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Found 8 results

  1. For once in my life I want to see something finished by me (well except college, that's a different story). And I hope you guys can help me along the way. Here's the rough draft of what I'll be making with the game, hopefully more ideas will come my way: Re-balance jobs (maybe some stat improvements or downgrades) and job tree Re-balance enemies (stats, equipment and abilities) -- this is to avoid playing it only in hyper-offensive teams rather than a mix or defensive teams. Re-balance some of the equipment. Spells will generally be faster as to avoid being not used for the majority of the game. Make status spells GREAT AGAIN. (Aiming for 60-80% chances, need some insight on this) Get rid of/balance broken shit. Make all encounters go on average level with your party. (I think I'll have bosses start with +5 levels or something, thoughts?) Make NPC's controllable. Implement a Exp/JP ASM hack if needed. Credits to Emmy of course. EDIT: for now this project is on hiatus, all my focus is currently on an RPG I am making
  2. Version


    This mod is no longer in development. Official homepage for 1.3 is no longer available.
  3. Version 26.0.1


    FFT Rumble Chaos Crashdown Randomizer Version: 26 Date: October 7, 2016 URL: Contact: How To Use Running the randomizer: Windows users may use the executable file, "fft_rcc.exe". Other users, please run "" using Python version 2.7. Source ISO file: The randomizer will ask for a filename. Place your Final Fantasy Tactics ISO in the same directory as "fft_rcc.exe" and input the name of the file. You must include the file extension (ex: fft.img). Please note that the randomizer needs 1 GB of free space to create the randomized ISO. The ISOs used for testing have the following hashes: MD5 - b156ba386436d20fd5ed8d37bab6b624 aefdf27f1cd541ad46b5df794f635f50 3bd1deebc5c5f08d036dc8651021affb (J) CRC32 - 377f6510 8ab1b7b1 a6361fd1 (J) If your file is about 517 MB then it's probably correct. The Japanese version is the Square Millennium Collection edition (1.1). This is the version more commonly used by Japanese hackers. The original Japanese version will not work. Flags: Input the following flags to customize your RUMBLE CHAOS CRASHDOWN experience. u Randomize enemy and ally units. j Randomize job stats and JP required for skills. i Randomize innate properties of jobs. s Randomize job skillsets. a Randomize abilities, including CT, MP cost, etc. y Randomize ability and weapon status effects. r Randomize job requirements and job level JP. t Randomize trophies, poaches, and move-find items. p Randomize item prices and shop availability. w Randomize weapon and item stats. m Randomize monster stats and skills. c Randomize battle music. f Randomize enemy and ally formations. z Enable special surprises. o Enable autoplay cutscenes. Seed value: Input a seed value here, or leave it blank if you don't care. Chaos multiplier: This is a difficulty setting for RCC. It mainly affects enemy stats and the level of treasure you acquire. The standard difficulty is 1.0, with 0.5 being quite easy and 1.5 being quite hard. Difficulty scales quadratically with the chaos multiplier, so don't raise it too high! Output files: The randomizer will output a new, randomized ISO with the seed in the filename. If you choose to randomize job requirements, it will also output a text file with the new job requirements inside. Special Thanks And Contributors Ryason55 - Contributed the code to randomize item/equipment stats and weapon/ability status effects, plus bugfixes.
  4. PPF Studio PSX Game Patch Creation Tool

    Version 1.01b


    Compares modified files to original ones, then generates a .ppf of the changes. Useful for creating patches for Playstation games.
  5. PPF-O-Matic PSX Game Patching Tool

    Version 3.0


    Tool for applying PlayStation Patch Format (PPF) files under Windows.
  6. Suikoden 2 Bug Fixes

    Version 2.01


    Available Bug Fixes For This Patch: Audio Bugs - Only required by US version. Fixes all audio including, but not limited to the bugs listed in the guide. Badeaux Issue Castle Armory Bug Castle Farm Bug Chaco Bug Chant Bug Forgiver Sign Bug Guardian Deity Plans Bug Inn Bug Join at 99 Bug Kindness Rune Bug Knife-thrower Issue Lamb Bug Luca Battle Bug Matilda Gate Glitch McDohl Name and Castle Name Bug Recipes Bug Rune Unite Bug Scroll Shop Bug Sound Set Bug Tenzan Pass Enemies Issue Window Set Bug Additionally, applicable versions have translation fixes for several items, like the Gozz Rune and True Holy Rune. The US version also includes a translation fix for the Trade Gossip, which always shows up as gibberish in that version. This patch was created by Pyriel over at the SuikoSource forums. If you're a Suikoden fan or enjoy these fixes, please visit them at and show them some love.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Tools that can edit Final Fantasy Tactics' sprites, data, text, code, and more.
  8. Version 1.44


    Edits Final Fantasy Tactics memory card save files. Can edit character inventory, statistics, and more.