitflag, however, so that should mitigate most of the problems that have been occuring. It's already been updated, so go ahead and play around with it to your liking.
  10. MMBN3 White Randomizer I found the original MMBN3 White Randomizer a while ago and decided to tweak it to make things more interesting. Here's the list of changes: Removed the VarSwrd damage penalty (Was 60, now it's back to its default of 160). Added the ability to change all Battle Chip and Program Advance damage values directly with text files. Added the ability to change Virus and Navi HP directly with text files, though I don't have their names listed anywhere, so good luck with that. Added Game Modifiers to play around with Chip Damage/Enemy HP Multipler and Variance values Chip Roulette Modes Added the ability to type in a Seed for the randomizer. It also saves whatever seed you use to a new file for sharing purposes. If you don't supply a seed, it generates one. These are all explained in the included NOTES.txt. Credit goes to Samfin, Prof.9, and Rockman.exe for the original program, and myself for the tweaks. NOTE: This requires Python 2.7 in order to use it without issues. I tried porting it over to 3.3, it was a headache to figure out so I just reverted those changes. Also, I'm no super-genius of a programmer, so don't expect any updates to this from me. As much as I would've like to modify other aspects, I'm just not smart enough to. If you're wondering how I figured out all of this, I used a Hex Editor and notes I found on a major Mega Man Battle Network site, as well as some Python help resources. Known Issues: Jelly Viruses, specifically their wave attack, will crash some emulators while creating sprites in other emulators. I'm not sure if this is an emulator-specific issue or something to do with the ramdomizer. It also will only crash/create sprites when hitting Rocks or Mega Man, not Rooks. Prisms might also be unaffected, though unsure. Testing the randomized roms on console with a low-grade flash cart produces the sprites, but doesn't crash the game, so I'm thinking this might just be something the randomizer does that emulators pick up poorly. I'm also unsure if they're due to my changes or not. Snipe'd the problem and fixed it. None that I've noticed, but feel free to post any!