Suikoden 2 Bug Fixes 2.01

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About This File

Available Bug Fixes For This Patch:

  • Audio Bugs - Only required by US version. Fixes all audio including, but not limited to the bugs listed in the guide.
  • Badeaux Issue
  • Castle Armory Bug
  • Castle Farm Bug
  • Chaco Bug
  • Chant Bug
  • Forgiver Sign Bug
  • Guardian Deity Plans Bug
  • Inn Bug
  • Join at 99 Bug
  • Kindness Rune Bug
  • Knife-thrower Issue
  • Lamb Bug
  • Luca Battle Bug
  • Matilda Gate Glitch
  • McDohl Name and Castle Name Bug
  • Recipes Bug
  • Rune Unite Bug
  • Scroll Shop Bug
  • Sound Set Bug
  • Tenzan Pass Enemies Issue
  • Window Set Bug

Additionally, applicable versions have translation fixes for several items, like the Gozz Rune and True Holy Rune. The US version also includes a translation fix for the Trade Gossip, which always shows up as gibberish in that version.


This patch was created by Pyriel over at the SuikoSource forums.  If you're a Suikoden fan or enjoy these fixes, please visit them at and show them some love.

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